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NFL Draft 2022: 3 Draft Predictions for The Dallas Cowboys

As Cowboys Owner came out Wednesday saying he would trade up in the NFL Draft (which was a surprise for many), I was inspired to write up three predictions for the upcoming Draft.

As the biggest storyline is arguably around who they're going to draft with their first-round pick, I give my three predictions that fans could expect to happen.

With that being said, check out my predictions below.

1. Cowboys trade up to the Top-15.

While some fans are hoping the Cowboys stay put at Pick 24, or even down, I'm rocking with what Jerry said and predicting that they move up in the . Every year you see prospects slide down than their projected , so I envision the same happening in this draft, and the goes after a homerun selection early.

Now I understand that the franchise would lose draft capital and given their many needs on the team, it would be hard to justify moving multiple picks. However, Jones did say if another “ or ” type player was there, they would go after them.

Although his message was likely implied towards meaning if a top prospect fell to them at 24, I'm using the same energy towards them moving up. I can already hear Jones's post-draft of how elated they were to see “x-player” within striking distance, and they felt obligated to trade up.

(Additionally, my bet is Jones uses some crazy analogy to justify the pick and all of us will be confused about how it relates.)

With the trade-up, I would expect them to target players like Ohio State , LSU Derek Stingley, USC Wide Receiver Drake London, Northern Iowa , Florida State Jermaine Johnson, Mississippi State Tackle Charles Cross, and Georgia Davis.

2. The franchise drafts their Starting RB and TE of the future.

Entering this draft, the biggest needs for the Cowboys are arguably at OL, EDGE, and WR. Now you may be thinking: Well, why are you writing about them drafting an RB and TE if they aren't a part of their biggest needs?

If you peek at next year's , you see that the only RBs the Cowboys will have under contract are and . RBs , , and will all be , so I see a big need for them to add depth.

On the TE side, although the franchise does have TE , he will be playing on a this season, and if the club can't work out a long-term deal with him they could be in trouble in 2023. Beyond Schultz, there is no proven backup and if they went the draft route they could find his possible successor while also saving money.

Jumping back to the RB situation, some may think that having Elliott on the team shouldn't mean the franchise necessarily needs to draft an RB, but because of the rumblings that they may cut him next to save money, you may be wrong.

Also, I understand the crowd that offers the idea of just resigning Pollard in free agency to help solve their RB situation, but if Elliott gets cut, there would still be no depth behind him.

With two prospects on rookie contracts, the franchise would set themselves up for the future and would be able to devote money to other players. For those who are curious about which prospects could be in play for them, check them out below.

RB Targets: Texas A&M RB Isaiah Spiller, Arizona State RB Rachaad White, UTSA RB Sincere McCormick, Notre Dame RB Kyren Williams, Georgia RB James Cook, Oklahoma RB Kennedy Brooks, and Alabama RB Brian Robinson Jr.

TE Targets: Iowa State TE Charlie Kolar, Washington TE Cade Otton, Texas A&M TE Jaden Wydermyer, Ohio State TE Jeremy Ruckert, SMU TE Grant Calcaterra, and Virginia TE Jelani Woods.

3. The Cowboys trade a late pick for Patriots WR N'Keal Harry.

Man, I'm just all about trades in this piece, huh?

With my last prediction, I have the Cowboys trading a late pick for Patriots WR N'Keal Harry. Harry, who has made it known publicly that he wants out of New England, would be a WR that the franchise can take a risk on and be someone they can get for cheap.

While it's obvious that Harry hasn't had the best start in his young NFL career, he still is a former first-round pick that Analyst Lance Zierlein once compared to Los Angeles WR Allen Robinson. Harry would add more competition to their WR Room and despite the possibility of them drafting a WR, adding Harry along with a potential prospect wouldn't be a bad idea.

Overall, I'm not guaranteeing these three predictions are going to materialize, but it's exciting to predict what's going to happen on Draft Night. I admit that it would be more exciting if the franchise had a super-high pick or multiple picks, but the thought of them making moves in the draft is what keeps me engaged.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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gary b

No trade up in the 1st….unless its a couple of spots to get J Davis. Anything else would require serious draft capital.

I would be open to drafting a TE or RB in the 4th round, with plans to start them in 2023. Zeke will be gone after next year and do we want to get into a FA bidding war for Pollard? Same with TE if we can find one good enough to take over for Schultz. He isn’t worth what he will be asking for in free agency.

If anything I see us trading DOWN. If we’re on the clock and 3-4 of our preferences are still available, could trade down and 2-3 spots and get an extra 3-4 rounder.

Rocky Garza Jr

Anything is possible imo! I think the biggest thing is all this speculation and there are people saying there may be big surprises in the first round, and people falling. Jordan Davis would be a big pickup though. Glad you agree on the TE and RB part and trade down is very possible too, wouldn’t be opposed to it. I just feel a trade up is gonna happen and Jerry wants to make some fire works happen. Thanks for the comment Gary B!


No, no……no trade-up. The wisdom of taking a faller at the pick you have, or better yet trading back and getting to select him, is you keep the 3rd round pick you are now considering dealing to select a pretty strong prospect at the position of more need that you just passed on for the opportunity to pick the too good to pass on player.

But I do like your call on trading for Harry if New England is inclined to do so for a late round (are we talking the 6th rounder?) pick.


Hi Rocky, I understand where you’re coming from, my reply was quasi-obnoxious just for comedic purposes. But this year appears to be a rather good year in terms of depth due Covid related effects in the 2021 pool. And more than anything, the rash decisions to cut Collins and panic trade Cooper leaves them with poor depth likely more than anything. They need injury coverage at WR, OL (likely at 2 positions), LB, and TE. The roster strategy and draft pool depth would seem to misalign with a trade up approach by taking away a top 4 round pick.

Could they trade up in round 1, then trade back in round 2 and/or 3 to recoup a top 4 round pick? Ok, I’m buying there. I’m not very interested in recouping one by trading a 2023 pick. So I’m not completely closed on the idea, but the situation would be viewed through that lens for me.


Agree Rocky with the RB pick, 100%. TE is not as important IMO, as I think they will be able to sign DS at some point. Moving up would depend on how far up and the player. Lots to unpack there, but obviously something in the mix with the JJ statement. The trade for Harry is probably something I would not go for, because of his unimpressive start in the league and WR draft class is good and deep.


Couldn’t tight end of even rb wait until next year ? With so many other needs and the likelihood a pick or two won’t plan out, it would seem drafting with an eye towards filling the biggest holes would seem the better move

Randall Torres

For the love of all that’s decent, DO NOT trade up! There are so many needs on this team, we need all of the picks we have. In fact, I would advise to see what you can get for our 2nd round pick and trade down. The O line, pass rusher, def tackle, linebacker and safety are all more important than RB, receiver or TE.

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