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PFF Predicts Cowboys Land Stud CB in Way-Too-Early 2021 Mock Draft

The 2020 had to alter the way things were done because of the pandemic, but it's probably nothing like what will take place in 2021. With , season cancellations, and all of the other uncertainties surrounding the collegiate season, the could be one for the books.

Right now there's no way of knowing how much this current pandemic will impact next year's draft cycle, but one thing's for sure it's going to be an unprecedented one. Scouts and analysts will have less tape to utilize for the evaluation process, and as a result predicting anything with any kind accuracy at this point is almost impossible.

Despite all of that though, it hasn't stopped all of these way-too-early 2021 . They serve their purpose for entertainment value, however, that's about all they are good for. With that in mind, I thought we'd take a look at Pro Football Focus (PFF) recent first-round prediction to see who they selected for the . Let's get to it, shall we?

27. Dallas Cowboys – CB Patrick Surtain II, Alabama

Patrick Surtain II

“The Cowboys are entering the with a hope and a prayer at the position after losing in . Surtain could change that. He was starting as a true freshman for the Tide back in 2018 and earned a 78.7 coverage grade that season. At 6-foot-2, 202 pounds, Surtain has an ideal size-and-length combination, but his lack of elite speed could drop him a bit.”

Even though the Dallas Cowboys double dipped (, Reggie Robinson) at the cornerback position in the , it wouldn't be all that surprising to see them take another CB early in 2021. It's no doubt still a position of need, although there's no way of knowing right now how big of a priority it really is.

If is indeed still available when they are on the clock, it would probably be a no-brainer to write his name on the draft card. He is a Top 5 player at his position, and there are those who believe he'll be the first CB off the board. That could mean he might not make it out of the Top 10.

To slide all the way to No. 27 right in the lap of the Dallas Cowboys could be a dream come true. No matter how well Trevon Diggs or Reggie Robinson plays this year, the Cowboys are going to have to add more depth to the CB position with , , and all becoming after the 2020 season. Patrick Surtain could very well be the perfect solution.

How would you feel if Patrick Surtain was the Cowboys 2021 first-round draft pick?

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Gary b

This should be called the way way early mock draft lol ! But I’ll go on record as saying I LOVE MOCK DRAFTS ! Talk to me the day after the season ends and I’ll be ready Brian.


Surtain Jr will be a top 10 pick. No way Dallas gets him & no way we use our 1st rounder on a corner in draft. It will b a linebacker to take over Sean Lees spot, or safety possinly if Woods and Haha aremt resigned butn1 minimum will be and we got Wilson….
So LB or possibly DE dependint on whonwe do and dont resign at D end…..possibly another tighy end also


All those same things were said about Lamb. And with COVID and how it’s impact isn’t predictable, Dallas could be in the Top-10. Sounds crazy, but remember when Romo went down and after a 13-3 campaign we ended up with the No.4 pick? It CAN happen again …

Cowboys fan

Nobody thought Ceedee Lamb would make it out of the top 10 either and look what happened…. He fell right into our laps!! That’s the thing about drafts, you never know how they’ll go!! And we won’t be drafting a LB in the 1st round to take over for Sean Lee…. Lee is now a backup /Sam LB which don’t get played as often!! The only way we take a LB in the 1st round is if one of our 2 starters are hurt and don’t come back or are hurt and the coaches don’t think they’ll ever be the same!! And I don’t see us drafting a TE in the 1st round either!! Now safety is a strong possibility seeing that we’ll only have Donovan Wilson under contract next year, and DE is a possibility too since most of our RDE will be free agent’s next year too!! And it is a possibility we draft a corner in the 1st round too seeing that we have 3 of our corners leaving for free agency, and we still don’t have a true number 1 corner either!! But drafting a corner in the 1st round will depend on how good Diggs catches on in the NFL and if we resign Chido!! So with that said our 1st round pick could be either a corner, a safety or a DE!! And another possibility could be a DT too, but that’ll depend on how good Tristan Hill and/or Neville Gallimore play this season!!

Gary b

All good points cowboys fan !

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