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Is Dak Prescott Letting Down the Offense?

The Dallas Cowboys (8-4) came out of the game against the New Orleans Saints Thursday night with a win, but it wasn’t pretty. The Cowboys’ offense looked out of sync for most of the game, just like it has for most of the last month-plus.

Dak Prescott threw for just 61 yards after halftime. The Cowboys were 2 for 13 on third-down conversions, punted seven times, and had five three and outs. Dak appeared hesitant to rush for yards even when it seemed he could be doing so.

On the first play of the game, Dak missed on an incompletion into tight coverage after he passed up what would have been a sure first-down run.

Prescott was given three chances to put away the Saints in the fourth quarter and failed every single time. One of the drives resulted in a Prescott interception. Ultimately, the defense sealed the deal with a pick-six by Defensive Tackle Carlos Watkins.

The Cowboys gained less than their season average yards of total offense per game (416.3 YPG). This marks the third time in the last five games Dallas has failed to eclipse 400 total yards, and in two of those games, they were unable to reach 300 total yards.

It’s been a hot topic as to why the offense is struggling of late.

Is it because of offensive line woes?

Is it because Dallas was thin at wide receiver for two games?

Is it because of the COVID-19 situation?

Is it because of Kellen Moore’s play-calling?

There probably is a little blame in each of them, but at some point, the quarterback that was just awarded a massive contract needs to take more responsibility. Dak doesn’t look the same since week nine after returning from his calf injury. As a result, the offense has looked like a shell of its former self.

Dak looks slower in reading the field. He made a few pre-determined reads on Thursday against the Saints. He is very reluctant to use his legs to make a play. It looks like he is missing simple passes; we are used to seeing him complete with his eyes closed. Combine this with a highly inconsistent run game, and the Cowboys are getting abysmal results.

The Cowboys are 21 for 68 (30.8%) on third down since and 3/8 (37.5%) on fourth down since week nine. The third-down numbers indicate the Cowboys are not sustaining drives.

Since week nine, Prescott, per, ranks 19th in EPA+CPOE compared to ranking 7th in that category when the offense was rolling in weeks 1-6. Dak has been ranked 24th in success rate percentage at 42.4% since week 9. He was ranked second with a success rate of 55.7% from weeks one to six.

When your quarterback isn’t playing well, it’s hard for an offense to play well consistently. Combined with Tyron Smith being out for much of November, Amari Cooper and CeeDee Lamb missing time, and a hobbled and ineffective Zeke, it’s not a surprise that the Cowboys’ offense has been struggling.

The Cowboys look to get healthy during this mini-bye week with ten days off and right the ship with some NFC East contests looming in their future.

What do you think?

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Written by Kevin Rice

I'm a 32 year old life long Cowboys fan from New York. It's fun growing up in enemy territory. College basketball and March Madness fanatic. Lover of thrillers and comedies. Follow me on twitter @CowboysCC9


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  1. I said that Daks injured shoulder would linger all year. All the replies said I was stupid. Who’s the dumb guy know. You learn something after 60 years of football.

  2. Dak has as you’ve highlighted has been pretty bad the last few weeks, but my biggest concern is our O-Line, we got Smith back and we got Martin, yet our RBs are getting hit 2 yards behind line of scrimmage, idc who you are unless you’re the second coming of Barry Sanders, NO ONE can run when you get hit before getting to line, especially someone like Zeke who needs to gain some steam

  3. Dak hasnt won anything since he’s been in the NFL. He didnt win anything in college. Below average. Hit celling rookie season.

  4. Commenting some time ago, DP may be injury prone. He missed most of last year and is still not right now. Then commented couple weeks ago, DP isn’t as mobile as he once was. He can’t run away from d lineman one on one. Agree with this article, when he has chance to run, he doesnt.
    He holds the ball too long and then tries to scramble but is easily caught. Something is probably still not right with his ankle/ calf issues. And it may be affecting his throwing as well.

    AGAIN, ONE PLAYOFF WIN IN NOW HIS SIXTH YEAR! Who thinks that is good??? If anyone think that is a good track record in leading our team, kindly comment. And please no excuses, he still has a good O line, with three pro bowl type players, GREAT WRs, TP/EE, and DS. Maybe he needs five pro bowler on the line???

