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Is Dak Prescott A Top Three Quarterback In The NFC?

In 2021, the was loaded at . Of course, the greatest player of all-time was there and still playing at an elite level, despite his advanced age. Also in the division is 2020 and 2021 , . and , despite leading below-average teams, remained models of consistency.

There has been an influx of talent at the position as well recently. Among these players is Rams quarterback Matt Stafford. After leading his team to a in 2021, he has elevated himself to another tier among the league's quarterbacks. Youngster also plays with an energetic style that makes him one of the most difficult quarterbacks in the league to defend.

Dallas has a top-tier quarterback of their own, however. Six seasons into his career, is one of the NFL's most polarizing players. Despite many claiming he is a product of the talent around him, all Prescott has done is produce. With 22,083 passing yards and 143 touchdowns, he is a two-time selection and the Cowboys' clear franchise quarterback.

Where does Dak Prescott rank?

After the , some would argue that Prescott ranks behind all of the quarterbacks listed above putting him at around seventh in the NFC or perhaps lower. However, the Seahawks and Falcons chose to Wilson and Ryan to AFC teams, shifting the balance of power in the process.

Clearly a top-five quarterback in the conference at this point, how does the list stack up? Of course, Rodgers and Brady are the top two options. Both are clear talents and still playing at the highest level possible. While both could be candidates for regression due to losses around them, they hold the top two spots until further notice.

Where the list gets interesting is at the third spot. Most will agree that the contenders here are Stafford and Prescott. Fresh off a season where he recorded 4,886 yards, 41 touchdown passes, and a Super Bowl win, Stafford has now risen to near-elite quarterback status. While he did not win a Super Bowl in 2021, Prescott was an impressive passer in his own right with 4,449 yards, 37 touchdowns, and just ten interceptions. That interception total is seven less than Stafford's. His quarterback rating of 104.2 was also higher than Stafford's.

Clearly, both players are elite at the position, and debating the two is a strenuous exercise. Luckily, both players return in 2022 looking to prove themselves once again. Both players also are in great situations as they play on uber-talented teams that not only have the chance to contend in 2022 but also expect to. Fans of both teams are likely to take their guys but this promises to be a debate that rages for quite some time.

Jason Willis
Jason Willis
Just a guy who loves sports. Writing for The Raider Ramble, Inside The Star, Just Blog Baby, and NFL Draft Lounge. Host of the Can O Corn Baseball Podcast. "My satisfaction is knowing that my desires will not be killed."

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Laughable , he is not close to stafford..
He piles up stats against weak team and is 13-20 (39% ) against .500 teams… 1-3 last year … don’t count Philly …
I think we had 20 turnovers last yr and he was responsible for 14…. I didn’t mind it before but not at 40mil per yr….. ny EPV metric , he’s not in top13 of league qbs..


Dak is one of the best garbage players in the league, meaning he only looks good playing garbage teams. He looks great against bad teams and bad against good teams. He can’t read defenses and he relies on broken plays to make a play. Defenses don’t respect them, they just sit back and play zone and rush the passer because they’re not afraid of him in spite of the fact that he had one of the best receiving corps in the League last year.

Marshall Hooknot

When you say he’s a “garbage player”, you didn’t include the fact that most of his stats come in “garbage time”. He shines when the cowboys are either up big or, more likely, down big. He’s rarely plays well early in a game when it matters most. That’s when he throws a pick or throws well behind receivers who are open, killing a drive. He’s at his best when the Cowboys are down by multiple scores and the game is no longer in doubt. Dak is an above average quarterback who held out for elite QB money and now the Cowboys are stuck with a contract that makes it difficult for them to be competitive in the playoffs.
Jerry Jones is supposedly a master businessman. He made terrible business decisions with his team: JJ waited too long to pay Dak, gave Zeke a ridiculously overpriced contract when Zeke had no leverage at all, and paid Demarcus Lawrence max edge money BEFORE he got his shoulder repaired and showed that he was still worth max edge money.
It gets harder and harder to be a fan every year.


Of course he is great. We were singing the same song about Stanford until he he got his ring this past season. He just got onto a team as an organization that wants to truly win. We said the same things about Romo that he was never that great. When you look at Romo’ career he never had the full support of the organization. Sure they’d like to win but it’s not necessary as long as they remain the most visible and valuable sports franchise in the WORLD. After three straight seasons of 6-10 they became irrelevant they new they needed to win again so they brought in a real football man named Parcells and that is the last time they truly wanted to win. After Prescott’s career is over y’all will be crying for the next savior of this franchise so you can say how over rated he is. All the guy does is win just check the win loss record. Over paid, not accurate, we can find better. Blah, blah, blah. How do you win in the playoffs if your organization is more concerned about optics and money? Y’all are being played for suckers when you buy into the QB bashing. I’m just being real.


