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Jersey Numbers for Most of 2020 Draft Class; Still Waiting on CeeDee Lamb

Most of Dallas’ 2020 draft class have decided on their new jersey numbers with the Cowboys. But the one we’re most curious about, 1st-Round pick CeeDee Lamb, is apparently still under discussion.

Here are the agreed-upon rookie jersey numbers according to The Athletic’s Jon Machota:

Jon Machota on Twitter

Cowboys rookie jersey numbers: 31 – Trevon Diggs 75 – Neville Gallimore 41 – Reggie Robinson II 63 – Tyler Biadasz 51 – Bradlee Anae CeeDee Lamb still being determined. Lamb said after the draft he was going to wear 10. Jerry Jones said he wanted Lamb to wear 88

Not included there is 7th-Round QB Ben DiNucci. He wore #6 at JMU, which is already taken by Cowboys’ punter Chris Jones.

It’s noteworthy that Trevon Diggs was given the #31 that was previously worn by Byron Jones. The Cowboys would certainly love for Diggs to quickly emerge into at least the Pro Bowl talent that Jones was.

But perhaps the biggest news here is that we’re still waiting on a decision regarding CeeDee Lamb.

The tradition around the #88 and Cowboys receivers is well known. After Drew Pearson made the number iconic during his legendary run in Dallas, Michael Irvin came along in the 90s and made it doubly special for the franchise.

Since Irvin, the Cowboys have given the number to rookie receivers with high expectations. It didn’t turn out so great for Antonio Bryant in 2002, but Dez Bryant certainly upheld the legacy with his Dallas career.

Now CeeDee Lamb is the next 1st-Round talent to enter the organization, and apparently Jerry Jones wants to continue the tradition. We’ll see if Jerry gets his way or if Lamb gets a chance to start a new legacy behind a new number.

What do you think?

Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

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  1. Jerry is the owner. It’s his franchise. Lamb should be honored to continue the legacy started by Pearson, Irvin.
    How About Dem Cowboys!

  2. The options for Lamb are 10 or 88, so the question is does he wanna take over for Tavon Austin or does he wanna take over for Pearson, Irvin and Bryant!? That should make the decision a little easier in my opinion!!

  3. Lamb should have the right to pick his own number and if 10 is what he wants give it to him. I don’t like Diggs with 31 unless Diggs picked it. That’s disrespectful to Byron Jones who never did anything wrong towards the Cowboys. You never burn a bridge that you may need to cross over again

  4. Isn’t #2 an option? He can carry the number that did him great in Oklahoma. Just a superstitious kind of thing.

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