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No Time Like the Present for a Dak Prescott Deal

For the third consecutive , the and will find themselves at the negotiation table. Hopefully, third time’s the charm with the two sides as the work to a long-term contract that will make Prescott one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL. A deal will get done, the only questions remaining at this point are when and how much? And the Cowboys shouldn’t mess around to reach an agreement.

The Dallas Cowboys have played hardball each of the last two offseasons with their most important player. First, during the final year of his rookie contract, coming off a playoff win over the it seemed that a long-term deal was imminent. The two sides couldn’t reach an agreement and Prescott played 2019 on the final year of his rookie deal.

Then a deal seemed even more likely after a that saw him throw for a career high in yards and touchdowns. Despite an 8-8 record, Prescott had proven that he was indeed a top 5-10 passer in the NFL. However, last offseason, both sides continued to wait the other one out after the Cowboys placed the on Dak Prescott.

Though Prescott and his representatives pushed to try and get a deal done at the 11th hour in July of 2020, the two sides still weren’t able to find a deal that worked for both sides and Prescott’s franchise tag guarantee locked in for the .

After the Cowboys’ season mercifully came to an end last Sunday, talks can resume on a long-term deal for the face of the franchise. And neither side should waste time getting a deal done.

While the debate on whether to pay Prescott and how much to pay Prescott keeps the Dallas  Cowboys at the of discussions on sports talk shows and with the media, it also serves as a potential distraction for the team as they work to retool during and the draft.

As the team looks to address needs all over the and potentially along the , the Cowboys will need every bit of cap space to work with. Using the franchise tag when it becomes available in March doesn’t provide them any flexibility with which to work with. A long-term deal, no matter how rich can be structured in such a way to give the Cowboys more flexibility by moving the cap hit related to his guaranteed money to future years.

In a year where the could potentially be at the Collectively Bargained floor of $175 million, having flexibility is key to their offseason plans.

The faces of and have indicated time and again that Dak Prescott is the present and the future of the organization, even as he recovers from an ankle fracture. Dak Prescott has remained consistent in his desire to play for the Dallas Cowboys for a long time to come. A deal will come to fruition, it’s only a matter of time. And to better help the Cowboys plan for this offseason, there’s no time like the present to come to terms with their star quarterback.

John Williams
John Williams
Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could. Make sure you check out the Inside The Cowboys Podcast featuring John Williams and other analysts following America's Team.

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My thing with Dak is who would sign him to a 35 or 40 mil deal , or have the cap spacetime do that ? The only team I could think of is the Pats and maybe Pitt , the point being there aren’t a lot of teams that are contending teams that can afford Dak and the teams that can are getting them through draft or already have a good young QB , so for me I wouldn’t do that kind of deal but knowing Jerry and how he doesn’t want to upset players and fans , he’ll probably give in before long


Half the league needs a QB . Dallas fans have had 2 QB in Romo and Dak fall to them by accident so they think that QB just come from nowhere.
The Dallas mystique is barely alive. Lose Dak and Dallas becomes just another team looking for a QB.

John Thompson

Just about EVERY team that signs a starting QB will be paying 35 – 40 million: New Orleans, Chicago, SF, New England, Washington, and Denver will ALL be looking for a starting QB when free agency starts. They will ALL pay around 35M for whoever they sign. Dak will bring around $40M from each and every one of them if they are given the chance.


No team in this league would lay 35 million at Dak’s feet. He is a decent qb that has won very few big games against serious competition. He does not have the track record of other qb’s that have commanded that type of money. Firm up the defense and this team can win with another qb at the helm. I like Dak at qb. I just don’t like him at the price point he is demanding.

Gary b

Look no one wants to pay a QB that type of money. But you guys who think we can win with just any QB at the helm are fooling yourselves. If u have a better option by all means present it. But to say oh we’ll just get another QB….really will we? Who exactly would that be?

At the expense of sounding like a broken record u have to have a really good QB to be a contender. If its not Dak then who will it be? Siempre is right, 20 teams in the league are looking for a Dak level QB. Incidentally more than likely none of those teams are in the playoffs.

