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Jason Garrett Looking To Get His Offense Right In Return To Dallas

Sunday is going to be weird.

, the longtime of the and current for the , is set to make his return to . Garrett's Giants are 0-4, the league's worst through the first quarter of the season.

's Cowboys haven't been doing much better, though, and the first four weeks of 2020 have some wondering if the grass really is greener on the other side of Garrett. (It will be, by the way).

In many ways this is a must have game for both teams.

The Giants desperately need a win to calm the wolves that are the New York fans, and what better way to get off the schneid than with a road win over the hated Cowboys? Dallas themselves are still dreaming of a playoff birth despite their 1-3 start, and could really use a divisional win to keep pace with the suddenly first place Eagles.

But even as both team's stumble their way into this game it's impossible not to focus on what may be the biggest matchup: Jason Garrett vs. .

Jason Garrett
Former Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett

Neither coach has been successful at all this season.

Garrett's offense ranks dead last in DVOA through four games, and is averaging just over 11 points per game. In a year which has seen offensive explosion everywhere, the Giants have scored just three offensive touchdowns. They've been pathetic offensively, and Garrett's conservative nature plays a big part in that.

Mike Nolan's newly implemented has fallen flat as well. The Cowboys are 24th in defensive DVOA, and have allowed a whopping 36 points per game. Blown coverages, missed assignments, and (at times) questionable effort have defined their . While their offense consistently scores the football, this defense has gotten absolutely run over the last three weeks.

Each side must be looking at the other as a chance to get right, but Jason Garrett comes with even extra motivation. Garrett was constantly blamed for slow starts, poor game management, and head-scratching offensive play calling. The offense has soared without Garrett to be sure, but those slow starts and questionable in-game decisions have not disappeared.

Garrett would love to walk out of Dallas with a winning strut, and if the Cowboys want any hope of becoming a playoff contender this season, they need to shut him and this weak offense down from the start.

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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Gary b

This game won’t tell us anything. Except if we lose then that tells us this season is a lost cause. We should best the Giants by 30 but again even if we do, that won’t tell us anything about this team. That is still to be determined.


I have been a cowboy fan all my life (I’m 57) grown up in Texas played football.i will even say a different decision here or there In my life my have played for the cowboys.jason Garrett gets a lot of blame for some of his decisions as a HC he had made during a game or a bad pick during a draft from fans. frustration over the last 25 years of struggles.jason Garrett is the face of the Garrett family that has been with the cowboys organization for over 40 years. His father Jim was a scout for 36 years and was indirectly a big part of those super run and winning season John Garrett was a assistant coach for the cowboys and I belive Judd Garrett is currently in the personal dept.I would go as for to say the 2 nd hardest decision JJ has had to make is parting ways with Jason as the cowboys HC only behind the parting of Tom may say what about jimmy but that whole situation happen so fast ( it was what it was) and yes jimmy was a GREAT point is everyone please be gracious and respectful to Jason on Sunday. Jason may still be with a team that wears blue.but the Garrett family bleed cowboy blue.

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