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Is WR CeeDee Lamb an Offensive Rookie of the Year Lock?

CeeDee Lamb has an excellent chance of becoming the 2020 Rookie of the Year.

It’s difficult to predict anything with any kind of accuracy right now with all of the unknown surrounding the 2020 NFL season. The one thing we can be pretty sure of though is Wide Receiver CeeDee Lamb is going to have an outstanding rookie season with the Dallas Cowboys. But, is it good enough to be considered an Offensive Rookie of the Year lock?

If you happened to read Jess Haynie’s article on CeeDee Lamb’s chances of winning Offensive Rookie of the Year then you probably already know he’s a longshot. I don’t dispute anything Jess stated in his article. He makes an excellent case as to why the former Oklahoma star WR is probably going to need a miracle to win OROY. I however think it’s definitely doable.

Here are the Top 10 Offensive Rookie of the Year candidates, per BetOnline

  1. Joe Burrow +250
  2. Clyde Edwards-Helaire +400
  3. Cam Akers +900
  4. Jonathan Taylor +900
  5. Tua Tagovailoa +1000
  6. D’Andre Swift +1200
  7. CeeDee Lamb +1400
  8. J.K. Dobbins +1600
  9. Jerry Jeudy +1600
  10. Justin Herbert +1600

Most analysts have CeeDee Lamb outside of the Top 5 as it pertains to who wins Offensive Rookie of the Year. As you can see BetOnline currently has him with the seventh best odds as does Sport Betting Dime. Pro Football Focus has him even further down the list at No. 8. Still, I think he has a better chance than people are giving him credit for.

Other than Cincinnati Bengals shiny new quarterback, Joe Burrow, no other rookie within the Top 10 should be considered a full-time starter. Every one of the running backs look like they will be in a timeshare as rookies, as does the wide receivers. To me, that gives CeeDee Lamb just as good a chance as anyone else in my opinion.

Sadly though, history is working against CeeDee Lamb. Only three WRs have won OROY in the last 20 years and only nine total have ever won the award. This is an award that has been heavily dominated by RBs (34) and QBs (10). No tight ends or offensive lineman have ever won.

While history suggests CeeDee Lamb virtually has little to no chance of winning OROY, I think the situation he finds himself in increases his odds. You may think being third on the depth chart with the Cowboys hurts his chances a little, however, I think the opposite. He is going to see some really favorable matches playing with Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup.

With the favorable matches and Lamb’s run after the catch ability he should rack up receiving yards and touchdowns. I think that will vault him further up the OROY rankings, quite possibly as far as the top spot. He may not be a lock right now, but I really believe he’s going to be a serious contender for the award when all is said and done.

What do you think of CeeDee Lamb’s chances of winning Offensive Rookie of the Year?

What do you think?

Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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  1. What Lamb needs to have happen to be a contender … (1) consistently get 4-6 targets a game, (2) 6 total TD’s, (3) at least one big game on National TV, (4) at least one highlight-reel play, either an impressive jumpball catch or great YAC effort, and finally (5) Dallas to approach 10-12 wins.

  2. I expect Lamb to be a beast by the end of the yr he just has mad skill set. Wonder if his numbers in college would have been as impressive had he played in say the SEC versus the weak big 12.

  3. Would be nice, because that helps my team hopefully translate into more wins. But who knows this early. Let’s see if the kid is for real. As we know there have been numerous first busts. Remember these first round WR BUSTS:
    Justin Blackman, 5 overall
    Troy Williamson, 7 overall
    Kevin White, 7
    Mike Williams, 10
    Matt Jones, 21
    Hopefully Lamb is the real deal. Then again, he doesn’t have to be OROY to be productive.

  4. Lamb couldn’t have been drafted by a better team then the Cowboys for this award to be a possibility. Dallas offense is a loaded nightmare for defensive coordinators this season with the addition of Lamb to the Cowboys. His skill set and yards after the catch are off the charts. His size will hopefully keep him healthy for the entire season. As a slot receiver working the middle of the field brings a few “welcome to the NFL hits”
    Dallas will have to be a 13-3 team going into the NFC playoff game. Lamb, will have to have a 1000 yard season with 8 TD’s So that there will be enough light shined on him to be the first WR in quite sometime to win this award.
    As a 50 year Cowboy fan, I can hardly wait for this season to start. McCarthy brings a lot of hope and excitement for the season.

  5. I think he has a better chance of getting the award than any of those other players on the list!! I honestly don’t understand why any of those players are on the list!! I understand Joe Burrow, but none of the others are worth mentioning!! And to be honest, I think Joe Burrow is gonna be a bust, but that’s just my opinion!! Ceedee Lamb is the best player on this list, so I believe he’ll have the best chance of getting the award!!

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