    IMHO, the Cowboys made a HUGE mistake giving this guy the ridiculously stupid contract he got. He is nowhere near the kind of money they invested in him. These last four games are exposing DP. He is not an elite/great/ franchise/or whatever other name is the flavor of the month, QB.

    Hate to say it, but where do you go with this situation, with this kind of lead weight contract. I commented two drafts ago, we should pick up a promising QB. But now we’re kind of stuck with this very uneven performance. He is not getting us to SB. Who thinks he will get us to a SB in the near future??? And if so please explain, I’m open to being convinced, maybe. Thanks.

  5. VAM- I don’t think anyone is convinced this team will win the SB in the near future. Despite the hot start, we just aren’t good enough. As always there are a multitude of reasons why. The most obvious is that Dak isn’t playing well enough. He was lights out before the injury, but has looked out of sorts since then. Maybe the calf is still bothering him and it sure looked like he rushed back. Maybe part of it is mental. Whatever it is, if he doesn’t get right we’re screwed.

    But it would be shortsighted to put this on one player. This OL has been bad and the running game has been non existent. Who would have thought the concerns would be on the offensive side of the ball? Seems like a convergence of factors that led us to this point. We still can’t stop the run and we give up way too many big plays. We also lead the league in penalties, which has been a huge factor.

    If I had to point to one factor (besides Dak) it would be the OL. If they start playing better, it will have a trickle down effect on the entire team.

  6. DP has lost his mobility; but maybe it’ll come around by next year. Not hopeful. I never was convinced he was all that great at passing; but he seems worse now. In the Viking game, Rush hit CeeDee in stride on a crossing route, I cannot remember the last time a receiver was hit in stride, 9in Dallas). Of course, CeeDee took that pass to the house. QBs should be able to hit a crossing receiver in stride and not having them reach for the ball, (high low, or behind), as is often the case in Dallas.

  7. Running game…Zeke is over-rated, and has been since the last half of the year before he held out and got his BIG contract. I say lose his contract and re-sign Gallup. Gallup is much more important to the success of the offense. Get an average rb for average money rather than elite money for a below average rb.

  8. I agree with 90 percent of what has been said. Don’t see a SB anywhere’s in the near future. The team has to many issues with a lot of diff players. QB does need to raise his bar to be worth what he is getting paid. Love my cowboys but need some major adjustments. Just sayin. ‍♀️

  9. A die hard looooooong time Dallas fan here and Dak supporter. Reality is Dak is a GOOD QB, not an ELITE QB. Defenses changed scheme against Dallas this late in season and now Dak needs to be more accurate due to more man press coverage. And this is what you get coupled with starting Zeke who should be benched to recover from injuries.

  10. It’s got to the exasperated level off WTF it’s not good enough to listen to all the paid sometime cruel analysts chewing out fat nothings when We all have eyes, If this team wants it can go and most off us that follow this team sees it I’m not so sure but this seems more and more is coming from the top it’s a lack off motivational skills to say the least.

  11. Agree with you Gary b O-Line has not been good, i saw a play where Martin and Smith on different occasions, blowing assignments in Thursday’s game vs. Saints, these guys even got me questioning them now at this point.

    I also have to agree with VAM somewhat, what else does a quote “ELITE” QB need besides 3 great WRs, solid RBs despite Zeke’s injury, and a very solid TE ? And as i said before season started, I questioned giving Dak the Bank by paying him that 40 mill, I wondered if coming off his ankle, would he be shook up and not be the same, like how Wentz was after his injury? BUT I GOT BLEW OFF LIKE IT WAS NOTHING , or how about that shoulder injury in the preseason, how would that affect him, after all , that’s something that won’t just go away for a QB ? WELL THAT GOT BLEW OFF TOO, now everyone’s using those as excuses as to why Dak isn’t playing good ?

    Nah bruh, i ain’t gonna let that slide, especially since Dak looked great early on the season, now we using something that happened before then as a reason for Dak’s struggles now ? Not gonna allow it, Dak gotta play better PERIOD.

  12. Dak Prescott is one of the best elite quarterbacks in the National Football League. They paid him pennies for years.. so he deserves every bit of the 40 G’s. It’s sad the Naysayers don’t like the Cowboys. And for those Cowboys fans that say all this foolishness about them, then you are not true fans. When Tom Brady and Aaron Rogers have a bad came, Oh yeah, it’s shoved up under the rug. So let’s be clear, the Cowboys are just as great as the rest of them,

  13. Well we’ll well!!! Totally agree Dak sucks but the O-Line sucks also and I’m not even going to discuss #55 and #30 because both of them sucks!!!

