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Marvin Lewis is the Defensive Coordinator the Cowboys are Looking For

The have begun their search over the weekend. Reportedly they’ve interviewed Coach and Coordinator Joe Whitt as well as and Jason Simmons. Both candidates have ties to from his time with the . However, neither has called a game as a defensive coordinator.

They’re rumored to have interest in former Defensive Coordinator and recently fired Atlanta Falcons . As good as Quinn’s defenses were in the early part of the decade, have to wonder what the difference was in those teams and his Atlanta Falcons’ team that struggled to stop anyone and allowed the most passing yards in the NFL in 2020.

So far, the only name that makes much sense is former Head Coach Marvin Lewis. Despite his tenure with the Bengals coming to an end, Lewis had that team competitive for nearly his entire term as head coach. Playing in the black and blue division of the North, the Bengals regularly hung in there with the and . They won the division four times during his tenure. Though he didn’t have a deep run in the , his teams were generally competitive.

Over the last ten seasons with the Bengals only twice did his finish outside the top 16 in the NFL in points allowed. Six times, the Bengals’ defense was in the top 10 in fewest points allowed. All while for an organization that generally underspent in the and departments. He was never the , but with the limited resources he and his coaching staffs had to do more.

He’s a coach that’s had a ton of success in the NFL as a defensive coordinator and could help get the Cowboys on the right track. Lewis’ Baltimore Ravens defenses of the early 2000’s were some of the best in the of the NFL, the 2000 team carried an led by Trent Dilfer to a championship. He brings a track record of playing both in three and four man base fronts and has shown a willingness to invest in the interior of the defensive line with a guy like .

Marvin Lewis may not be interested in coming to the Cowboys as he’s working with his long-time friend Herman Edwards for Arizona State University. Also, there’s no telling how he feels after interviewing for the Cowboys only for them to go with their seemingly pre-determined choice in Mike McCarthy.

It may be the popular choice to try a young, up and coming coach as the defensive coordinator, but this team doesn’t need to waste any more time breaking in a young coordinator. They spent the doing that with and though that proved to be worth it, there’s no telling if they’d get the same results with a first-time defensive coordinator.

The Cowboys need to take advantage of all the talent they have on the offensive side of the football and bring in the best option they can to run the defense. The best option on the market at the moment is Marvin Lewis. Even more so than Dan Quinn, Lewis is the defensive coordinator that makes the most sense for this team moving forward.  The Cowboys will several more candidates along the way, but here’s hoping Marvin Lewis is the one that gets the offer.


John Williams
John Williams
Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could. Make sure you check out the Inside The Cowboys Podcast featuring John Williams and other analysts following America's Team.

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I agree 100% I’d love to have Marvin Lewis , but like i said in an article before , WHY WOULD HE DO THAT ? I believe he’s got a real shot of being a Head Coach for one of these teams out there needing one , I would rather take a Head Coaching job for a team that may not be that great ( We can’t say much as we were 6-10)
than i would take a DC for a team that EVERYTHING you do is gonna be MAGNIFIED for good or bad , look at Nolan , now with this fiasco that happened this season , he looks like he’s an awful DC even though i think he is decent as long as he can get his guys up to speed on his system , he probably get another shot at DC again because of that , Lewis would get another shot if things did go south because of his past success but why do that ? I wouldn’t do it because of the amount of criticism you would get if things don’t go good , you will be the main story of EVERY MAINSTREAM SPORTS TALK SHOWS there is .

Like i said i’d love it but i don’t see it happening


Nolan probably won’t get another shot at DC is what i meant to say


I like Teryl Austin, Senior Defensice Assistant with Steelers. When he was DC his teams always played hard and were in top 5-10 in defenses. The only thing about Marvin Lewis is he has been away from the NFL for a while.

Mike Bracey

Lewis would be a perfect choice, that’s why Jones will pick someone else.


He might as well be a DC, nobody is calling him to be a HC.

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