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Look good, Feel good: Cowboys are rocking throwback helmets against the Colts

When the take the field tonight against the in a bout, you may see them look slightly different.

And, of course, in a good way.

According to Dallas Cowboys reporter Jon Machota, the team will be rocking their throwback red bicentennial stripe . This will be the second time the Boys rock the helmet since 1976, as they wore them last season against the .

And we all know how that game went.

For those curious, the team elected to ride with these helmets to honor those who served and have it a part of their Salute to Service night. While it's for a good cause, some fans were skeptical about the team wearing them.

And not because they didn't want to honor service members — but because they believed it's a “cursed helmet” and it brings back bad memories.

Personally, I'm not a guy who's superstitious about these types of things. But when I heard they were wearing them, I had one thought.

Why can't they have them as their permanent helmet?

I understand the love for the helmets the Boys wore on against the (I agree they're nice), but the color scheme goes perfectly with their regular uniforms.

Plus, if the Cowboys are “,” why not have colors that showcase the nickname? Imagine if they added those on a uniform as well. This is just me talking out loud and wishful thinking. Don't call me out. (Ok, you can if you want in the comments.)

Nonetheless, expect the Boys to rock the helmet tonight loud and proud when they battle the Colts. Additionally, fans can expect both teams to rock Medal of Honor decals on their helmets to give another nod for their Salute to Service night — which honors veterans.

I just hope the Cowboys rid their bad vibes with their iconic throwback helmets on because if they lose tonight against a spiraling Colts team — I may jump on the bandwagon that they need to retire the helmet.

But for now, I'm riding with the iconic saying, “Look good, feel good,” as the Boys will undoubtedly look good with their iconic helmets — so they should feel good playing and ball out.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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