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Kellen Moore, Jon Kitna Adding Fresh Perspective To Cowboys Offense

When the Cowboys sputtered early on in 2018, it was a combination of lack of weapons and lack of creativity which received the blame. But after trading for and going “all-in” on the era, the Cowboys decided they'd done enough to reasonably improve their offensive weapons.

It then became about bringing a fresh perspective to their scheme, preparation, and play-calling on Sundays. The Cowboys decided to fire , and promote first year to the OC job. Then, they brought back former backup as the QB coach.

These changes made the in charge of the Cowboys' very young. And while inexperienced in their roles, both Kitna and Moore have been praised repeatedly for their football acumen.

And the more they speak with the media about their plans and ideas for the Cowboys offense, the more their smarts shine through. Moore has talked about keeping the on their toes with pre-snap motion and different looks/formations. Running the same set of plays but with the window dressing around it to confuse and complicate things for defenders.

Jon Kitna has talked about how impressed he is with Dak Prescott's mindset and work ethic, speaking to specific areas in which he feels his ability as a coach will improve the young quarterback's game.

Most importantly, though, they seem to have gained the player's respect already. Something Linehan seemed to be lacking towards the end of his tenure in Dallas.

Rookie called Kellen Moore both a “phenom” and a “genius.” High praise, yes, but Pollard being the messenger here seems important as well. Reports out of Dallas made Tony Pollard seem like Kellen Moore's “guy,” a versatile receiving back who Moore sees potential in all over his offense.

Maybe Pollard is hearing what the plans for him in Dallas are, and is getting on board with the offensive coordinator's plan.

New blood among the offensive decision makers has been overdue for the Cowboys for quite some time. And while Kitna and Moore both have Cowboys ties, their ideas and philosophies are not the same as their predecessors. At least, their early comments point to this being the case.

This offense seems to be heading in the right direction, both personnel and wise. And considering how volatile defensive performance is from year to year, making sure you can pass the ball efficiently is the most important aspect of success in the modern .

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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