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McCarthy’s Staff Decisions Prove Jones Doesn’t Want a “Puppet” HC

just made one of the biggest decisions in his time as the owner. The man who controversially fired and unexpectedly parted ways with had to find a replacement for . After all, he had let Garrett be the for a decade despite him failing to lead the Cowboys to an Game during his tenure.

That's one of the biggest reasons – if not the biggest – why fans and media have often criticized the man at the very top. Jerry Jones has a lot of things to prove, specifically in the era, but some criticism is simply exaggerated and unfair.

The idea that Jerry has always wanted a “puppet” at head coach has always been thrown around by some in . These comments are often just a product of frustration from a fanbase that hasn't seen any real success in more than two decades after being one of the most dominant franchises in sports .

It's one thing to say the Jones family should've moved on from the Garrett era earlier and another to say Jerry controlled the head coach's decisions all the time he was in Dallas.

With a new head coach in town, that narrative hasn't been looking true at all. has come into Dallas with a “clean house” mentality as plenty of coaches are not expected back with the Cowboys.

Departures from , and a handful of others will not be a surprise but a few names really stand out. has been a successful coach for the Cowboys' famous that just last year was among the best in the entire NFL. The difference was clear in 2018 when he was promoted to be the after firing . Most notably, though, Colombo played six seasons with the Cowboys in the 2010's.

But McCarthy still decided to let him go to bring in his guy. and McCarthy have a long history of together and with Philbin coaching the OL for most of his career since the 80's, it's hard to not like the move.

just had two 1,000-yard receivers in and and despite his unit being among the NFL leaders in drops, it's not easy to criticize his job. Specially when you consider it was Lal who designed the Cowboys third-down plan as he led them to a 47% conversion rate, second best in the NFL per Jori Epstein.

Not even , who's led to some pretty successful seasons since he got to the NFL has a spot guaranteed for him as the team is already interviewing other potential candidates.

In Mike McCarthy's , Jerry Jones said they wanted Mike to pick his own staff and so far, it's clear that he wasn't lying. Jones clearly has a lot to say on the team's decisions, but to suggest he wants puppet head coaches has always been ridiculous.

Only this time, it's become clear as the Cowboys continue to build Mike McCarthy's staff the way he wants it. And that's just what you want in a new era of football for your favorite team.

Mauricio Rodriguez
Mauricio Rodriguez
I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.

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How can you write this and not crack a smile? He has ALWAYS loved puppet head coaches and that’s so easy to prove. He did it to everyone except Jimmy Johnson, Parcells and NOW McCarthy. Why? Because he’s, hopefully, finally realizing that the team has better success with a strong coach. It is so abnormal for a GM to hire position coaches before the HC even gets there…. so please stop being a typical Cowboys fan lemming and see what intelligent people see. The truth.


Yeah pretty ridiculous to think Jerry Jones doesn’t want a coach to be a coach. If anyone can win a SuperBowl in Dallas it’s Mike. He’s made for this franchise imo having been under the national microscope already. Enjoy it.

Rudy Llamas

Say that now! I have followed this team for 52yrs. You can’t bullshit everyone. I will follow this team on Monday or Tuesday through the blogs. I will not be following by sitting in front of the tv on sunday waiting on Cowboys games to start. Jerry has ruined that for me. THANKS A**HOLE. It is possible to follow them again in the future…maybe! I believe that jerry only changed coaches because he is getting ready to lose big dollars at the gate. That scares him!


You sir should find a new team to root for then. AND TO HONEST WITH EVERYONE. THIS IS HIS TEAM. HE CAN DO AS HE PLEASES. HE OWES YOU NOTHING. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE IT THEN MOVE ON AND DO NOT WASTE YOU TIME AND MONEY ON THE COWBOYS. Now to facts. You nor I know what he thinks or feels. It is shot sided for us to judge his thoughts and processes. If you think he does not want to win another SB before his time is up then you are not only blind but not very intelligent. Maybe you should earn a few 100 million and buy your own team. Bet you would run it how you wanted no matter what anyone thought our said.

