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Jimmy Johnson speaks highly of Cowboys, not sold on the Eagles

Former two-time -winning spoke on 105.3 The Fan yesterday, praising this year's Cowboys team and giving some interesting thoughts on the Eagles and his chances of getting into the .

Johnson was open and honest during his appearance on the radio show Thursday.

He went as far as to say it might be the best Cowboys team he's ever seen, and we know how great the teams he led were.

“I think this is the best Cowboys team that I've seen,” Johnson said. He noted how the looks a bit weaker this year. “I think the Cowboys have a better shot than most,” he said.

The NFC is down this season, no doubt about it; the three teams have three top-four records in the conference.

The Buccaneers are leading the South with a record of 4-5. A lot of bad football is being played by most of the NFC right now.

The Cowboys and the Giants are the two highest teams at 6-2, followed by the .500 49ers, but they are trending in the right direction with the addition of .

The biggest shock for me is the Rams, Packers, and Cardinals, combining for a 9-17 record through nine weeks.

We all know that the No. 1 seed is the Eagles, still unbeaten, but Johnson isn't buying the hype yet.

“If you look at Philadelphia, they run a different style of that gives people problems right off the bat,” Johnson said. “Most of their scoring comes early, especially in the second quarter. But once a team adjusts to that different style, the second half, they're playing them touch and go.”

He added that the Cowboys would be better prepared when the second matchup with them rolls around.

That game on Christmas Eve at home could give the Cowboys a chance at the division.

The Eagles controlled Dallas for most of the first meeting at the Linc, but that was with , and the Cowboys trimmed the lead to three in the fourth quarter before losing 27-16.

The second game will be different, but until then, the Cowboys need to keep winning.

There is no doubt that Johnson should be in the Cowboys' Ring of Honor, and it is so hard to understand why Jerry just won't put him in.

Johnson won two Super Bowls as the head coach of the Cowboys in 1993 and 1994 before they decided to partway.

He said he would be honored to be inducted.

“The Dallas Cowboys are a big part of my life, so I take great pride in that,” Johnson said. “Jerry has told me a half dozen times he's gonna do it, but I have no control over that. That's up to Jerry.”

I don't know their underlining , as many do, and I still need to grasp that Johnson has yet to be inducted into the Cowboys' ROH.

I hope he will soon get his place for doing such a great job in the 90s, bringing a few titles to the Cowboys.

I agree with close to all Johnson mentioned; I can only hope this team lives up to the high praise of his comments.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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