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Jerry Jones Defends Spending Resources on Ezekiel Elliott, Jaylon Smith

and have both received big-money contracts from the . However, in 2020, many have questioned if those dollars were spent in the right place.

made an appearance last Friday on 105.3 The Fan after the Cowboy's humiliating 41-16 loss to the Washington Football Team on . Jones defended Elliott and Smith and the resources that have been spent on both.

“Well, I like what we’ve spent and what we done even going all the way back to picking him on Jaylon Smith. That’s been a home run. He’s everything and more we thought he could be coming back from the when we got him in the . He was on the board. So that’s, that is absolutely a winner.”

“I’ve said this before. Zeke is, our best player. He certainly, yesterday, would, he was up against a tough situation with where we are. But still, I like both those players. I think we’re lucky to have both of those guys.”

“I wouldn’t take the resources. I would not take those resources that I’m putting there and not having those guys for those resources. I would not do that.”

Elliott had another productive season in 2019. He finished fourth in rushing (1,357), fourth in rushing touchdowns (12), second in all-purpose yards (1,777), and tied for first in 100-yard games (7). 2020 hasn't been as smooth of a ride. Granted, the Cowboys has been in shambles with season-ending to and and starting multiple undrafted . Also, the Cowboys have been without since Week 5.

These circumstances have forced Elliott to try and do too much and it's caused a lot of mental errors. The most noticeable has been Elliott's fumbling issues. Although he hadn't put the ball on the ground since Week 6 against the , his fumble against Washington was his sixth of the season, tying his career-high in 2018. The Cowboys, unfortunately, have lost five of those six fumbles.

The former two-time rushing championship is still on pace to have his fourth 1,000-yard season since entering the NFL. However, it's been clear he hasn't been the same player we've grown accustomed to.

Smith came into the NFL after one of the most gruesome knee injuries anyone has ever seen when he tore his ACL and LCL in his last game at Notre Dame in January of 2016. Some thought he'd never recover, but Smith has started 49 of the 59 games he's played in since first touching the field in 2017.

He deserves a lot of credit for overcoming those , however, he has been inconsistent with his play at times this season. Over pursuing, missed tackles, and giving up chunk plays in the have happened more often than the Cowboys would like. Is Smith a bad player? No, but with a near $13 million dollar price tag per season, those mistakes can't happen as often as they have.

Elliott and Smith are only 25 years old so they have plenty of football left to play in their careers and can easily turn around their struggles from this season.


Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
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Don Howard

I’m not going to argue that he thinks he’s right I’ll just say his way of doing has got the team WHAT 0 NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME appearance and what 2or3 playoff wins. I can remember when Dallas played for championships but I’m old with a pretty good memory


1000 yards in 16 games really should not be the yard marker like it was in a 12 or 14 game season. Zeke is clearly not the back he once was. His fumbles have come at very inopportune times. He was once the best RB in the NFL. Now maybe in top ten, and moving in the wrong direction. Time to look at augmenting this position. I like J Smith, for the obvious reasons, but he is not as advertised coming out of ND. Jerry thinks he made a great coup drafting him in second round, and wants to save face now.

These massive, outrageous long term contracts are hurting this team, and if they continue, they will just make matters worse.


Elliott is a pet of Jerry but his production is just a moderate power back. Power backs degrade fast .
J Smith has a deteriorating knee and will be more affected each season .
Both these players have at best one productive season left.

Gary b

Ditto to everything VAM and SIEMPRE said. Spot on! Jerry doesn’t seem to know who to sign when to sign them and how much to sign them for. The one player he might should have signed long term was the one that is still unsigned, though Dak is probably more to blame for that then Jerry.

I know people are excited about the prospect of having FA money if we move on from Dak. However who has confidence that Jerry will put that money to good use? Teams always end up in a bidding war for the high profile players and way overpay for them. Blah blah blah we need a legit GM to make all those complex decisions that go into building a team.