  14. Ok so the Calf is a valid reason as to his struggles, but it’s a calf, no injury is good, but for a QB, it could be a much worse injury, such as a collar bone, or shoulder injury. What I’m saying is that a QB can play at a pretty high level with a calf injury, Tom Brady as well as Mahomes had injuries during the end of last season and they both still played at a high level

  15. Dak is a great QB. Just because we haven’t won a Super Bowl doesn’t mean we won’t. There are plenty of times Dak makes a great throw and it’s dropped. Lately, having issue with pressure and no run game. It’s time for him to have a nice game against WFT. Words can’t prove anything. Only playing great will do! No way to convince haters to stop hating cause that’s the easiest thing to do.

  16. Tyron Smith needs to retire because he’s getting a lot of unnecessary holding calls, Zeke tip toe instead of running the ball, Trevon Diggs getting lucky with the interceptions but he’s no major threat either!!! Lets talk about Kellen Moore who can’t call plays for an high school team!!!

  17. U guys are ridiculous, thinking he isn’t a top tier qb. Have u seen all the pressure he faces? How can u go through your reads under pressure? Yes, there is times where he should run for the yards in front of him. The O line isn’t playing up to par with pass protection or run. Then add in a worthless head coach and a play caller that has accomplished what? Nothing! Dak will achieve the highest success when O line does.

  18. The bottom line is this….whether injured or perfectly healthy Dak is a below average QB in both accuracy and field vision. This has been the case his entire NFL career and it is not going to change. He will be the boat anchor that hinders this team for the length of his ridiculously stupid contract. Some of his limitations could be marginalized by his ability to scramble and create plays out of nothing…or when he could not anticipate well enough. He is a serviceable qb when conditions around him are perfect and he has all day to throw the ball. Too bad his contract will prevent the Cowboys from keeping quality players around him. Dak never could do it by himself even when perfectly healthy. He will really get exposed now that he has injuries that will likely limit him for the rest of his career.

  19. Damn ya’ll expect them to win every game by double digits this is the NFL name me one QB who doesn’t have off games hell even Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes they are 8and4 calm down and we have one of the best QBs in the league whine, whine, whine quit complaining all the damn time.

  20. Come on Barrey Dak sucks and you know it! He has never been an elite qb and for you to even put him in the same category with Brady, Rodgers, and Pat is an insult!!! I love the Cowboys but Dak, Zeke, Brown, Vander Esch, Diggs, all sucks!!!

  21. Dp hasnt looked good at all.when i was watching the game it seemed liked he was getting aggrivated and just rushing looked like he was on speed or something.he was rushing his throws and rushing to get the play off.just totally out of it.also they need to stop trying to gain 20 yrds on every throw.he needs to get what the defense gives him.its almost like he wants to throw deep all the time.and they need to come up with better run sceems.not the same run play all the time.he needs to calm down and take things slow like he use to.he use to be calm and not let things get to he used to be.

  22. OMG….you guys are either idiots or ROMO era fans…(most likely both)if you think DP has let the Offense down. O Line, ZEKE, WR out COvid, Kicker (who arguably lost 2 games, at least 1 for sure) ….and we still sit at 8-4! Whining like little Eagle fans. All year about nothing. Yet you took a decade of ROMO and Garrett mediocrity.

  23. It is the O-line playing less than excellently. That doesn,t allow Dak to play at the same comfort level he played with earlier in the year. The boys can not have a dynasty without an excellent o-line. Better get the o-line fixed in the draft with 1st round pick, not 2nd and 3rd round picks. (Get another T Smith or Z Martin in the next drafts.) We want superbowls and a dynasty!

  24. Every fan has in my opinion touched upon aspects of what looks to be a perfect storm of four (4) separate yet inter-related issues for the offense the past 6 games, namely:
    1. Zeke’s injuries;
    2. Kellen Moore’s suspect play-calling;
    3. O line under-performing; and
    4. Dak’s regression

    The absolutely stupid contracts awarded to Dak and Zeke are not the point. They DO affect roster construction under a cap and being locked into both players, but unrelated to the offense’s struggles of late.

