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Is DE Randy Gregory’s Return to the Dallas Cowboys Imminent?

The got some good news on the front yesterday when Cowboys was conditionally reinstated by . It's good news for the Cowboys who needed some help on the of their . Aside from and , the Cowboys don't have much in the way of experience on the edge. However, now that Aldon Smith is back in the mix, the Cowboys get a former All-Pro who once had 19.5 for the .

Next on the docket for reinstatement is another , .

Per Todd Archer of ESPN, Randy Gregory filed for reinstatement back on March 22nd. Once a player files for reinstatement, Roger Goodell has 60 days to rule on the reinstatement case. Doing the math, that 60 days would be up today, March 21st and Roger Goodell should make a ruling on Gregory's reinstatement case today.

Getting both Smith and Gregory reinstated on consecutive days would be massive news for the Dallas Cowboys .

“We are working through the process. We are very happy for Aldon and wish him all the luck in the world and successful resumption of his career. It’s refreshing to see the NFL following through on their stated goal to focus more of rehabbing players than punishing players.”

Peter Schaffer, Randy Gregory's Agent via Pro Football Talk

Shaffer also stated that Gregory is in “great shape,” which is good news for Gregory and the Dallas Cowboys. The refrain from those around Aldon Smith has been similar.

Randy Gregory has been serving an indefinite from his struggles with use that has kept him off the field for most of his career. Since being selected in the of the 2015 , Gregory has played in just 28 games for the Cowboys over five seasons. Gregory was available for the Cowboys in the second round because of a failed drug test at the NFL .

With Smith and soon Gregory reinstated, the Dallas Cowboys group of edge rushers now looks quite promising:

Perhaps just as important, it's a versatile group of pass rushers that will allow the Dallas Cowboys to align in multiple fronts with both three and four down linemen. Throw into the mix, and the Cowboys will be able to show a variety of looks in the front seven and keep teams off balance with who's rushing the passer.

As the NFL has softened its stance on marijuana testing and the punishment for a failed test in the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, it should provide a spark to Randy Gregory's career moving forward.

When Gregory last played in 2018, he performed quite well, playing in 14 games and accumulating six sacks. After losing and in , the Cowboys will need Gregory to hit the ground running and provide similar production to what he did in 2018 for the Cowboys to make a run at the postseason.

In an that has been thrown off due to , the Cowboys have had a lot of good things happen for them.

Randy Gregory's return to the Dallas Cowboys could come as early as today. That's a lot of good news in 24 hours. It'll be even better news when they can both take the field week one against the .

John Williams
John Williams
Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could. Make sure you check out the Inside The Cowboys Podcast featuring John Williams and other analysts following America's Team.

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If aldon Smith and Gregory can get back to playing shape and produce to what their capable of, this defensive front is gonna be a nightmare for opposing teams.

Mentor Tairi

Hell yeah I cant wait for this. If both Aldon and Gregory can pick up where they left off the Dallas defense is definitely going to be a nightmare for any opposing QB. With the minimal time Gregory has been on the field he’s been a force. I mean look at the game against the Saints. Yeah that BS call that gave the Saints the ball back with a 1st down, but the man totally redeemed himself by making a big play.


Excited for both of these young men…If they both come back and stay focused on their lives and careers, we will have I believe a monster pass rush.#DC4L

Robert Bass

Hello John Williams— i like this article….i am so excited for the potential of our defensive line….if our players can stay healthy for the most part I believe we will have a dominate fact i am
making a guarantee right now…Dallas Cowboys will have top 5 defense..that is right….i said it..
call me crazy…..but for the first time in years we have reloaded with interior defensive players that
can really stop the run and get after the passer….i also believe our secondary even losing Jones i think will be much better than last year…and if our linebackers can stay healthy i see a monster defense


Instead of “If” lets concentrate on what we have. The beginning of the season will benefit those teams with continuity. Dallas is not one of those teams. The offense will have to play very well to make up for a learning defense, and they can. Get Aldon and the rookies working with the true vets and expect a mid season rise in the pass rush.

Jim S.

Any man that hits a woman is a coward and should not be allowed to play professional sports. Aldon Smith is a coward. Period. You had your chance, you threw it away.

Jerry Jones is still showing his true colors by even signing this clown. Same story as Greg Hardy, “anything” to get a ring.


And that sir, is why you don’t stand guard at the Pearly Gates …

Daniel J Whisenton

Since both have been working out for at least 2yrs they are in shape now they have to get in football condition.Since they’re going to be in a rotation this is a win-win-win for them the cowboys and the league.

