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Is There Hope For Punter Chris Jones, Cowboys Special Teams Under John Fassel?

For all the arguments centered around players like and , the ' biggest weakness in 2019 was their unit.

Dallas was 30th in special teams DVOA in 2019, above only the Panthers and Chargers. Rarely did they provide their with short fields, and too often they committed costly mistakes which put either their offense or behind the eight ball.

In the middle of all of these special teams struggles was veteran . Jones has been the Cowboys starting punter since 2013, and while he was effective for much of his time in Dallas, the numbers suggest his better days are behind him.

Jones' average punt has been at least 44 yards his entire career, but that dipped down to 41 yards last season. His long in 2019 was 58 yards, a dip from the 63-66 yard range the previous three seasons. Many, including fellow staff writer Jess Haynie, have argued it's time for the Cowboys to move on from Chris Jones, but his team friendly contract makes that a bit unlikely.

As Jess noted, most punters make far more annually than Jones, and the Cowboys have gotten a bargain on Jones throughout the year. Recently, though, he's been performing how you'd expect someone with his cap hit to perform.

Now, there may be hope for Chris Jones in Dallas after all. Dallas hired former Rams this , hoping to bolster what was one of the league's worst units a year ago. Fassel has had great success in this role before, finishing top 10 in special teams DVOA 5 of his 8 seasons with the Rams.

Fassel also loves to run fake punts, something we've seen Chris Jones excel at every once in a while for the Cowboys. You shouldn't decide who your punter is based on their fake punt ability, but who knows, Fassel may like Jones' athleticism.

Regardless of whether Fassel has the magic dust to save Jones' career or not, the Cowboys would be smart to bring in some competition at punter during .

There's a chance that we never see the 2016 version of Chris Jones again, and Dallas must be prepared for that scenario.

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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