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It is Now or Never for McCarthy to Prove His Worth

Just like that the Cowboys are seeing their season flash before their eyes after an all-time bad season opener that has Dallas in shambles just one week in. In order for 2022 to not be a complete waste, it is clear that needs to step up and will these Cowboys into a competitive football team in the weeks to come. If he doesn't then his days in Dallas are numbered.

In his first couple of years as Dallas' head man, McCarthy has shown little to get excited about. It was 's offensive scheme that was top of the league last year in yards, at the same time it was 's that led the league with 34 takeaways. McCarthy controlled the in-game decisions, which were questionable at best, and team culture, which was unequivocally an area of concern down the stretch.

Overall, the 2021 Cowboys were a product in spite of McCarthy not because of him. But that can change in 2022.

If McCarthy can keep the team focused, together, and install a no-excuses attitude then the season potentially could be not completely lost. Treading water until 's and 's return plus finding ways to compete despite to the o-line lies heavily on McCarthy's shoulders.

Jerry and Steven are clearly unhappy with how the season began even before Prescott went down, not to mention how last year ended, hence McCarthy for his job the remainder of this season. No more excuses or free passes, it is now or never.

I think back to 2018 when the Cowboys were 3-6 after losing to the Titans at home on , 's Cowboys debut. Dallas finished that season with a 10-6 record winning the and nabbing a playoff win against the Seahawks to go along with it.

proved his worth that season showing what he did best; keeping an entire locker room focused and together. The season was dead to everyone except those inside the locker room before rattling off seven straight. The team was bad and just gave up their first-round pick, Garrett getting fired seemed to be a done deal. The was pitiful and the defense wasn't too far behind.

Garrett did what McCarthy needs to do now, he held the team together and turned a dead season into Prescott's first career playoff victory.

Yes, QB1 is hurt with his timetable being uncertain at the moment. That can either be used as an excuse or a battle cry and which one is entirely up to McCarthy. Week 2 against Cincinnati is set up as a teaser for what is to come the remainder of the season. I'm not so sure a win is needed, just compete and set the tone.

I think back to last year's Titans team losing their best player, , in week 8 and still finding a way to be the 1 seed in the AFC. All thanks to Mike Vrabel not using Henry's as an excuse.

Up to this point McCarthy has, at best, been a non-factor in games during his tenure as . This season now poses an opportunity for him to show his worth and take a lost season and turn it into something positive. He needs to find a way like his job depends on it; because it does.

Evan Starr
Evan Starr
Lifelong Cowboys fan raised in North Texas. Tony Romo is a hall of famer, Dez caught it, and we are still America's Team.

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