Gary Barrett

Lets not get ahead if ourselves. Both Gregory and Smith are coming off LONG layoffs especially Smith…..but with that said if either or both can give us 80-90 % of former selves would be a huge plus as edge rushers are thin with cowboys. Also lets hope D. Lawrence has a bounce back yr as he was not special last yr perhaps due to lingering shoulder issues. GO COWBOYS

Stephen gregory

28 games. 48 combined tackles. 7 sacks although I will have to recheck that stat. That doesn’t scream “amazing career” to me. All that screams to me is a player who can’t contribute as a starter because he can’t earn the right to be on the field on a consistent basis. I truly hope he has his life on track but time to let him be some other team’s problem child.

Stephen gregory

Randy Gregory, please just go away and stop being an off-season storyline each year for the Cowboys. Go be a storyline for some other team like Charlotte or Tampa Bay where nobody will bear of you again. Your 15 minutes of fame is about 4 years past in the rear view mirror. The damage you have created against the good reputation of the Cowboys far outweighs any contribution you may offer after five years of being with this organization.

Chris King

I sure hope that the hyper critical individuals can get off their soapbox long enough to understand that people make mistakes. Maybe their charmed life doesn’t have a family member or friend who has struggles to overcome but many if not most of the world does.

Stephen Gregory

My opinion, sir. Smoking weed at the combine, his big interview for a job, and all the times afterwards were not mistakes. They were choices, kind sir, and they have consequences. Five years of dealing with this f*cktard and his addictions is enough for me. He has proven himself to not be worthy to wear the Star, not because of his mistakes, but because of his choices. So, so easy to sit behind that keyboard with the “hyper critical people who live charmed lives” bullish!t. I’m 57 years old. Worked since the age of 16. Earned degrees in Business with a minor in Accounting, Registers Nurse and am 2/3 the way through a Biochemistry degree. I paid for all of it and held full time jobs through all of it. I’ve made plenty mistakes. I’ve made some good and bad choices. I live with the consequences of my choices and mistakes and it doesn’t matter if you are upset that others might judge me and my character by the actions I do. My actions are what cause some to judge me as a good, honest, dependable, reputable person or not. Randy Gregory’s CHOICES are what has caused his employment problems. Maybe he needs to learn from people on their high horses because his way of doing things is utter chaos. And, that will affect his other relationships and trickle right down to his offspring if he doesn’t change his way of doing things. Being an entitled athlete with folks who want to overlook all his poor, criminal choices only goes so far. Talk about a charmed life, go be an athlete. Women throw themselves at you. Men want to be you. Children idolize you. You get the best seat in the house at events. People buy meals for you just because you are at the same restaurant they are in. You get paid more in one year than most will see in a lifetime. That’s a charmed life and he has blown it over and over and over again. SMH.


I don’t think bi polar disorder is a choice. It is a complicated mental illness to deal with. I would assume with your background you would understand that. Congratulations to you for all your successes

Stephen Gregory

I said “amazing.” That is the word I used when I said that his production in 28 games does not scream amazing at me. You may have a different take and adjective you would like to use regarding Randy Gregory’s play when he has not been on suspension and eligible to play. We all evaluate players by what we see when we watch. I haven’t seen much from him when he has played.

John Smith

Chris King, Here Here!! Forgiveness is divine!!! Stephen Gregory, I believe you are a bit too harsh in your judgement. I am certainly glad you’re not the one making decisions for the Dallas Cowboys!!!!!!

Stephen Gregory

Your opinion and you are welcome to have it. You may believe I am too harsh. You are entitled to that judgement. Obviously, I disagree.


Let’s tap the brakes a little bit. Gregory seems to have an addiction problem. I hope he has worked through it and is in a better place now.

But what does the “softening” of the marijuana test mean exactly in Gregory’s case? Is Gregory off that stuff or not?


I hope he’s finally cleaned up and turned his life around. Life is all about decisions. We either make the right one and better ourselves or we make the wrong one and suffer the consequences. His decisions were very simple, earn multi-millions of dollars per year or blaze up and become unemployed. It’s hard to have sympathy for him. He’s a grown ass man! Everyone has problems, be a man and suck it up like the rest of us! The only difference is that we will never see one year of his pay check during our entire lives.


GREAT NEWS ! This defense is going to be so much better that they are going to finally feature something more than that single high safety look. Our defense had issues with teams with certain teams because most of there DC came from the DC FAMILY tree of defensive coordinators they. Some of those games we looked so predictable like that touch down on turkey against Buffalo. The WR knew the coverage and who was rushing Beastly told some secrets trust me. I love the guy but they just looked to good against us. Now new coaches and new approach I LOVE IT. JG was my guy hated to see him go but I am a DC4L period.

Gary Barrett

Taking on players with checkered pasts is obviously a hit and miss proposition mostly miss and many teams shy away from it all together, although the cowboys aren’t one if those teams. Charles Haley was considered a problem ( mostly mental) but helped cowboys win 2 rings after signing with them. I tend to be more tolerant of Gregory and his benign pot use as opposed to some of the criminal acts Smith was charged with.

Ernest D. Hollins


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