    In other words as any long-suffering fan understands these are just details BUT also the continuation of a 25-year trend. The team fails to make any post-season progress.

    Forgive me if this upsets you BUT…this team will not go far in the playoffs. Dak has won a total of ONE (1) playoff game since 2016. Does that really warrant $40 million a season. They are 1-0 without him this season winning a tough road game in MN. I have re-watched game film from the team’s 6-game win streak and the last 6 games. Our QB’s performance is startling in its contrast.

  25. Bottom line Dak is the QB, it’s universally known as the most important position in football, he’s being paid 40 mill a year, top 3 QB money, so getting the majority of blame comes with the territory, you can’t blame it on every other little thing that hasn’t worked and say it isn’t his fault.

    And i mean what else does he need ? Y’all sound like madden players who play UT where you gets STUDS EVERYWHERE, that ain’t the NFL, ask Mahomes and how he secretly wishes he had a better O line, and it isn’t like we ain’t got players





    When healthy Zeke





    We got players, it’s time that the QB takes blame for this latest stretch of games

  26. Btw you ppl who say we ain’t got enough players which is why we been losing, JUST YOU WAIT WHEN WE FEEL THE EFFECTS OF DAK’S CONTRACT and lose some of the players we already have SMH

  27. Yes we took a decade of mediocrity from Romo and Garrett, which is why now we learned from that, we see where this going, and it’s gonna be another decade of mediocrity FACTS







  29. (Sigh) Here We go again! Don’t remember that this is A TEAM Sport, where there is more than ONE Player on the Field; Just Simply blame the QB because He didn’t ring up Great Stats! Dak has already proven Time and Time again that He can get the Job done, But CANNOT do it alone! So How about giving Him A break and getting off His N*** already!

  30. Huge Cowboys fan for life…listen let’s be honest what I’ve seen last 4 to 5 weeks is an offensive line that gets lots of credit for being elite in the league and for weeks now I’ve seen too much Dan having to rush his throws and scramble out of the pocket and have to throw on the run. Yes I know typically he makes those throws fairly easily and consistently but let’s face it I’m not sure the O-line has been much help. Love those guys to death, but look at our run game lately, horrible..Zeke banged up blah blah blah he’s making super hero $ and when he’s got daylight he’s elite but he’s banged up it’s cause of too many before the line of scrimmage contact there hasn’t been those wide open runs that’s made him so great. And I love the defensive guys as well honestly though they cut the wrong linebacker few weeks ago in Jaylin smith. Vander E is a ghost and he’s not much for contact either not for a linebacker standards he’s pretty soft and our secondary????? Ouch to inconsistent there I mean Micah parsons can only cover so much of the field as well as rush and sack the QB

  31. I totally agree with you K-Man…most of these comments are idiotic. Football is the ultimate team sport..the O line has been porous in some games…no holes for the run game or not protecting the QB. Our secondary gives up too many big plays, especially in man coverage, but yeah blame it all on DP, it’s the easy thing to do. This ain’t tennis or golf people..the “team” has to play well for them to succeed!

  32. When it comes to DP, I think part of it is perception. People look at the contract and they expect him to play like he is the best QB in the NFL. The reality of it is this. There are likely three “elite” QBs currently in the league. Brady/Rodger/Mahomes. Dak is in the next group of about 4-6 other QBs. He can’t put this team on his shoulders and win games by himself, like the top three can. He needs help like the other 4-6 do.

    He was playing great before his injury, and now he isn’t. How does a QB fall off the cliff that suddenly? Either the calf is bothering him and affecting his mechanics, or it’s a mental thing. Or maybe it’s a little of both. Whatever it is he needs to figure it out, because if he continues playing at this level, we’ll be lucky to make the playoffs. And if the OL doesn’t improve, maybe none of it matters.

  33. He reminds me of Romo. good QB, will put up good numbers but the misses that don’t show up in stats are what keeps him from being a winner. He lacks that intangible. I just don’t see the boys winning with him behind center.

  34. Everyone so quick to jump on and then jump off. Every team moves according to how the o line plays. Remember last years Super Bowl? Patrick was running for his life!

  35. This article certainly brought out a lot of comments, which is good.

    I admit, DP had me optimistic after the first few games this year, but NOW everything appears to be going south.