I’m not saying Sign Dak at all costs. But have a coherent plan, cuz the football gods ain’t gonna drop one in our lap just because we’re the cowboys.

Kenneth Sutherland

Agreed, Dak is the answer now, no draft QB is going to provide that. Dal has had very good stats and proved that when he went down this year, he not Zeke, was the glue that held the O together, the O line falling apart was the second straw, and Nolan was the third, quality QB’s don’t fall into your lap very often. Been a Cowboy fan since 1965 and haven’t seen that happen other than Aikman in the draft and he got killed the first year

Chuck Wright

dallas was 8-8 in 2019. and 2-3 when Dak went down

If we were playing fantasy football dac is your guy but we have to figure out is he really that good a QB

gary b

They were 2-3 because the team is horrible, especially the defense. Dak was putting up historic passing stats and putting alot of points on the board. What else do u want from him? His job is to score a lot of points for the offense and that’s what he did, The rest of the team has to come along for the ride. He can’t male tackles, cover WRs or coach the team.

Name a cowboys player who is more valuable to this team then him? While ur at it name a more impactful leader then him? Hell while ur at it name another leader on this team? He’s the alpha dog on this team. as he goes we go. It’s not his fault the team sucks so bad.

Jack Kennedy

dak is damaged goods …………no stoopid money at stoopid long term

Cowboys fan

I agree with Gary…. I don’t understand how these people can blame a TEAM record on one player!! We were scoring 30 and 40 points every week, before Dak got hurt, and that should be enough points to win any game, but our defense was so bad that even that many points wasn’t enough!! Dak is the leader of this team and without him we’re just gonna be in the top 10 of the draft every year, if not higher!! All you people saying we can let him go and get a different QB have lost your minds…. Apparently you didn’t notice that we had 3 other QBs play for us after Dak got hurt and not one of them played as good as Dak did!! And you people saying he’s not worth 35 – 40m a year and no team will pay him that much are crazy too…. I can think of at least 5 or 6 teams off the top of my head that would jump at a chance to get Dak on their team…. Broncos, Washington, 49ers, Patriots, Colts, and that’s not including teams at the top of the draft that’ll be picking first and 2nd to get the top QBs in the draft, and that’s also not including the teams that are about to have their QBs retire!! You people that keep saying all this crap about Dak not being worth the money or how he’s the only one who has anything to do with the TEAMS overall record, or even the very few people that say no other team would pay Dak that much need to learn more about how football works, or you need to pay a little more attention to how it works!!

Tracy Terry

Jerry and Stephen knows that Dak has proven himself as a elite quarterback Jerry is the GM that many disagree with but as owner also he will agree to make Dak one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL



I’m wondering if he is even gonna be top 10 when T Lawrence and Fields get in the NFL and Lance who has a lot of potential , and you want to pay him top 3 QB money? SMH

Another thing is what about the injury ? I think as far as pure passers , Andy Dalton is as good as Dak , the only real difference between Dak and AD is Daks ability to get out of the pocket and run , with his injury , can he still do that at a high level , or will he be like Wentz and not be as good as he was before ? “Wentz was an mvp before he got injured now look at him” If he doesn’t have that same run ability then I DEFINITELY DON’T WANT TO PAY HIM TOP 3 QB MONEY so we’re gonna pay a younger Andy Dalton top 3 QB money , man you guys a TRIPPING


In his career thusfar, how many wins does he have against .500 or greater record teams? How about playoff teams? An above post cited 2020 stats, and I agree, on paper they look historically good.

However, when each one of the games was on the line, i.e. it was still competitive, how were his stats?
Was the offense dominant or was it stagnant? Did they stay close in the game or did they allow the opponent to get way ahead of them? I saw the games, and it is true that a sizable portion of his stats were gained during garbage time. The opponents were so far ahead that they were playing prevent defense, which many many offenses can garner a large amount of offensive yards.

