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Michael Irvin Speaks on Firing Mike McCarthy, Who is to Blame for Cowboys Playoff Loss

There may not be anyone who is more vocal and passionate about the than Hall of Famer who spent his entire 12-year career with the organization and won three Super Bowls. So, when the Cowboys suffered a devastating loss at home in the wild-card round to the after a 12 win season, he wasn't going to bite his tongue.

Cowboys' has been heavily scrutinized for the team's underwhelming performance in the to the point that many want the organization to move in a different direction after just two seasons under his . However, when Irvin was asked if Cowboys' owner , who has been vocal about his disappointment on how the season ended, is angry enough to move on for McCarthy, he was quick to dispel that notion.

“There’s no doubt in my mind, with all the things that — and it’s not just him being furious with Mike McCarthy and the disappointing end to the season, it’s also what he should be doing,” Irvin said on 105.3 The Fan on Thursday. “His job is to evaluate and see if there’s any way we can get better. So, that’s why I said and I’ve been saying on the air… No! Unless I’m sure I can bring in something better — a or or Kyle Shanahan or . But, we get emotional. We get emotional and we want someone out. We’re not thinking about the other side of it. Who are we bringing in? …”

After such a promising regular season for the Cowboys ended without a single playoff win, it's natural for the media and fans to look at who was the most to blame for their letdown. The aforementioned McCarthy and have received the most vitriol for the effort the Cowboys put forth against the 49ers, but Irvin placed the responsibility on the guys that step on the field and play.

“Dude. Emmitt [Smith] and I stood in that tunnel before every game. We looked at each other. We called ourselves ‘double trouble.’ By land or by air. And we said before we hit the field, if we don’t show up, we got no shot. Period,” Irvin said. “That’s the whole reason we did that. Because we knew if we didn’t show up, we got no shot. [Against the 49ers, the Cowboys’] stars didn’t show up. We had no shot. Wherever you’ve got disorder, you’ve got disfunction. We can’t have our stars putting up role-player numbers like 31 yards rushing, or one catch for 21 yards, or a 69 . … Trying to make our role players stars and our stars role players, that’s a disorder and the team dysfunction’d. …”

The bottom line is that the Cowboys, once again, fell incredibly short of what the expectations were for them, and it's become a too familiar theme of how their seasons have gone for quite some time. The glitz and glamour that come along with playing for the Cowboys are nice for headlines, but this organization has won five Super Bowls and it's time for them to perform on a high level in the postseason and get back to bringing Lombardi trophies home.

Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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Good, frank article Matthew, and agree totally with the “Playmaker”. The triplets, at el, performed and delivered under the big, bright lights.


Disagree strongly either Michael. The stars cannot show up when you are trying to run verticals against shells. That for 10 weeks we could not adjust our route trees through site adjustments is beyond comprehension. That you must play a rb with torn PCL for 3 months because you cannot pass protect or go run heavy to alter your identity is insane.
This team lost in the playoffs months ago because the young OC couldn’t adjust the plan while the HC was too busy trying to workout whether it not to defer kickoffs when winning the toss.

McCarthy is a proven clown and terrible game manager who lacks the personal attributes to be a detail oriented coach.

Like Troy said no need to overthrow it. It really is not that complicated. You must be able to run in the playoffs, and the time to develop those abilities are in the 17 weeks prior. The HC continued to ignore that very basic premise.

Move on.


Nailed it Sam.


Thanks Todd. If I could only learn to proof my autocorrects….lol.

How can this organization continue to delay in-season responses to scheme ?

I just kind of have a sense that Jerry is going to blow out McCarthy, who just seems, pardon the pun, starstruck.


Sam, I agree, take ball when you win coin flip, and commented couple times before how that makes no sense, especially with how DP is NOW such a slow starter. Also about having a balanced attack. Commented a couple YEARS ago, draft a GOOD RB, seeing EE in decline. Not a UDFA type.

But as far as the “scheme” comments, I believe DP can change the plays at his discretion if he sees this “soft” single coverage on a particular WR, that would give a good matchup. If fact he would be negligent if he does not see these opportunities and capitalize on them.

Also, no disrespect, but I tend to put more weigh on a three time Super Bowl winning, HOF player’s opinion.

Edward Thomas Gollihugh

The truth is that the dysfunction with the Cowboys starts at the top and runs throughout the whole organization and that problem is immaturity and failure to accept blame in defeat. Everyone from the top to the bottom in defeat has some one else to blame. Don’t believe me look no further than Dak’s post game remarks about the refs. Yeah yeah he walked them back but real mature leader wouldn’t have made them in the first place.


It’s not the coaches. It’s a Jerry Jones interference problem with wrong decisions that affect the whole team. Fire Jerry Jones and start winning Superbowls again.


I don’t think we necessarily need to draft a RB, maybe take a flier on one in 4th or 5th or later, but I mean i feel the guy is here if we just gave him a chance in Pollard, do you guys see the Bengals concerned that Mixon can’t block ? No besides, what Pollard lacks in pass protection he makes up for is by far a much better receiving threat than Zeke, so to me, i don’t get the argument for at least not splitting if not giving Pollard the most of carries besides just ego of Jerry trying to prove himself right for paying Zeke

Stu Hall

Kellen Moore can’t establish a run game to eat up the clock to help out a poor defense. Big game and looked totally unprepared.

Prentiss Mullins

i notice something that the 49ers were doing against our cowboys their coach kept putting guys with fresh legs rotating them often on defence and did anyone notice when the cowboys came out tht tunnel they was not kronk at all no fire at all but when the 49ers came out they was fire up like they was at home


Bad coaching top to bottom HC, OC, all of them. Also your star player most definitely has to show up.HC is the mentality of where the teams is ready to play or not , in games that ment the most our star players played afraid like they didn’t know to what to do in stuff games


My opinion,why draft a RB,they have several,why not fix the OL where we can run or we can pass,Dallas switched the lineman more then any team in the league,and couldn’t fix the problem from within,so now start building from the outside.WR we not hungry for the ball,we allow the defense to get better position on the ball, because we want it easy,other words no adjustment,QB, with the line not like it should be ,quick read and release has to be established,,OC, you have too many play makers, why not get the ball to them quick off the line,allow them to show their ability.every coach has a game plan. Learn to adjust from the play on the field ,not what you saw on film, DC, not bad, we still need to work on stopping the run,but the defense not ready for mostly man to man coverages, anyway all this just my opinion.

Mac Coleman

Zeke hasn’t run a hundred yards since signing the big contract. Dak hasn’t completed 10 passes in row since getting paid. Amari can’t catch a ball in his hands since new contract
Mr. Jones boys got the cash and quit on him.

Eric Dittmar

Jerry Jones will never hire the type of coach again it takes to win a super bowl simply because he is a control freak. That type of coach don’t take crap from players or owners. They coach their players and put the right players on the field and hold others accountable regardless of what the owner thinks is best. McCarthy is not a true head coach nor a game manager. And sorry but Dak has never proven to be a $40 million/year QB and never will.

Lawrence C. Baker

The kind of players Michael Irvin described in his article no longer play in Dallas. There’s no Jimmy Johnson holding a screw-up’s feet to the fire! Instead you get a fat joke if a pretending head coach like McCarthy standing around making more mistakes than the players on the field are doing. It starts with being rid of McCarthy and Moore. Neither of these guys deserve to be at Dallas. As an ex-Army man, I always expected my leaders to be a little smarter and little more experienced than me. I knew I had no desire to follow an idiot anywhere. Perhaps the Cowboys players feel the same. McCarthy and Moore come off as idiotic and incompetent. CHANGE IS NECESSARY HERE!!!

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