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Kellen Moore Among Nominees for 2022 College Football Hall of Fame Vote

It was announced on Wednesday that 's name will be on the 2022 Ballot. Per the NCAA, to be eligible for the Hall of Fame you have to earn at least one 1st-Team All-American selection, be at least 10 years out of college but not more than 50, and you can't currently be playing professional football. This is the first year Moore has met all of these qualifications.

The majority of probably thinks of Kellen Moore as the of the , but those of us that grew up in the Pacific Northwest remember Kellen Moore as one of the most dominant college football players of all time in his four years as a Boise State Bronco.

While that statement might sound outrageous to those that didn't have the pleasure of watching Kellen Moore and Chris Peterson's Broncos up close, when you break down his numbers he consistently ranks up there with the all-time greats.

Kellen Moore was a four-year starter for the Broncos and was a star from the second he took over the starting job. For his career, he finished with 14,667 passing yards (5th all-time), 142 touchdowns (2nd all-time), a 169.8 passer efficiency rating (3rd all-time), and a 69.8% completion percentage.

These numbers become even more impressive when you look back at the box scores and realize Moore, along with the rest of the starters on , sat out the entire fourth quarter of the majority of their games due to blowing out their opponents.

The one argument most critics use against Moore's career is the fact that the majority of his wins came against teams from non-Power-Five conferences, but that was nothing that was in Moore's control. What he did control was the fact that he did exactly what he was supposed to do against that level of competition, dominate.

Kellen Moore finished with a 50-3 record as a starter at Boise State, which makes him the winningest QB in college football . Of his three career losses, one was decided by three points, and two were decided by one point, as he fell victim to some of the most costly missed field goals in college football history.

Kellen Moore finished 7th in the Heisman voting in 2009, 4th in 2010, and 8th in 2011. These accomplishments are virtually unheard of from players coming out of the Western Athletic and Mountain West Conferences. It would be a shock if Moore isn't elected in his first year on the ballot in 2022. He will join 78 other first-timers on the 2022 Hall of Fame ballot, including other notable names like Reggie Bush, Champ Bailey, Tony Gonzalez, Marshawn Lynch, and more.

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