Football is a team game and the Cowboys are mediocre at best. Their average record since 1996 or 1997 is right at .500! That is 23 or 24 years of mostly mediocre seasons. If they have to pay Dac 39 million dollars next year, do you seriously think they can shore up the many many remaining deficiencies all over this team? He is confident in himself and kudos to him. But I don’t think he is worth $39 -40 million to Dallas, while still having to address all the other problems on the team. Too expensive.

Jimmy Johnson where are you when we need you most? 🙂 I am tired of Dallas delusions of going to the Super Bowl. Jerry’s ego spilleth over!


Thank you , someone who understands ,another thing i’ll point out is where is all those career high stats when we go down 7 to 0 ? or 14 to 0 ? or 21 to 0 ? DAK’S STATS IS NOTHING BUT GARBAGE TIME STATS. IF HE IS A GUY THAT DESERVES 35- 40 MIL THEN WHY DOESN’T HE PUT UP THOSE STATS WHEN THEY ARE TIED , i get the whole blame it on the defense argument as they were AWFUL but the score is 0-0 at the start of a game , if they go and score then why don’t you go score Dak ? you got Ceedee , Cooper , and Gallup and Schultz and Zeke , why not tie the game back up ? or bring it to a 1 score game ? or a 2 score game ? HE DOESN’T DO ANYTHING TILL WE’RE DOWN 28 POINTS , SO HOW IS HE WORTH TOP 3 OR 5 QB MONEY ? I wouldn’t pay him that money i’d let him walk

And just because we let him go doesn’t mean we can’t get anything to replace him , WE GOT THE 10TH PICK IN THE DRAFT AND TRADABLE PLAYERS , WHY NOT TRADE FOR THE 2ND PICK IN THE DRAFT WITH THE JETS ? there are reports that the Jets are willing to trade their pick for some compensation in return , trade the 10th pick and Cooper and whatever else they need to get 2nd pick and draft Justin Fields , you’ll have him on a rookie contract for 4 years so now you can fill out the holes on defense , pick up the best free agents and be able to keep your good players like Gallup under contract , to me that is FOR SURE not out of the question . I DON’T GET YOU PPL WHO THINK DAK HAS ALL THE LEVERAGE AND CAN COMMAND THE BANK IN RETURN FOR HIS MEDIOCRE PLAY


Here is Stats that prove Dak only performs in Garbage time , keep in mind that this include the stats for the Giants game which Dak got hurt in

1ST QUARTER STATS : 50 attempts , 33 completions , 434 Yds. , 2 tds , 1 int

2ND QUARTER STATS : 44 attempts , 36 completions , 413 yds. , 2 tds , 1 int

3RD QUARTER STATS : 40 attempts , 25 completions , 378 yds. , 1 td , 0 int

4TH QUARTER STATS : 88 attempts , 57 completions , 631 yds. , 4 tds , 2 ints

HE DIDN’T EVEN PLAY IN THE 4TH QUARTER OF THAT GIANTS GAME AND YET HIS YARDS IS BY FAR MORE THAN HIS OTHER 3 QUARTERS and he didn’t play all of the 3rd quarter either , by the time we get to the 4th quarter with that bad defense we done out of the game and it’s just garbage time , if he is top 5 then he would be able to put up those stats in the first half and like i said he played the ENTIRE FIRST HALF of that Giants where he got hurt so they are inflated where as his 4th quarter and 3rd quarter stats should be deflated , HE ISN’T ELITE

Real World

NOOOOOOO ……………. just remember all the big time qb’s that got a major leg injury and were NEVER the same again ………… and a lot of dak’s great stats are questionable to start with ……… the guy has NOT shown to be a leader of THIS team …… time for the “star” to prove himself for real and not just when it doesn’t matter.

Jess Haynie

Tom Brady, 2008


True but Jess Haynie but how many super bowls did brady have ? was he ever a mobile QB in the first place ? no he wasn’t mobile ,but dak is , and last i checked dak doesn’t have 1 super bowl ring ,so yeah he don’t have the same pull as a tom brady and shouldn’t be paid top 3 or 5 QB money

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