You are an egomaniacal senile fool. Al Davis reincarnated, because you are never wrong. Just like you took Taco Charlton instead of the consensus TJ Watt, Ramsey instead of Ezekiel, signed Byron Jones instead of Cooper. Entire FA class of this season is non existent. …but you are never wrong…hell you wanted to draft Manziel…keep justifying your F ups.

Cody taylor

I see clearly how fast ppl give up on these 2 players. The team is clearly struggling both offensive and defensive so that would clearly make an impact on the two star players. . If Dallas had a better passing game it would be better for elliot offensively. Elliot and Smith are 2 good players and not let’s forget it’s a team effort. They deserve the money as the contracts are worth it. When you have a struggling o line and and poor defense it puts more pressure on them. Now if the cowboys had a better qb you would see a big difference in the running game and defensively the secondary along with a better score would make a huge impact on Smith’s performance. Give the guys a break and look at the bigger picture surround them with playmakers and they are clearly a superbowl team. Dallas has been very successful in the run game. And they have always had a great linebacking crew. Now with all this being said I clearly think they deserve the money if not more. Both are very young . Support them not constantly bashing because of a poor season. I guarantee if they had a winning record this season and both players had great stats for the season this topic wouldn’t have even came up.


I hate to show my age but I remember back in 1981 Walter Payton had a down year & every one was saying he was used up. He spent the next several years proving them wrong & Elliot may as well. He is only 25 after all. Having said that, I was totally against them renegotiating his contract when they did, he still had 2 years left on his rookie contract & the Cowboys held all the cards. His contract has hamstrung the team ever since it was signed. Totally agree that Dallas needs a real GM to take the reigns. I doubt they will ever make a deep playoff run as long as JJ is playing puppet master, they need a real football guy to make sensible decisions.

Troy Rodriguez

FACTS!!! ALL GAMES ARE WON UP FRONT! Zeke is more of a threat than Pollard so they load the box and with a SUPER PATCHED UP OLINE Zeke has nowhere to run. When Pollard comes in the nfl expects a pass bcuz of Pollard’s receiving abilities defenses tend to back out and play pass which gives this makeshift line a better chance to create holes for Pollard… Same for J Smith. The DLINE is supposed to hold up at the point of attack giving the LB’s the ability to roam free and pursue or cover. If u really pay attention and watch’ u’ll HOW OFTEN A 300+lb OLINE men get a free release and head str8 for Smith! PEOPLE BEFORE U CRITICIZE AND ACT LIKE A FAN, LEARN FOOTBALL!!! UNDERSTAND SCHEMES, FORMATIONS AND MOST IMPORTANT WHAT EVERY POSITIONS JOB IS ON EVERY PLAY!!! TY TO THE TRUE FOOTBALL FANS WHO LOVE THE SPORT AS MUCH AS THEIR TEAM!!!


Sorry, you are wrong. You’ve already shown that you look through the lens of fandom instead of objectivity. The oline are making holes, but Zeke doesn’t have the burst to get to them before they close. Defenses know where Zeke is going to be. He doesn’t have the speed to beat anyone to the outside anymore. Pollard is more effective because he gets to , where he needs to go, fast. Zeke should not be lined up 7 yards in the backfield. That is why, his most effective runs are: when he takes a quicker exchange near the line of scrimmage.
I know its hard for some, when their favorite player declines, but runningbacks have shorter shelf life than most players. I think Zeke needs to dedicate himself too a stringent off-season program and work on his craft. He needs that Michael Johnson speed and conditioning academy.

Gary b

Ur right about Zeke Sean. Even to the untrained eye it’s obvious Zeke has lost that burst. The few yrs he was good he had both the speed and power. Now he just has the power. Don’t think speed is something u can regain…though he could make sure he comes into the season in optimal football shape He’s not the most committed guy in the world so that coupled with the regression that most backs show by ur 5 has brought him to this point.

Jerry should have known that backs regress quickly and never should have offered him a 2nd contract. Rarely does reupping a back work out. Backs are a dime a dozen and many of the top teams don’t have a top 10 RB.

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