    Watching the Broncos vs KC yesterday, and seeing at how very mediocre to just plain bad the Broncos are, and wondering how the heck did we lose to THAT team.

    Looking back to our game with the pathetic Saints, with their THIRD string, gadget QB, with an injured throwing hand, and numerous key players out. Take away the PICK SIX by our defense, we beat them by a grand total of 3 points.

    We should have absolutely crushed them!!! They are just a bad team, that lost their previous 4 games. And we got three other INTs!!!

    IMO, you can roll up all these excuses for DP and throw them out the window.
    He’s still hurt
    The O-line,
    The play calling,
    EE’s knee,

    Pay the man, pay the man, pay the man. Heard that ad nauseam. OK he got paid. Is he worth that stupid second best QB in NFL MONEY??? Cowboys got fleeced BIGTIME. They panicked, when they should have drafted a promising QB two years ago and let DP walk/or trade somehow (commented about this at that time) and let some other dumb team pay him that LEAD WEIGHT, ALBATROSS CONTRACT.

    Remember one the those 8 wins was with C RUSH under center. Tells you something when this UDFA mediocre QB can win when armed with the superior weapons on this team.

    QBs better than DP by QBR:


    Overhyped, Overated, Overpaid – No SB wins.

    26 years and counting. Cowboys are very lucky to have such loyal and patient fans.

  36. Dak Prescott in the first half of the Saints game threw 19/24 for 177 yards and a touchdown. He was the only thing on offense giving us the lead we had. Our leading rusher had 12 yards. On plays where the defense wasn’t in his face he completed 80% of his passes. The fact that he only had 60 yards passing after this has everything to do with passive playcalling and rushing attempts that continued to go nowhere. On top of that, he was pressured on 9 of his drop backs in the second half alone, showcasing how bad our offensive line was especially in the second half. Lastly, if we look at the interception he threw it was clear as day he was face masked by the defensive lineman which led to his arrant throw. This comment section is disgusting and truly shows the bad side of this fan base.

  37. Dak and Zeke need to stay out of the bars late at night drinking shooters and spend more time using their so called “leadership” skills and put in more actual practice and studying opponents during preparations during the week.

  38. Most of the QBs on this list couldn’t carry Dak’s jock strap. He was playing at an MVP before the injury, which most of these QBs can only dream of doing, then he gets hurt and now we have this version

    Gregory has missed 4 games for what was described as a mild calf strain. Gallup missed half the season for a calf strain. But Dak comes back after one game? Is it conceivable they rushed him back, because of how valuable he is to the team? It’s certainly reasonable to assume part of his recent performances are due to the calf.

    As I said it’s been a convergence of many things, that factor into our recent play. Dak is certainly the biggest, but I could name about a million others as well.

  39. Adversity is what teams need to go through sometimes whether it’s due to injuries, stupid covid violations, bad and inconsistent coaching and play at times and fans who are quick to dog the team because they are not playing well at times, especially when it counts.

    I would love to see some of you play or coach because none of you would make it.

    This team has not played well under adversity especially since Jimmy J has left. But to be Champions now is the time for these Coaches and Players to rise above it All and show and believe they can overcome adversity or falter once again and prove Stephen A Smith, many in their own fanbase and others right!

    Dallas has pro bowl personnel in each key position on offense and defense and this team is still young. Majority of team is under 30 and finally has talent on both sides of the ball as well as some good coaches.

    Been a Cowboys fan since the 70’s from the MD and DC area. I didn’t have Dallas winning 7 games this year as I felt the defense and offense would need another year to gel within its own units and together especially with McCarthy as HC, Dan Quinn as new DC and Moore learning to adjust to rest of league figuring his offense out.

    So, with that being said the team has overachieved in my opinion but are still better than many teams this year and should win the East and win during Playoffs.

    The key is for the coaches and players to start learning how to overcome adversity and get back in a flow as other good teams do by playing discipline, smart, energetic and tough football.

    And most of all not listen to Jerry Jones, the media and their fan base who don’t recognize talent and whine all the time when the team and players are not playing well.

    The team isn’t winning and you guys wonder why the Cowboys fan base is voted the worse because you want to dump the team and bash players when things aren’t going right but when its going well everyone is great and were going to the SB or win the East and make playoffs. But I know, none of you said any of those things, lol, but just the opposite.

