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NFL Personnel Man: “Something Holding” WR Amari Cooper Back

So it's mid-July, half the is cancelled, and we are unsure about what a will even look like.

You guessed it, it's anonymous scout quote time!

ESPN's Jeremy Fowler talked to more than 50 league executives, coaches, scouts, and players to rank the best 10 wide receivers in the NFL heading into the . Out of this work done by Jeremy Fowler came one quote of particular interest to , in which an anonymous personnel man said that he wanted nothing to do with during .

“There's something holding him back. He was the best receiver on the market and I didn't want to sign him.”

This is…something.

Amari Cooper is a former pick who's made four Pro Bowls in five seasons, has eclipsed 1,000 yards receiving four times, and has scored at least 7 touchdowns three times. He's a clear number one wide out who developed instant chemistry with , turning around the Cowboys' and earning a five year, $100 million contract this .

And yet, can you see where this anonymous scout is coming from at all? Because, maybe?

Cooper's home/road splits last season were weird, and the guy disappeared in a couple of the team's biggest games (i.e. at Philadelphia in December). Of course, he didn't seem healthy and was not his full self down the stretch of the season, but it's not crazy at all to say that in a vacuum you wouldn't want to pay close to type money.

Cooper will be getting reinforcements on the this season, however. has developed into a legit number two option and rookie has arrived to create big plays as well. This is a dynamic and explosive passing offense in the making, and Amari Cooper is at the helm of those weapons.

He's as precise a route runner as you'll find in the league, and he's clearly a top 8-10 receiver who can bolt himself to the top 3-5 certain weeks.

I'm ecstatic to have Amari Cooper in Dallas for the long haul. And if something is holding this guy back, then the league should be terrified about what could happen if he breaks free.

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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There is nothing weird about Cooper’s deficits.
Cooper has bad feet and bad hands. Cooper lacks confidence and is dominated by aggressive corners.
On the plus, Cooper is a student of receiving and when his feet allow and the corner is not aggressive, he runs great routes. He will still drop the ball even against weak corners.
Cooper is a guy who will therefore look awesome then invisible.
His ranking can be #1 then number 100 from one week to the next. Carr cheered when Cooper was traded. Very few QB could deal with the inconsistent play.

Cowboys fan

Here you go with another negative comment towards another Cowboys player!! Like I said, before….. You must be a Cowboys hater, cause you never have anything good to say about any player on this team!! And those comments are usually incorrect or a little bit ignorant!! But I guess it’s not a real Cowboys site unless you have at least one idiot on the site making ignorant comments!!


Besides his abilities as a receiver, the thing I immediately liked about Cooper was what appeared to be his makeup. He doesn’t appear to be a “look at me” guy or a guy who is all about getting attention. I immediately thought, “finally a professional athlete who acts professional”. I figured he was a man who is about his business. Even enjoyed his posture and approach in media interviews. That alone makes me a Cooper fan. I despise the “look at me” demonstrations … I can give them pass if it’s for a big play at an obvious critical moment, and if it’s a temporary display, but because you did your job you’re going to yell “look at me!”? I quit playing Madden when they put that crap in the game and didn’t even offer an option to turn it off.

All that said, I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve mis-interpreted Cooper’s behavior. What I thought was professionalism, I’ve got to admit now that I wonder if it’s maybe just apathy? I’m not privy to how hard he practices, how well he gets along with teammates, how well he mentors those in the WR room, etc. But we don’t seem to get many “inside” looks as to just who is Amari Cooper by the media. I assume, based on his posture and how he knows to control what he gives the media, that he seems adapt at keeping them at bay.

I don’t agree at all with Siempre44 regarding him not having good hands, nor that he lacks confidence against “good” CB’s. But it’s beginning to be difficult to just write-off the disparity in the numbers. However, I’m not a “numbers” guy. I believe Cooper can be effective w/o getting 8-10 targets a game … he’s talented enough to draw consideration from a defense and open up areas of the football field, and therefore positively impact this offense even without getting the ball. And though I feel that’s true, I’m not ready to imply that Moore (and certainly not Garrett) we’re actually using him that way.

The knock on him has been that he doesn’t care. And as I noted, his posture kind of validated that point. But I was thinking it was more of a guy who just isn’t “amped” up. Cooper has the attributes to be great … but one of those attributes must be consistency, else greatness simply can’t be achieved.

I remain a supporter until he lets me down, which he hasn’t yet. And if he is flawed as some are saying, he still positively impacts this offense even in those flaws. He’s basically got two years to show this staff something before Lamb should be ready to assume his role.

gary b

I agree Bill that Copper is quite the enigma, and I’m with u on my dislike of the “look at me” celebrations. It’s a team game and should be celebrated as such. Unfortunately for us 3 of the greatest WRs in cowboys history were just such guys (Irvin Owens and Bryant). Cooper does seem passive at times but I’m not sure if that ties into his production or not like I said he is an enigma. One thing I do know is he saved our season his first yr here and it was extremely impressive how quickly he established a great rapport with Dak. Lets hope his road woes were an aberration and he shows more consistency, especially in big games.

Richard Owens

I think he is a great player he does what is asked of him.he is the Best receiver on the cowboys.i think that at times he is not adamant about being the number one target if you understand that he doesn’t make waves .and the one time he did the play worked Jason wasn’t happy that they did that that the next few games Dak wasn’t looking his way.alot of his game is dependent on the confidence in the play called and in a number of games Jason was afraid to call play’s that would open up the it’s unfair to judge him.this year we will see the creativity of the new head coach and the brilliance of kellen Moore

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