“Clearly, both players are elite at the position, and debating the two is a strenuous exercise.”

Umm, no and no.

Elite QB’s can throw accurately with anticipation to “throw receivers open”.
Elite QB’s can accurately read defenses and adjust on the fly.
Elite QB’s make quick decisions and get the ball out quickly.
Elite QB’s read a degrading situation quickly and either throw it away in the direction of a receiver to avoid a penalty/sack or pull it down and get what they can on the ground. They do not scramble around in the backfield for 5 secs too long with a wide open running lane in front of them, just to take a sack anyway.
Elite QB’s do not limit their OC’s play calling to multiple come back routes play after play, game after game, leading to DB’s sitting on and jumping routes, because they can’t/won’t throw with anticipation.

Stafford is closer to elite than Prescott is, but he’s still not elite either.

Rodgers is elite.
Brady is elite.
Mahomes is elite.

Wilson was elite and possibly could be again with a little protection and a supporting cast.

Herbert is already close to elite.
Burrow is already close to elite.

Stafford is close to elite…at times as long as he has the supporting cast.

Dak, Mac Jones, Lamar Jackson, Matt Ryan, Kyler Murray, Derrick Carr, Kirk Cousins and Josh Allen all either have had elite stretches/seasons or could with the right support.

But, none of them are what I’d consider elite because they are all either fading out or need a lot of elite support to be successful.

Dak only looks elite when he has elite protection, an elite running game to keep the defense honest, elite route runners to throw to, and/or a sense of desperation to get him to release the ball even though the receivers aren’t wide open. His slow processing speed and aversion to risk force him to be a “see it, throw it” QB until they are 2 or more scores behind late in the game, or he’s scrambling for his life because he held it too long after missing his opportunities.

The only way he’ll be a top 3 QB in the NFC is through attrition and a severe lack of development by newer players. Even then, he still won’t be an elite QB.

gary b

Clickbait. Talk about something that hasn’t been beaten into the ground. The only thing that matters right now is free agency and the draft. Be relevant and avoid articles that are designed with the sole purpose of getting clicks.


Gary. I concur I just wasted 3 minutes of my life that I will never get back.


Rhetorical question.


Bottom three in the league. He needs to show that he can beat teams with winning records before he can go above the bottom 16.


Damn straight He’s Top 3! For those of You who keep blaming Dak for our problems, Be reminded again that this is A TEAM Sport! A QB is only as good as His Supporting Cast! If His OL can’t give him what He needs, He can’t do Squat by Himself! We need to Upgrade the OL in the Draft.
Still want to blame Dak? How about You get off the Couch, Go beg Jerry for A Tryout, And actually DO better, Otherwise, STFU!


I guess that pathetic playoff loss to the 9ers, when the DP led offense produced 7 YARDS in the first quarter, has faded to some people, so here come the excuses. It happens every year, like clockwork.

Hey, what happened when DP HAD THE BEST “OL” in the league, and Zeke, THE BEST RB, in the league, and Dez Bryant, ONE OF THE BEST All Pro WRs in the league, a few years back. Oh, a Super Bowl, Nah. An NFC Championship, Oops. A playoff win, Oh No.

Six years and STILL ONE PLAYOFF WIN, edging out Seattle by 2 points.

Brady won Super Bowls with the likes of WRs Danny Amendola, Chris Hogan, David Patten, and RBs James White, Kevin Faulk, JR Redmond, just to name a few. Hardly so-called “stars”.

No excuses, just results!


Dak is not the problem top 10 in the league easy sometimes a top 5 quarterback for those of y’all that think he has had a great supporting cast your crazy he has an aging Oline that can’t stay healthy an over paid worn out Zeke they keep pushing out there over his better back up Pollard just because they don’t want to look dumb for over paying Zeke and your number one receiver amari doesn’t show up on the rode and Lamb hit a sophomore slump thankfully they got the under valued Gallup back. Dak is hated because he is the Dallas Cowboys qb he is a gritty old school football player that may not be real flashy but he is the reason they win despite a clown at head coach

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