    I live in DC and Maryland area and the Ravens and The Washington Football Team fanbase stick behind their teams regardless and not B and moan when things looked dismal; and as you can see even Philly’s fanbase has been patient with their team and look where those teams are now: in the hunt and they know their fans never gave up on them.

    Nothing is wrong with Dak’s shoulder. Problem is because of calf strain, which clearly is bothering him to some degree, his foot work is off and more importantly he’s not running to keep defense’s honest. McCarthy should have let Dak rest during the Broncos game as calf strains take time to recover from. Smith is going to take a minute to get in rythym as well as Collins. Issue on the line are the Connor’s as neither have been playing well at all. Zeke is hurt and he should not be playing now or the several past games(coaches have to make decisions that players may not like and an unhealthy Zeke does not bold well for this team as we see and don’t think Pollard can carry the full load because he can’t and he shouldn’t because he’s so valuable not just to the offense but Special Teams. This is why Zeke needs to rest of Cowboys make playoff because he is a beeter blocker and a harder runner to grind the game out.)

    Many missing key players during month of November means continuity will take time within both units to reestablish itself, especially on offense. Offense is all about timing and O line has not palyed the same unit together for some time now and it is showing and has shown, period so that needs to be fixed asap. Can’t have any more Covid violations as that hurt especially because Coop is so important to this office.

    Mental toughness and how bad the players and coaches want the East will be determined over these next few games.

    Either they will strut in as the East Champs or back into the playoffs or miss them totally but if they back in they will be at home on their backends with everyone else watching.

    If Cowboys are going to be good for the rest of this year and near future, unlike many in their fanbase, the Cowboys better learn how to overcome adversity which the fanbase clearly can’t which means they are no better than their fanbase when Adversity Occurs!!

  40. I see a lot of finger pointing and tongue wagging in this thread. The truth as I see it is blame/responsibility can be spread in so many directions from QB to penalties, dropped passes, predictable play calling, lack of in-game adjustments (offense & defense), game management, and so on.
    Good game planning is absolutely necessary but what concerns me a lot is the lack of application and passion on the field. Not taking plays off is critical in developing a winning mentality. Allowing the last touchdown to the Saints is an example of what not to do.
    Lastly I’d like to see accountability across the board. From top to bottom including management.

  41. @ Vam all those QB you listed on your list only three have SB rings and one have multiple and the other two have one if qb’s are measured by sb rings then TB12 is the only elite qb on this list. Give me a break with that DP is not a good QB.

  42. The trouble with excuses is that they become difficult to believe after they’ve been used a couple of times.

    I’ve seen numerous excuses being used for DP, it happens every year, including of course THIS YEAR, and pointing that out now doesn’t necessarily make one a BAD FAN. Nor does criticizing his inability to play up to his overcompensation.

    Everyone here can give their opinion on the articles, without some silliness of attacking the messenger.

  43. The idea that the cowboys have alot of pro bowl level talent on the roster is false. On offense Z Martin is the only pro bowl level player, and doesn’t play a skill position. Copper and Lamb are top ten WRs but not pro bowl level. Zeke is nowhere near pro bowl level.

    Defense is where we have two possibilities in Diggs and Parsons. But I would suggest that Diggs is a bit overrated. I like him, but he gets burned too much and is a poor tackler. But then so was D Sanders. Not that I’m comparing the two.

    We have alot of good players, but no real studs, aside from Parsons.

  44. Dak is so consistently inconsistent it’s not funny you put any pressure on him and he chokes ! He’s got some good stats however look at his bad stat’s !

  45. I think you guys are justified in being concerned about Dak and his play of late but are foolish to not wait for the rest of the season to play out (Including Playoffs) however long that lasts to assess Dak and this team as a whole. There are ebbs and flows to every teams season even the eventual SB champs will have gone through a rough patch causing speculation as to who they really were . I don’t think Dak or the team as a whole simply got lucky in the first 8 games they played this year or suddenly forgot how to play since then. I say they turn this around and finish the season playing even better than they were early on with the reinforcements we have coming back we are looking healthier than we have been all year for this final stretch and into the playoffs

  46. I’m sorry, not trying to be difficult but I’ve always found the practice of saying “we”, “them” and “us” weird when referring to a sports team. Ive been a fan of this team since 1977 but have never gotten a check from the Cowboys. Love the team but I do not work for the organization.

