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Is Chris Olave the Ideal Receiver for Dallas?

The is drawing closer, and it’s created more conversation about what the Cowboys will do with their No. 24 pick.

If Dallas wants to draft a with that pick, look no further than Ohio State’s . Olave enters the draft as one of ’s best wide receivers in recent years. He holds the Ohio State record for most career touchdown receptions with 36 and is coming off a second consecutive All-Big Ten First-team selection. Last season, in a crowded Buckeyes receiving corps, Olave caught 65 passes for 936 yards and 13 touchdowns.

Olave is the best route runner in this draft. He can separate from defenders like no other prospect and shredded opposing defenses as a Buckeye. Coming in at just 188 pounds, Olave lacks size but more than makes up for that with his high intelligence, awareness and game. He’s a savvy technician and is dangerous when running routes like slants, curls, comebacks and digs. Olave’s agility is refined, making him hard to stop at the line of scrimmage.

He’s also lightning quick, running a 4.26 40-yard dash at the NFL in March. Olave’s rapid footwork matches his top-end speed, coming out of breaks quickly. His burst is just as fast, allowing him to create distance between coming out of his route. He’s highly versatile, too. Olave can run screens, reverses,  short and medium routes, and anything else you need him to do.

And who says he can’t be a deep threat either?

Olave fits the Cowboys’ better than any receiver in this draft. Why? He’s the perfect receiver for .

Prescott loves receivers who are precise and quick with their routes. After losing via , Dallas is missing that ideal, agile route runner in its offense. An efficient quarterback is what Olave needs to thrive at the next level, and Prescott is one of the more accurate quarterbacks in the league. His 68.8 completion rate ranked fourth in the NFL last season, and his 77.3 on-target percentage is well above average. Cooper shined with Prescott, and so can Olave.

The Cowboys have receivers like for 50/50 balls and to generate yards after the catch. Why not draft a polished receiver like Olave, who’s a guy you can rely on if you need to get the ball out quick?

Olave is an ideal replacement for Cooper in a position of need. Dallas thrived on offense last season due to a versatile wide receiver group. Drafting Olave would keep it versatile and bring much-needed agility and technique.

Nick Coppola
Nick Coppola
Student at the University of Oklahoma. Reporter for OU Daily. Junior Writer for Inside The Star. Contributor for Guns Up Nation.

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I agree draft olave,UNLESS THERE IS A FALLING UNICORN OF SORTS IE DAVIS,STINGLEY…there are plenty of plug and play IOL in this draft outside of the 1st round…I would even go as far as trading next year’s 1st for another 1st this year….


I’d love for him to be a cowboy but we need offensive line help. And olave won’t make it past green Bay at 22. We most certainly should not move up in the first rd and give up draft capital.

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