JAMES Larkin

You’re right, Jerry can do whatever he wants, because it’s HIS team, no one is arguing he a very intelligent BUSINESSman,and a billionaire, congrats to him for that accomplishment.
But you Sir have your head up your ass if you think he’s not Jepetto, the puppet master, and EVERYONE of his head coaches were Pinocchio, EXCEPT FOR JIMMY JOHNSON, if JERRY would have let JIMMY run the team the way JIMMYwanted to,JIMMY might still be there with many championships under his belt,just like Bill Belichick in New England,and the super bowl Barry “THE ASSHOLE” Switzer stood on the sidelines for was JIMMY JOHNSON’S team, Jason Garrett was the most obedient puppet of all Jerry’s head coaches, and Jerry is so thick headed, after almost a decade of him trying to prove himself right he finally realizes he needs a COACH not an obedient puppet, because he certainly isn’t getting any younger,and I think he looking very frail and worn down in recent years and wants to see another championship in his life. Open your eyes dude

Peter Campbell

You are right he can and has ran this team anyway he wanted for the last 25 years and look at the results.

I really like the Hire, I also like the coaching staff that is being hired in the past at least it felt during the Garrett era we had to give certain titles for coaches that came on board This group seems poised and are coming here to take care of business They believe in Coach McCarthy and have a goal in mind work together and put together a strong unit to win Super Bowls it’s refreshing it really is I’ve been a fan since I was 10 years old I’m 64 now and have seen it all

Jacl Tonsilitus

I like the head-coach pick, and its obvious that Jones is thinking this is his LAST head coach in his lifetime. He wants to give him the freedom that he gave Jimmy Johnson in the beginning. Maybe Jones, in his desperation to cast off the shadow of “Can’t win without Jimmy”, learned his lesson.

Joseph Wiedemann

Funny, just a few years ago, McCarthy was touted as one of the very best coaches in football and after 1 arrogant QB (Mr. Discount Double Check Patrick) rips him on his way out the door, now he can’t coach and the game has passed him by. I’ll never get how that works I guess. I think it is a great hire. McCarthy 9 out of 13 seasons in the playoffs, Garrett was 3 for 10, simple math. Some will say it is all Rodgers, but let’s be real, GB does not attract Free Agents historically (Reggie White aside) and those teams were sometimes very week around Rodgers and they still found ways to win, that is coaching. In 2010 when GB won the SB, if I remember right, they had set some kind of record for number of players used that year or number of players placed on IR. Again, that is the very definition of coaching. Garrett had one of the healthiest squads in the NFL this year and grossly underachieved. If I were Jerry, I would have been throwing crap all over my luxury box watching that buffoon waste our talent. Jason is a very nice and intelligent guy, but not who we need as a coach!

Gary Allen

Gary Brown has done a great job with the running backs in Dallas and if he lets him go I will seriously begging to doubt whether Dallas wants to have Mitch minority diversity on his staff! Browns’s running backs always come ready to compete on a top level, except for our fullback? Why is he even on the team? We never complete any passes to him and he never carries it? Get rid of him and keep another lineman or TE.


Well, I am that had given up on the thought of at least being a playoff team. With all the talent this team had, we should have swept the East. Garret(the puppet) was not a good coach or we would have been a playoff team for most of the years he coached. Yes, Jerry was micromanaging in the background. Now, Jerry must not have trusted what Garret brought to the table. He was not a motivator, he wanted to be their best friend not their coach. I just hope he lets him coach…

Timmy Hampton

They should most definitely keep Kris Richards, he’s made that defense a # 1 defense, only a damn fool would let him go.

Peter Campbell

We will see. Jerry can’t help himself. He will do the same to MM as he did to Parcells. I give MM a year of Jerry and he will resign.

Mike Thaxton

If the head coach has a SB ring and success in the NFL JJ respects them and let’s them run the show . Lets face it Switzer , Campo , Phillips and Garrett were not very good and needed to be puppets lol


Cowboys have never won a Super Bowl with a Head coach that has Head coached another NFL team,. Additionally,, Mike McCarthy will have to make NFL history to be the 1st Head coach to Head coach 2 different teams to Super Bowl wins,. Hopefully he caught Da Boyz as a young team and he can rise up on the wave to a TSUNAMI SB win


A new coach was needed however, regardless who the coach is the players must execute the game plan.

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