  47. That QB list is simply showing their QBR rating. If anyone can show it as incorrect as of right now, please comment. I know it might not be palatable to some here, but it is what it is. DP is middle of the pack according to that system, that is used by many as a measure stick.

  48. @VAM and that’s what ppl used to argue as to why Dak should get paid but now when you bring it up, I GUARANTEE ppl gonna throw that stat out the window LOL XD #Twofaced

  49. This offense has stalled because all three phases have not performed. OL/Running game/Dak. If u wanna throw in Moore and his play calling that’s four.

    Does the QB bear the most responsibility? Absolutely
    The key for me though is the performance of the five guys on the OL. Get that right and everything likely falls in place.

    I know some want to put it all on Dak. But it’s not that simple. I wish it was, then it would only involve one player playing poorly. But it’s many things.

  50. You’re right in the sense of Dak isn’t getting help in his Line or run game, or even Moore, and the season is far from over, in fact, it’s just getting started as we’ll be in the playoffs (Heaven forbid us not making it and WFT makes it), we should be getting Gregory back pretty soon, Coop should be better this week, and hopefully we’ll get a healthy Zeke back here soon, so we’ll see what happens, I’m a always root for our team nonetheless, it’s why I’m so adamant and critical of Dak, I hope Dak and our boys can return to form, but this last stretch has been more than concerning considering how we’ve won or lost games as of late

    All I’m asking is that if our Line isn’t good, Zeke can’t run the ball, but we got a D with D Law, Parsons, Diggs, and Gregory, and we got our WRs Ceedee, Coop, and Gallup all healthy, then is it too much to ask of a 40 mill QB to go win with that ? If not, then can we concede to the fact that Dak isn’t worth the contract he got?

  51. You saw what happened to the boy wonder, when his OL was bad in the SB last year. He had Tyreke Hill and all world TE Kelce to throw to, but didn’t have time to get them the ball.

    To ask Dak to carry this team with a bad OL and no running game, is not reasonable. If the OL improves and he gets some help from the running game, likely you will see a different QB.

    Unless his calf is worse then they are letting on, in which case we’re in big trouble.

  52. The answer for Jean. It’s easy. Brady delivers Super Bowl wins. Seven times in two different franchises. Dak Prescott has not. Dallas fans demand a title and so far, being surrounded by volumes of talent, they have not produces one. To the others – One thing is obvious, Dak’s head is not in the game. Jerry needs to stop deflecting criticism to the receivers. I have rooted for the Cowboys since the Ice Bowl in Green Bay in 1967 and I cannot to this day still understand how they cannot seem to get it together year after year. However, I can understand the voluminous actions of over inflated hype each year of expectance – to sell memorabilia, seats, season tickets and jerseys. Fact – big contracts, false hope, insufficient performance related to the big money in comparison to everyone else when the talent is on the payroll. Maybe they should start looking for a shaman to remove the curse. Can anyone ever remember disallowing a goat into the stadium or an Eagle fans jealous curse of 60 years from no title? Hmmm, Makes one consider the possibility of everything,

  53. Who’s better off right now and in the immediate future Dallas or N.E.?
    Dallas has a $40 million QB with accuracy “issues.”
    N.E. has a accurate rookie QB with $40 million in cap space for next year.
    Dallas is projected to be $10-plus million over the cap with 20 free agents.
    Accountability isn’t just relevant in the locker room. It is also both critical and important in the front office.

  54. Agree Cwbysfansinz567, Cowboys are the richest franchise in the Country and maybe the world. Jerry is a great salesman and knows how to hype up his team, and gets butts in the seats at JERRY WORLD, and sells all the other stuff, despite not winning a SB since “96. Sport media also helps him quite a bit, and don’t forget the LOYAL fan base, and the very successful history, produced by great Head Coaches TL and JJ.

    Long time Dallas fans have been spoiled by past great winning teams and do “demand a title”. It’s really that simple.

    Well let’s see if they can beat the WFT first.

  55. DAK is Tony Romo. Tony could play Football his defense average ranking was 23.5 Staubach and Aikman ave 5.6 that the difference. DAK is hurt and by playing he is hurting the DAK let Cooper Rush play til your healthy.

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The Returns of Randy Gregory, Neville Gallimore are Coming Right on Time for Dallas

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