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Mike McCarthy Preaching Patience w/ K Jonathan Garibay

Jonathan Garibay is the ’ kicker in 2022 by default; the only one currently signed to the . But Dallas’ doesn’t sound anxious about the situation, instead stating he intends to be patient with Garibay as the works on earning trust throughout the summer.

Garibay signed with Dallas following the , joining second-year prospect for an assumed competition. But Naggar was released a few weeks later and left Garibay as the only kicker for the Cowboys’ minicamps and .

When asked about the team’s kicking situation, McCarthy said “patience” was key. A comparison was drawn to when his 2007 Packers relied on then-rookie in the midst of a run to the Conference Championship.

Crosby is now entering his 16th season in Green Bay. We can only hope that 2022 is the beginning of an impressive tenure for Jonathan Garibay in Dallas.

The Texas Tech product is coming off a fabulous final year in college. He made 15-of-16 field goals, including a 62-yard game winner, and hit all but one of his 50 extra points.

While it wasn’t enough to get him drafted, Jonathan is still coming into the pros with positive momentum. The faith the Cowboys are putting in him right now is hopefully boosting his confidence even more.

Things could change between now and the July 26th start of . There are still veteran options out there or others, including Chris Naggar, who could be brought in for competition. If nothing else, Dallas may want a second kicker just to avoid wearing out Garibay’s leg.

But if the organization exercises McCarthy’s professed patience, hopefully that allows Garibay to work through any natural nerves and show his true potential before the games start counting.

At the very least, the bar is set pretty low from the last few years. ’s was shaky from 2020-2021 and kicker has been in general turmoil since ’s prime ended in 2016.

Jonathan Garibay doesn’t have to rival Justin Tucker to be an improvement for the Cowboys. We’ll see what the rookie can do with his opportunity when training camp begins next month.

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Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

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  1. Off season spots on the 90 man roster are extremely valuable to NFL teams. You never know when some young UDFA or 2nd year futures contract player is going to ball out in off season workouts or training camp and force their way into the in season roster. Yes, they need to take a second K to camp to keep Garibay fresh but the off season is all about learning schemes and getting into condition for the rigors of an season. K’s don’t need that. Dallas is smart by not “wasting” a roster and thus giving one more position player a shot at impressing the coaches .

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