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Kelvin Joseph is Finding His Stride, Calls Cowboys Secondary “No-Fly Zone”

It was a foregone conclusion that the were going to put resources into the position in the . After they missed out on and in the , they snagged with the 44th overall pick in the , and big expectations followed.

The former Kentucky Wildcat got off to a bit of a slow start during due to a 10-day quarantine for which allowed fellow rookie cornerback to outshine him. However, with in , California in fill swing, Joseph seems to be turning a corner as he competes for early playing time.

“I had to quarantine, so I just took some time to really just being in my playbook and take time to come back better and stronger and faster,” Joseph said. “It wasn't a setback, probably just a setback with being away from my team. As far my plays, it really helped me so I could really focus in and not really have to worry too much on the outside.”

The Cowboy's had a big day in Tuesday's practice. had an interception in the during 11-on-11 action. 2020 opt-out snagged one, and had a pick-six.

Joseph hasn't been one to be left out though. He made a nice play on a go route to over the weekend and also did a good job sticking with undrafted free-agent Osirus Mitchell on a fade pattern on Tuesday.

After Tuesday's practice, the youngster showed unwavering confidence in himself and his teammates in the by making this proclamation.

“We're going to fly around,” Joseph said. “No-fly zone. We're gonna call it airplane mode.

“When y'all drop this , tell them, ‘Cowboys defense,' Kelvin Joseph says, ‘airplane mode.' You can't throw. No-fly zone.”

Joseph has the right to have some pep in his step these days. Not only is he making plays but he's seen work on the outside and in the slot during training camp, showing a bit of versatility to his game. The staff is recognizing his efforts as well. mentioned the good start he's off to and how comfortable he's looked on the field. Also, after reportedly not being in the best shape during the spring, Dan Quinn praised his conditioning coming into Oxnard.

There's nothing like healthy competition amongst teammates and training is the perfect time for it. Joseph talked recently about the competitive nature that's existed between the secondary and the so far.

“Oh, yeah, there's trash talk every day,” Joseph said. “We feel like we just go out and dominate against the wide receivers every day.

“We got to. That's our standard. That's how we come out. That's our practice mindset. We make them better. They make us better.”

Playing in the is a special privilege that a lot of football players don't get to . Joseph seems to understand how fortunate he is to be in the position he's in.

“It's a blessing just to be here. It's everything I expected,” Joseph said. “Putting in work, bonding with my teammates.”

There's a lot of positive energy around Joseph and it appears to be bringing out the talent that everyone knows he has. Now, it's just about him continuing the grind and earning on his helmet.

Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
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