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Kickoff Countdown: Andre Gurode Is the Guy at #65

We currently sit 65 days until the begin their Tour against the , and while some fans are probably already frustrated with my SB claim– I wanted to talk about something else, and that's crowning the Greatest #65 in .

Typically, during these countdown posts, I admit I'm tossing and turning as I try to narrow the list of talented players worthy of each day's selection, but when I saw the players who wore #65–there was only one person who stood out.

But before I share with you all who got the crown at #65, here are all of the players who have worn the number:

Like I said above, the list was small, but there had to be a choice.

With that in mind, let's talk about Mr. Andre Gurode.

Andre Gurode's NFL Career

Drafted in the 2002 by the Dallas Cowboys (37th overall), Gurode's career took off quickly as he became the first rookie to start at on opening day, which later was accomplished again by in 2013.

Also, if you are looking for a fun fact to tell your friends–he was the starting center who helped RB break the all-time rushing record. What a badass.

Following his successful rookie season, Gurode's career took a little tumble as he flip-flopped between Center and Right , and at one point, he lost his starting gig in 2005.

While that could have spelled the end of his tenure with the Cowboys, Gurode bounced back the following year, took his job back permanently at C, and would excel at the position for several years.

Some of the high points of his career included earning 2-time All-Pro honors (First-Team All-Pro in 2007 and Second-Team All-Pro in 2009), 5-Time Pro-Bowler (2006-2010), and being a part of NFL in 2002–when he was on an that consisted of all African-American players.

While I would love to throw more good facts about Gurode here, the one low point he did have in his career (nothing he did, but still was terrible) was when he got stomped on the face by DT Albert Haynesworth in 2006.

Gurode would have to get 30 stitches, but the craziest part was that he didn't miss a game.

Besides that incident, I will forever remember Gurode for being tied to those days when they rocked those funky-looking white and navy blue uniforms, but shoutout to Mr.Gurode on being crowned as my Greatest #65 in Cowboys History.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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Andre Gurode deserves a well earned thank you from the fans for his time in Dallas. I hope you see the Roddy.

Thank you.


The reason Haynesworth stomped on him was because Gurode was kicking was his ass one on one. Hanyseworth was on his way to a dominating season and becoming the highest paid DT in the league. It speaks to how special a player Gurode was to handle a man as huge as Haynesworth and how dominant he was for one year. Gurode was a man who could handle any player up front. Great player and a great Cowboy

Cowboys fan

I think you made a good choice!! But one thing I don’t agree with is that he was the only one who stood out!! Ronald Leary was also a really good player in my opinion!! He was good enough to contain J.J Watt when Watt was in his prime, and you have to be good to do that!! So in my opinion, there were 2 players that stood out, but I actually agree with your choice!!


Leary was good but he never got any individual recognition, whereas Gurode was a 5x Pro Bowler & even has a 2nd team All Pro to his name.

Unfortunately Leary will be forgotten in time by those who didn’t get to see him play, much like John Wilbur who was a good starter at RG for two years in the late 60’s.


With the exception of 60, 61, & 69 the numbers in the 60’s are generally easier to pick because for the most part, while there might have been other good players, there was only one great player to don a number in the 60’s.
61 is the only one that really had more than one great, even then it’s not really a hard decision because while Nye should get more recognition than he does he’s just not on the same level as Newton. Then 60 & 69 haven’t really had anyone of significance for the team to don them.

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