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Potential Teams who Could be Interested in Acquiring QB Dak Prescott

It's time to set the record straight. There are a lot of people around who believe wouldn't have a lot of interest from teams around the NFL if he were to become a or made available via . That's complete and utter nonsense, especially considering all of the interest recently received.

According to Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated via a live Periscope /questionnaire a few days ago, there were approximately eight teams interested in trading for Matthew Stafford. That's eight teams who are trying to acquire a arguably just as talented, maybe less so, then Dak Prescott and definitely quite a bit older.

If for some reason the and Dak Prescott can't find common ground in contract negotiations once again, a sign and trade kind of deal could be worked out between both parties. Prescott of course would have to agree to this because he can't be traded unless he signs a , but it's doable nonetheless.

Below are the eight teams Albert Breer mentioned interested in trading for Matthew Stafford and I honestly believe each and every one of them would without a doubt try to acquire Dak Prescott as well. Let's take a look at how realistic the chances are of each one of these teams half of pulling off this kind of trade.

Carolina Panthers

According to Albert Breer the Panthers offered the most for Matt Stafford outside what the Rams gave up. They reportedly offered the eighth overall pick in this year's draft plus a late-round selection. If worst comes to worst with the Dallas Cowboys they more than likely offer the same deal in exchange for Dak Prescott, who is arguably better and younger than Stafford. The only problem with this though is Carolina is in a worse shape then the Cowboys. They only have a little over $7.8 million in salary cap space according to, which would make it extremely difficult to sign him long-term unless they could convince him to play on the franchise tag in 2021 and then pay him his extension in 2022.

Washington Football Team

Washington's heavy pursuit of Matthew Stafford make sense. They are arguably a QB away from being the team to beat in the division even if Dak Prescott picks up where he left off last year before his season-ending ankle and remains in Dallas. It's unlikely the Cowboys would let Prescott go and land with the division rival, but if Washington was to offer a king's ransom that could change things. They do have the draft capital and salary-cap space ($33 million) to not only put together an interesting enough trade package to entice the Cowboys, but also the money required to extend Prescott long-term. It's highly unlikely this trade scenario would ever gain much traction, however, anything's possible when it comes to the Cowboys and Washington.

New England Patriots

The were a team who were really interested in acquiring Matthew Stafford, but unfortunately for them the former Lions QB was pretty adamant that's the one place he didn't want to go. It's doubtful Dak Prescott would make such demands, making New England one of the front runners who could be interested in acquiring his services. They have more than enough salary-cap space ($58 million) to sign Prescott long-term and enough draft capital to package together to entice the Cowboys. If things do end up turning sour between Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys, the Patriots are probably a favorite to try to land his services.

Indianapolis Colts

The are in win now mode and the only thing holding them back from making a strong playoff push in 2021 is the quarterback position. They don't really have the ammunition move up in the draft to select one of the top QBs, which leaves them having to sign a veteran or finding their starter via trade. The latter could put them in the sweepstakes for Dak Prescott. They are currently third in the league in salary-cap space ($68 million) so him long-term wouldn't be a problem. Putting together a good enough trade package to outdo other teams on the other hand could be a problem. Regardless though, if Prescott does become available they will no doubt be in contention for his services.

San Francisco 49ers

The were in on the Matthew Stafford sweepstakes and not only missed out, but saw him go to a division rival. That could be a blessing in disguise if they can somehow land Dak Prescott via trade. Salary-cap wise they only have a little over $11 million to work with so signing Prescott long-term could be a little difficult. They could however remedy that by shipping players and picks in a package deal to the Cowboys to acquire Prescott via trade. That could give them a little more wiggle room to work with to extend Dak long-term and give them a starting QB who fits Kyle Shanahan's system really well.

Denver Broncos

The showing interest in acquiring Matthew Stafford is pretty interesting. Their current starting QB, Drew Lock, has shown flashes of being a capable starter in the NFL, but maybe not one to build around. That means the Broncos interest in Stafford was in that of trying to upgrade the position. Because of that, I think they could show an interest in Dak Prescott as well. They have the draft capital to offer up, but only a little over $18 million to use to extend Prescott long-term. They have the means to make this work, however, it all depends on if they believe Prescott is worth it to make him their long-term QB.

