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Over/Under: Which Players will Eclipse These Totals?

The NFL season is finally upon us, but the begin their season on Sunday. With kickoff right around the corner, I wanted to see how close I could come to predicting a few of the players' stats. They include , , , , and .

As the season progresses, I will keep an eye on these numbers and see how far or adjacent I come to the ending stats for the Cowboys' prominent group of players.

Some of these over/under lines will be a bit different based on what site you look at, but yesterday, the first official bets I have seen for the Cowboys dropped.

Let's start with Prescott; the line I have seen set for the Cowboys' single-season touchdown leader is 31.5. Some of these stats are being helped by the NFL adding an extra game to the mix, but Prescott set the record last season by throwing 37, passing , who had the mark since 2007. His yards mark has been set at 4,300.5. I will take the over on the yards and under on the passing touchdowns; in Prescott's last two healthy seasons, he threw for 4,902 yards in 2019 and 4,449 yards last season. He threw for 30 touchdowns in 2019 and 37 a season ago.

My final prediction before the season starts for Prescott is 29 touchdowns and 4,400 yards.

Lamb is going to hit the over on both. He had over 1,100 yards a season ago as the WR2; sure, he will see the best corner this season from every football team they play, but he will have a great year. His over/under for yards is set at 1,200.5 and 7.5 touchdowns. If he does miss one, it will be the not catching eight touchdowns. Dallas will have a handful of players take some touchdowns away in the , but my final prediction for Lamb is 1,320 yards and nine touchdowns.

The line for Elliott is set at 850.5 rushing yards; look, he may lose carries to , but he has never had anything less than 983 rushing yards in his career. They considered last year a down season for him, and he played hurt and still managed 1,002 yards and ten touchdowns. Zeke will not have less than 900 rushing yards this season; my prediction for him is 990 rushing yards and ten touchdowns.

Parsons is the best player on , and his sack total is set UNDER what he did as a rookie. The number is set at 11.5 sacks this season. He might break that with three or four games left in the season, Parsons set a goal for himself, and that was nothing short of 15, and I truly believe everything he says. He wants to be great, and with a start a season ago, he is well on his way. I predict Parsons will hit the over and have 17 sacks to finish the year. He is a stud.

Diggs had a historic season a year ago, capturing 11 interceptions. As seen above, his over/under line for this season is set at 4.5. I struggled with this one because although Diggs won't be close to his mark set last season, it is hard to imagine him not having a chance to intercept five footballs this year. I will play this one safe and take the over but say Diggs will only finish with five interceptions this season, six less than a season ago.

As noted, some of these lines of bets regarding the over/under may differ depending on where you look. Still, they all should be very similar, and those are my final predictions for most of the biggest playmakers for the Cowboys this season; what do you think?

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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