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Once a strength now a weakness? Cowboys defense is struggling

For the first time in over a month the found themselves on the other side of the scoreboard.

No the sky isn’t falling, they lost a football game, it happens. The team is still 10-4 and have clinched a playoff spot for the second consecutive year.

Dallas will in all likelihood be locked into the 5 seed and go on the road to face the winner of the worst division in football, the south.

As for right now though, something is happening that I didn’t see coming. The starting to struggle week after week.

Yes the are playing a major part in that, but I am starting to lose my confidence in them that I had nearly all season.

The 34 points surrendered Sunday is the most by the Cowboys defense all season.

After what looked to be a great start, once Jacksonville found a rhythm on , Dallas couldn’t seem to get a stop.

We obviously understand the struggle stopping the run, it’s been an issue all season long. The Jaguars totaled 192 rushing yards on just 27 carries, averaging over seven yards per carry.

The lack of did them in Sunday though. They only had one sack all game, and seemed to make some big plays with his legs getting out on the .

Missing Anothny Brown yet? I AM. The backend has taken a beating the last few weeks.  was benched after he gave up two consecutive touchdown catches allowed for .

With being so short handed at the CB position, it will make it hard for them not to use him from time to time, which is unfortunate. I would be perfectly okay with not seeing Joseph on the field for the rest of the season.

Cowboys are concerned but waiting for more information on who injured his neck yesterday, if he is out for a significant amount of time this defense might really turn into their biggest problem.

So where do they go from here? Maybe you the reader have a better answer. Because what I’m seeing from the depleted defense right now is not good.

It’s not an excuse, they still need to sharpen up. Look the offense is doing just fine. The 34 points scored by them would have been enough to beat every single team in the noon slate of games.

You aren’t going to win many giving up nearly 40 to the other side.

The pass rush needs to be found again. We aren’t seeing the type of production that we did early on. Maybe is playing conservative with the amount of bodies missing. I’m not sure.

Nonetheless, the Cowboys suffered their first loss in over a month yesterday and all I noticed was so much negative talk about them. Can we not just understand that this is a long season, and if the defense finds its way again, the team will be fine.

With the Eagles, Titans and Commanders the next three games. The Cowboys will get a heavy dose of run and pass. Can the Cowboys overcome the poor play from the defense and clean it up going into January? I hope so.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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First thing, hopefully, LVE’s injury is not a long-term problem for the rest of this year and beyond. He has been playing very well, “quietly” making 90 total tackles so far this year. Kind of an underrated and overlooked guy, IMO. Can D Clark/J Cox fill in well in his stead if necessary? Hopefully, if so, that may plug a hole to some degree, but let’s hope LVE can return soon. In hindsight, they probably shouldn’t have let John Ridgeway go. He may have been a good depth/rotational piece at this point with this again shaky run defense. Now they did recently pick up a big bodied DT, Anthony Rush, so maybe he can contribute somewhere along the line. And the word is Hankins may be back for the playoffs.

The AB injury is looming. He also is a little underrated and was often maligned here, but now that we see the option, it isn’t very good. I commented in another article here if Joseph starts, T Lawrence will be going his way a lot and we saw those results. Conversely, D Bland has turned out to be a good draft choice, and is playing well, and may mitigate the loss of AB AND JL going forward. And they did pick up a couple CBs just recently, so maybe they can fill in at some point if KJ and NW aren’t up to the task. And converted to Safety, I Mukuamu, I think was mainly a CB in college, so that may be another option also.

Maybe some answers in there somewhere Shane.

But the bottom-line, this team is inconsistent. Almost losing to the one-win Texans was kind of a precursor to this game. AGAIN, DP obviously has to do a better job at securing the football, as that pick six in OT was curtains. He is now 0-2 in OT games. Hopefully they beat Philly on Sat and get some momentum back.

Cowboys fan

That pick 6 wasn’t Daks fault…. Watch the replay…. Everybody knows that the Dak threw a perfectly placed ball, Noah Brown just let it bounce in and out of his hands, and that’s what caused that interception!! And almost losing to the Texans didn’t have anything to do with this game!! Just because they only have 1 win, it doesn’t mean they’re not a good team!! Look what they did to the chiefs…. They took them into overtime and almost beat them!! At least we beat them before it went into overtime!! The jaguars have been playing some really good football lately too…. If I’m not mistaken, they’ve only lost once in the last 5 or 6 games!! Lawrence is finally playing the way everybody thought he would and the rest of the team is really good too, so losing to them isn’t that big of a shock…. A lot of people actually chose them to beat us, and that’s saying something!!


Hello Shane! Good to speak with you again. I think the weakness that’s showing up on the defense can be directly attributed to having Kelvin Joseph on the field when he’s NOWHERE CLOSE TO BEING READY TO CONTRIBUTE!!! I think they’re playing him in part because of where he was drafted, but all they have to do is think Taco Charlton. He was overdrafted and Joseph was as well. He looks like a TOTAL IDIOT out there! Confused is putting it mildly. If MacKenzie Alexander is healthy, he HAS TO BE PLAYING. The best place for Joseph to be is on an airplane OUT OF DALLAS FOREVER. Now on offense, Kellen Moore continues, in my opinion, to be the anchor around this team’s neck! Moore and McCarthy MUST GO NOW!!!!! Can’t afford two idiots on the sidelines in charge.


I didn’t mention Dak Prescott’s recent struggles because I think Kellen Moore’s placing him in situations he’s simply NOT TALENTED ENOUGH to navigate his way thru. His accuracy and decision making leaves much to be desired. That Said, why not run or call plays that incorporate things Dak Prescott is more than capable of doing well. He’s not Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Justin Herbert, Joe Burrows, or Patrick Mahomes. Those guys arm talent far exceeds that of Prescott’s! Still he can and at times has been a decent staring quarterback when operating within his physical limits. It’s ANOTHER INDICTMENT on Kellen Moore’s lack of flexibility and general common sense. Lassie and Rin Tin Tin were both dogs, but entirely different breeds. One was a Collie, the other a German Shepherd. 100% different animals!!!!


Defense regressing to its mean not a surprise given they lost CB2, CB3, DT1, LVE out and he was balling all season, inserting Kelvin Joseph into CB2 role, Micah clearly physically hurt/hit a wall, perhaps Tank’s foot/knee issues slowing him down, Dorance Armstrong injured. Plus 3/4 season game film is exposing D’s limitations esp. high risk/reward habits of attacking opposing QB leaving gaps/undisciplined.

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