New York Jets

Depending on what new Robert Saleh thinks about Sam Darnold, no other team around the NFL is in better position to acquire Dak Prescott then the . Not only could they put together the best package deal in regards to draft capital, but they also have over $65 million in salary cap space to pay Prescott the kind of long-term extension he's likely seeking. Because of their current draft capital and salary-cap space though they are also arguably the favorite to go after , which means Dak Prescott could be there fallback option if these two QBs are actually put on the trade block.

Chicago Bears

The knew the were unlikely to trade Matthew Stafford within the division, and yet, that didn't stop them from inquiring. The Bears have the talent on both and to be a contender, however, the QB position is holding them back in that regards. Upgrading to someone like Dak Prescott would definitely change all of that. Making this kind of trade would mean they're in win now mode and are going all in. Other teams can probably put together a better trade package and can probably offer a better long-term deal to Prescott, however, they would still probably very much in the running for Dak.

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Stephen A Geiman

They will pay him


that’s great 8 teams!!! wow let’s go and jump up a little in draft and get trey from north dakota university, he is younger, faster, def more accurate, and better priced,. so now we can fix the defense,, and his ankle isn;t one hitaway from ending his career,,,no brainer!!! and let mr hotshit, and his hot shit agent go to another team already, geez these two act like they won superbowls already with the dough they have been asking for…


I can’t believe some people would rather trust a rookie to lead this team than a guy who hasn’t had a losing record since he’s been drafted.

Don Howard

Let them have him or better put the non-exclusive tag on him so he can maybe go where he wants the team gets picks and everyone saves face then the team can draft young cheaper players

Rubenn Trevino

I would trade Prescott to team with more draft picks and replacement for Left Tackle which will a Cowboys to fix Defense!


Brain, re-signing zeke and jaylon wasnt the best overall move for this team. If you draft a rookie QB and he isnt good then we just wasted another year.

James Vargas

Trav, agree with your comment on drafting a rookie QB might set the franchise back. But, a big BUT, problem is the money he expects is not realistic with the teams’ cap space. He is trying to squeeze out every dime from the Cowboys, which is simply not realistic. He gets a fortune on endorsements from being Dallas’ QB. He should sign a Team friendly deal a la Tom Brady. If he gets a more complete team, he might get more money if Dallas wins a Super Bowl. He and his agent are not playing it right IMHO.

Gary b

Brian- I’m skeptical a team will actually sign Dak to a huge contract AND forfeit two 1st rd picks. But teams have been known to give up the farm for a QB.

I realize going with a rookie QB on a cheap deal sounds enticing and it could certainly pay off. But when would you draft this QB? Doubtful we use our #10 pick on one so unless a team were to give us those long shot 1st rd picks, when would we draft one? QBs are a crap shoot far more than any position. The chance of hitting on a good one frankly isn’t good, especially if ur looking at 2nd tier ones. We’re not in a position to get a potential elite one. I’m interested in ur thoughts regarding all these scenarios.


Agree with trading Dak ASAP.
Would love to see trade with Jets and acquire the second pick.
I am sure Jags will get Trevor Lawrence so that leaves Cowboys with choice of Justin Fields or Zach Wilson or Trey Lance to sign a team friendly rookie contract.
They are all great quarterbacks.
With the money saved they can go after best free agent cornerback.
Cowboys have other needs besides cornerback including safety, linebacker, offensive lineman and defensive lineman.
They are more than a quarterback away from the SB.
Start the ball rolling Jerry Jones!
Dak is no Patrick Mahomes.
This is a no brainer!!!


Agreed Brian Martin , a QB on a Rookie deal even if said Rookie isn’t as good as Dak , you can build a high quality team around him cough cough Baker Mayfield cough cough , I don’t get the premise of hey let’s overpay our QB just like how all the other teams who overpaid and are “Fine” with that , The Rams Trade Goff cuz he wouldn’t restructure his contract , Kirk Cousins , they gonna look to find his replacement in draft but might be too late as they’ve wasted valuable D Cook healthy years , Wentz gets benched for Hurts , 49ers looking to move off Jimmy G , D Watson unhappy in Houston and Texans in salary cap hell , EVERY TEAM has either regretted , is regretting , or will regret overpaying their QB , WHY WILL THE COWBOYS BE ANY DIFFERENT ?

