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Is Grant Delpit The Answer To Cowboys’ Takeaway Woes?

It’s no secret what the achilles heel of the Dallas ’ defenses have been in recent years.

For a unit considered to be littered with talent, the Cowboys have been unable to create turnovers at any type of consistent rate. Over the years both their personnel and scheme have emphasized avoiding the big play, rather than taking chances and going for and interceptions.

This isn’t bad on its own, but it certainly seems to have gone stale in Dallas. And with a new staff in place for 2020, the strategy is highly likely to change in a big way.

Strategy on the field is one thing, but strategy when it comes to personnel decisions is a whole different game. The Cowboys have devalued the safety position under , rarely targeting them in the draft at all. And when they do draft safeties? They wait until the to find their guy.

The 2020 could change things in Dallas, specifically when they select in the . ’s Grant Delpit has been linked for months to the Cowboys, seemingly filling an obvious void on the current . Dallas is weak up the middle defensively, and Delpit would be an instant upgrade at arguably their worst position group.

Maurice Moton of listed the best draft fit to solve each team’s biggest issue this week, naming the LSU safety as the best match for the Cowboys.

“Delpit could be the first safety off the board, which would make the Cowboys sweat it out, barring a . Delpit has had an average 2019 campaign on paper, logging 59 tackles, two interceptions and seven pass breakups.”

Delpit’s is an interesting one. Many have knocked him for obviously inconsistent tackling, as well as the ankle he dealt with this season. But his ability to play the deep middle with excellent range and instincts makes him a clear first round prospect.

Pairing Delpit with on the back end would allow Woods to roam in the box more freely, likely utilizing his strengths in the slot more often as well. We saw Woods used to cover slot receivers during his year at times, and he flashed in this role.

Grant Delpit has the range, coverage ability, and ball skills that the Cowboys desperately need from their position. He’s not in terms of overall playing style, but drafting Delpit could allow the Cowboys to ease some of the pain they may have felt when James went off the board in front of them in 2018.

What do you think?


Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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  1. Dak is overrated, now Jerra is going to overpay him when they could use that money on free agent defenders. Dak hit a few nice passes but also failed on several opportunities to. Get a win late in game, I count at least 4 games he could have pulled out a win but didn’t have the stuff. That was poor reads by Dak and Jason. Those wins were there for. A second rate college QB. But Dak missed simple reads and Kelvin Moore was pulling his hair out wondering why Jason couldn’t see the obvious. Now Jerra is going pull his old I’m a smart GM and want my players to love me !!!! So he’ll overpay at the cost of rest of Team. FIND A GM JERRA, YOU HAD ONE IN JJ BUT COULDN’T GIVE CREDIT WHERE IT WAS DUE.

  2. I like Delpit, but I wouldn’t be upset if we didn’t get him either!! The biggest problem we had this season was our tackling and Delpit has a problem with his tackling too!! Maybe it can be fixed in the NFL…. Who knows!! But I do know we have to take a safety or a DT in the 1st round!! If we don’t get Delpit I’d be happy with Mckinney, and if we go the DT route I hope we trade up to get Brown…. I like Kinlaw too, but he’s not too good with stopping the run!! But as long as we get a safety or a DT in the 1st round I’ll be happy with it!! But whichever position we get with the 1st pick we’d have to get the other position in the 2nd round!! If we do that I’ll be satisfied!!

  3. Yes please Safety and DT . Tired of those 2 position’s being the problem . Also a linebacker to replace Lee if he retires this off season or even if he doesnt

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