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KC 19, DAL 9: Cowboys Outgunned & Outplayed in Road Loss

November is starting to become a bad month at the office for the Dallas Cowboys. Two weeks after their blowout loss to the , Dallas fell flat again in a 19-9 road loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Dallas' couldn't find any rhythm, thanks in large part to missing WR and OT . The Cowboys found out on Friday that Cooper would be out due to and then, in a surprise, Smith wound up not playing today after reports all week that he would return.

To make matters worse, missed the second half with a concussion. This could be a huge issue for the Cowboys with a short turnaround to Thursday's game against the .

The absences of these star players showed. was sacked five times and had three turnovers as pass protection was rarely on his side. Dropped passes by and , seeing increased reps, didn't help matters.

Prescott also missed some opportunities, overthrowing on an early deep ball opportunity and missing Lamb on another. He was little errant on some throws, contributing to drops, but much of that can be attributed to playing under fire all day with the poor pass blocking.

and were held to 82 combined rushing yards and Dallas fell behind early. Elliott only had 32 yards on nine carries but did produce as a receiver with six catches for 36 yards.

At the very least, the Cowboys can feel that they did their part. After giving up nine points early on the Chiefs' first two drives, Dallas held them to just 10 the rest of the way and gave the offense plenty of chances to get back in the game.

had two and showed up several times on other plays in a huge performance on the national stage. had an interception that he returned 34 yards to start the second half. also added a sack.

, making his return after a one-week absence due to COVID, went 3/3 on field goal attempts and hit them down the middle each time.

This game was always going to be a tough one on the schedule and especially with the Chiefs finding their contender's swagger again last week. On the road and short some key talent, Dallas was going to have to play near-perfectly to win and came well short of that.

Now they have just four days to figure something out before hosting the Raiders on Thanksgiving Day.

Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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A lot of bad hands this game. Dropped passes, missed tackles, and poorly thrown balls. It’s like everyone had greased gloves on out there.

On the plus side, only one holding penalty (Steele) that I remember. On the minus side, maybe they should have held more because the OL was on roller skates the entire game.

Only one more game against the AFC West. Hopefully they don’t lay another egg against the Raiders.

Cowboy Fan Ed

The way I see it it all starts up front and the OL had Dak as nervous as Joe Biden will be on election night !! The dropped passes from CW , MG, and others didn’t help any! We have to have the next man up mentality BUT with the injuries we have across the board it is definitely affecting the way our team is playing right now! Hopefully we can weather this storm of injuries and start hitting our stride down the stretch!

Jeff Tuggle

Experience has shown that Dak is very inaccurate whenever he misses time. Granted he was hurried alot today but even with protection since he came back his accuracy has been bad. And by all accounts, eye tests and metrics Steele was playing Pro Bowl level at right tackle and yet just weeks after McCarthy says he doesn’t like moving 2 players on the o line he has done so thus making both tackle spots weak instead of leaving Steele where he was. If Collins can’t play LT find someone that can but leave Steele alone where he excelled. We know Collins has been abysmal in his return after his fiasco leading to his suspension. And when we need tobestablish the run against Denver and KC Moore has opted to start the game exclusively passing the ball and with a shaky Dak and unsure pass protection that has been a recipe for disaster.


Defense played well, led by MP again. Another great performance by a rookie no less. IMO, he may be the best player on the team.

Hate to keep saying it, but the proof is in the pudding, DP is just not a clutch, big game QB. Sure, as usual, excuses will be made, but at the end of the day, he is the leader of the offense and 3 FGs does not cut the mustard. Two INTs and a lost fumble. If the O-line is not holding up, he has to adapt, make quicker throws, etc. He’s not a rookie, and should know, by now, how to adjust to what’s happening during the game. Of course EE running for 30 something yards and the couple of drops don’t help. But…

Great players overcome difficult, non ideal circumstances. Winning this tough game could have been a confirmation that DP can indeed overcome, but he again, doesn’t have the answer. Instead he turns the ball over three times, missed receivers and couldn’t find the end zone.


I agree with your points Vam. This is why I never felt he was going to be worth the massive contract. He consistently exhibits the faults you have mentioned. The number of times he has missed Gallup in particular is staggering. Michael’s career numbers should be way higher. Dak was not helped by his coaches abandoning the run though. How Kellen Moore came to the conclusion that abandoning the run game with both of his top WRs on the bench was a good idea I will never know. This offense needs balance and it needs play action to work well. The empty backfield is a terrible idea for this qb. I wish they would rip those pages out of the play book. This was a close game and it was being called like it was a blow out.


Yes Todd, DP had been missing MG from the very start of Michael’s career, especially on wide open up routes. Luckily for DP, MG is not the type to complain, but if he were a diva like a Terrel Owens or Randy Moss, there may be much more friction.

Agree with a more balanced attack and have commented many times here about that. For whatever reason they continue to call more pass plays. Maybe they think DP is more capable than he really is.

Bottom line, 9 points is pretty pathetic. No TDs, 2 INTs, lost fumble. Reminds me of the second Philly game last year with the division title on the line. Luckily we are in a weak division.


Correction, second Philly game from 2019.

gary b

If this OL continues to get overwhelmed by average D-Lines, it won’t matter who our QBs is. Total team failure on the offensive side of the ball, including OC Moore..

But Dak is the biggest piece of the puzzle and without a doubt he needs to be better.

Dak Prescott, Chiefs

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