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Jamal Adams “Can’t Wait” To Face Cowboys Pass Offense

Jamal Adams and the Cowboys will likely be linked forever.

Similar to former Seahawks safety Earl Thomas, the current Seattle star has long been expected to go “home” to the Cowboys throughout his career. He forced his way out of New York this offseason, but the price tag was ultimately too steep for the Cowboys to commit to.

Adams and the Cowboys don’t have reason for a rivalry, but there’s clearly something there in Adams’ mind. Jamal told reporters on Thursday that he has a little extra motivation ahead of this week’s matchup with his hometown team.

“I’ve seen a couple things, they said I struggle in coverage, so I can’t wait…I got a little text from one of my buddies back home. He has the inside scoop on that. So, looking forward to it” – Jamal Adams.

Don’t let the quotes scare you, Kellen Moore.

This Seahawks pass defense has been putrid through the first two weeks of the season, allowing over 400 passing yards per game. Cam Newton absolutely shredded them a week ago, and he doesn’t have nearly the weapons that Dak Prescott will have at his disposal this weekend.

Adams is a dynamic player of course, and has really been the only Seahawk who can create a pass rush off when blitzing. He can make game changing plays, the kind which can ruin the Cowboys’ Sunday. But as excited as he is to prove he can stop Prescott’s offense, the Cowboys need to match that energy in proving they can score and score quickly on Sunday.

Offensively the Seahawks have fully committed to the “Let Russ Cook” campaign, unleashing their MVP front runner of a quarterback through two weeks. Given how beat up the backend of the Cowboys defense is heading into this game, it’s fair to expect Wilson will put up eye-popping numbers on Sunday.

Dallas needs to come into this game expecting that they need 30+ points, almost as if they’re already down a score before they even touch the ball.

Let Dak go win this game, and let’s see if Jamal Adams can help this Seattle defense defend the pass on Sunday.

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Kevin Brady

Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.


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  1. If our line can give Dak time ole JA might get more action than he would like ! Our offense could make it a long day for the Seahawks BUT we have to have good play up front!

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