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Mike McCarthy and the Cowboys are looking for revenge this Sunday

We are back to our regularly scheduled programming, as the are officially off their and are preparing to travel to , as they take on the this Sunday.

The Packers are coming into this game against the Cowboys in total desperation. The Packers have lost five games straight and are looking to turn their season around. On the other hand, the Cowboys sit at 6-2 and are fresh coming off their bye week.

One important note going into this game – This will be the first time has faced the Green Bay Packers since being fired from the team in 2018.

Now if you recall, back in this year, Mike McCarthy said the theme for the Cowboys' season this year is “resilience.” The Cowboys have shown resilience all year long, overcoming , and adversity, and finding ways to win games with their starting not on the field.

Mike McCarthy is going to need this team to be completely resilient this week.

It's easy to look at this game on paper and mark it as another win for the Cowboys – but it's not that simple. Cowboys' fans know all too well, as he is the man responsible for breaking the hearts of in the postseason a handful of times over the last decade.

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers know their season is all but over. The Packers will look to use this game against the Cowboys hoping to “right the ship” for their season, and the Cowboys cannot let this happen.

In previous years, presumably under the -lead Cowboys, we've seen this Cowboys team fall to opponents they were supposed to beat easily. That fear alone has us with our eyebrows raised going into this game and knowing that Aaron Rodgers has had the upper hand on the Cowboys for the majority of his career.

With the Cowboys coming off their bye week, they need to be fresh and ready to play at a high level. Regardless of the Packers' record this year, Aaron Rodgers is still coming off two back-to-back seasons and the Cowboys are going to need to be resilient to create problems for the future quarterback.

I believe this Cowboys team will rally for Mike McCarthy.

McCarthy has definitely had his struggles since being hired as the of the Cowboys, but he should easily be in consideration for – as he managed to get this team to a 4-2 record with a . McCarthy has worked hard to change the culture of this Cowboys team, and his efforts have proven successful so far this season.

You can see in this from Mike McCarthy during his on Monday that he is clearly emotional going into this game, and this Cowboys team should be ready to go to battle for him:

Look for to lead the charge and set the tone early for the . The Cowboys need Micah Parsons to be on top of his game this Sunday, and if Micah can really get going against the Packers' struggling , then the Cowboys can easily get their revenge on Green Bay and end their season.

Christian Cline
Christian Cline
Cowboys advocate since '96 / WKU Alumni / Former TV Villain / Follow me on Twitter @ChristianCline

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