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Jerry Jones Doesn’t Believe Tanking is the Answer for the 2020 Cowboys

Stephen King couldn't have written a horror novel more frightening than the 2020 edition of the . From , a first-year staff, and that didn't pan out to their liking, the Cowboys have vastly underachieved considering the lofty expectations placed on them before the season started.

Cowboys Owner and made an appearance recently on 105.3 The Fan after the team's embarrassing 41-16 loss to the Washington Football on . Despite falling to last place in the East with a 3-8 record, Jones had this to say when asked if tanking for a high draft pick or making the was the right direction going forward.

“I think coming off the playoff appearance unquestionably,” Jones said. “This is now. This is this year, and you wait that now. There’s really not a decision here on our team with tanking. Let me be real clear here, and I’m not offended by the conversation at all, and I understand what you’re talking about. That’s just not going to be the case. We’ve got players that we’re having to play, not because necessarily we have a choice. We have these players — they’re our best players to win the ballgame. It turns out they’re the players that ought to be playing. They’re young players that potentially have for the most part good futures. So, the only definition I know about tanking is to play people that can play people that can help you in the future more than someone that can help you now. We don’t have that situation.”

The offensive side of the ball has been decimated by injuries. (ankle) and starting tackles (neck) and (hip) suffered season-ending injuries. Perennial All-Pro (calf) and Cam Erving (knee) will miss multiple weeks after getting banged up against Washington, putting an already suspect in even worse condition.

The Cowboys have had to patch together offensive line units weekly by playing undrafted free agents and and recently . Also, backup quarterbacks , , and have all taken snaps this season.

The team has been so inept offensively that it's 1,738 yards gained in the last six games is 118 yards less than Prescott's passing total alone in the first five games (1,856).

On the defensive side of the ball, it hasn't been all sunshine and roses either. Even though they showed improvement for weeks before their Thanksgiving loss, the Cowboys ranks 22nd in yards per game (382.0) and 32nd in rushing yards (156.4) and points (32.6) allowed per game.

Even with all that being said it's understandable why Jones isn't thinking about tanking when looking at the landscape of the . Washington is in first place but their record is a pathetic 4-7. The are 3-6-1 and the are 3-7. Long story short, the Cowboys will only be a game back in the win column at worst once Week 12 concludes.

Only time will tell if the Cowboys can somehow pull off a miracle and make the playoffs for the first time since 2018.

Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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Allen Altice

Come on Cowboys are poorly coached, overrated personal a owner who is 2nd coming of Al Davis and son is worse!!!! I have been a Cowboys fan forever and this bunch of clowns will never win another super bowl as long as Jones own team! What a disaster

Michael Friday

I concur. ( Catch Me If you Can) Quote.


I agree cowboys are cellar dwellers with Jones running the team


You are a great marketing man Jerrah, other than that, you are the ultimate buffoon. You are the worst GM in the NFL and by some distance. The fact that you don’t get it, doesn’t surprise me one bit. Egomaniac freak, I truly loathe you, done spending my hard earned money on tickets.

Gary b

Jerry looks at it completely different than the fan. He wants to maintain interest/hope in the team….so the team remains relevant in the fans eyes and they keep funneling money into his bank account. That’s what he cares about. Football wise looking to the future is the way to go for this team to move forward…..but he’s not a football man….he’s an owner and a businessman and that’s why this team has been losing for 25 yrs

Don Howard

Between Dallas being mediocre for 25 years and the political climate in sports I don’t enjoy watching anymore but as far as Dallas goes they will continue to be mediocre at best as long as Jerry and family own and run the team it seems from the outside looking in the players are not held accountable and Jerry pays the wrong people a lot with questionable character that just want the money

Mr. Football

Jerry Poppins, I mean Jerry Jones, will continue the kool-aid in the spring, with the spoon full of sugar, by dangling the carrot to the Cowboys fans, that this is the year, but somehow always fall short,for the past 25 years and counting. Fans are still living off of Roger Staubach, Tom Landry, Bob Hayes, Don Meredith, Mel Renfro, Bob Lilly, Tony Dorset, Drew Pearson, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Michel Irvin, Deon Sanders, Charles Haley, D. Woodson,and others. But when the Cowboys finally draft a class that will turn this organization it once was known for and that is winning Super Bowls. Will the Cowboys ever invest in a generational quarterback? It hasn’t happened in 25 years and counting. If the Cowboys was to draft Lawrence, Jerry will be saying he is serious and will build a team around him, while on his rookie contract.

If, the stick with Dak, it’s going to be more o$ the same. Don’t get me wrong Dak has the possibilities of being a Super Bowl quarterback, but he had a Super Bowl contender in 2019, and couldn’t win the division. And when he had is opportunity in 2016, 2018, the defense failed him. It wouldn’t suprise me that the Cowboys will win another couple of the [Cincinnati, San Francisco, Philadelphia and New York Giants 7-9, win NFC East and go to the playoffs and fall short and miss out on the getting a top five players during the 7th round of the draft, instead drafting at number 17. I’m not getting any younger been a Cowboys Fan since 1966.

Mr. Football

I meant to say the Cowboys will probably draft at number 19, instead of being in the top five, where at least they give Lawrence a thought, probably won’t happen, but it’s go or to dream. If I was Lawrence I would pull a Elway/Eli. Which team in the current top 5 will enhance his career. The Jets, the Jaguar or America Team. Remember Dorsett, wouldn’t have made it to the Super Bowl with the Seahawks teams of the late 70’s. Dorsett was GOD sent, open up the Cowboys offense that became explosive, one he was integral in the offense. Can you see Lawrence throwing to CeCe in the clutch. Maybe Jerry and Stephen. Nah, it turn the Cowboys into the team in The NFL,wait they’re already that whether they win or lose, Jerry still laughing all the way to the bank as long as he’s pour the kool-aid with a teaspoon full of sugar.


Wake up Cowboys fans, stop feeding this idiot family. They don’t care about fans and really don’t care about winning as long as he makes money. They wont get a GM and all head coaches are yes men. McCarthy is the latest clown, he his making AROD look good daily for revolting and getting him out. Any moron who tries to justify that fake punt against Wash…enough said. You screwed up, OWN IT!!! STOP spending your hard earned money on this mediocre product. Till these clowns get hit in the pocket, they wont care!!!

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