To me ideally , i’d want to get 8th pick and whatever else the Panthers were wanting for Stafford , you could trade 8th pick and 2nd round pick , or 10th pick and 2nd round pick to go up into top 5 and get one of these top QBs , maybe Zach WIlson or Fields, whoever fall to us and roll with them , and still have other pick which we can use to still get Farley/Surtain or trade down to get us a 2nd round pick back

But whichever team would do it i’d take it , it doesn’t make sense to try and fix our cap room problems by adding another HUGE contract to go with the already bad contracts we got


Teams will be interested in Dak Gary b , as Brian already pointed out , Dak is younger and even though i’m not sure on Dak , he’s better than Stafford , even if it’s a big contract they’re taking on , if i’m the Colts i’m doing the trade , if i’m the Bears and 49ers i’m doing it , why ?

Because if those team’s in particular the Colts are gonna Win THEY GOT TO WIN NOW , why do you think they were interested in getting Stafford , who’s gonna want one last big extension reportedly ? The Rams are gonna have to pay Stafford BIG sooner or later , but for now they good , if these other teams that were interested in getting Stafford and were willing to give him what he wants in a big contract extension , then they’ll do the same with Dak so this is IMO the best route to go for us and whoever would do this deal


THANK YOU James for your comment as I’ve pointed out before too with the Endorsements Dak gets , IT’S PURE GREED ON DAK’S PART to take every single bit of what he possibly can , I mean will it kill Dak to take 38-40 mill ? It’s not like we’re low balling Dak or anything with our offers and the fact he makes 50 mill off just endorsements and yet he still wants between D Watson money and Mahomes money is INSANE and is why i’d trade his ass rn

Franklin Paul Orick

Trade his ass, try and get 4-1st rd picks or trade even for D.Watson …Obviously Jerry doesn’t think Dak is worth what his agent is asking, I would much rather have a team player a QB , one that doesnt play ball for only his own needs and wants..

David Hughes

Back when – I wanted Dallas to draft Dak. But having watched his record – he’s been just an OK quarterback. 8 & 8 average isn’t close to elite play and he wants elite $$. He’s had better players around him than what Romo had – but done what with them? He was 1 & 3 when he got injured and the media talks about how great the season was that he was having??? I believe i’m seeing a little reverse psycology by the anti- cowboy media. Bring back Garret Gilbert and draft a future QB. Gilbert looked as good as Dak has been


I’d say for Dallas to bring back Dalton and Gilbert and draft Kellen Mond. Monday has Dak like measureables and played good in college. As for which team I’d trade him to I’d let the bidding begin


I 100% agree David , with the fact ppl point out that “LOOK AT THESE GAUDY STATS” and yet that led to 8-8 the year before last and this last year , 1-3 and should’ve been been 0-4 if the Falcons knew that they could just fall on the ball on that onside kick ,

AND THEN COMES THE EXCUSES THAT PPL USE , such as “It was the D’s fault” CRY ME A FREAKING RIVER , MANY TEAMS OUT THERE DEAL WITH A BAD D, even the Chiefs though they got some good individual players deal with the fact that their D isn’t good , if you’re paying your QB top 5 QB money , you won’t have a good D , which is EXACTLY what we’re supposed to pay Dak so quit whining about the D , cuz it won’t get better if we’re paying Dak the INSANE contract he’s wanting

Gary b

AGAIN everyone’s wish list assumes a team will give up two 1st rd picks and sign Dak to a huge contract. If we won’t sign him why would another team do it PLUS give us two 1st rd picks? Makes no sense.

And to assume we can win with just any QB? Look at the QBs in the playoffs. See any Andy Dalton types? The only way I would trade Dak is if I could get those two 1st rd picks and the first one was top five.

Chuck Wright

Let’s get candid here. Some of you put too much weight in fantasy stats. This is an 8-10 QB and while at least half of the 10 are due to pourous defense, half of the 8 are due to less than stellar QB play.

While I concur with the idea of using the non-exclusive franchise tag to see what Dak can command then if it’s too much, let him walk for a couple 1st rounders.

I’m also fine if his agent can set up the trade with another team, draft Lance or Mac Jones or Wilson, sign someone like Teddy Bridgwater to (pardon the pun) bridge the gap and rebuild the D plus add a LT.

If it comes to it, you have former stars like Zeke Tron and maybe Coop along with Jayln who can be cut after 2021 freeing up a boat load of cap space.

Chuck Wright

You cannot seriously think Dak is even close to the playoff QBs?????

Gary b

I’ll tell you what I seriously think. Hell will freeze over before we get far in the playoffs with Andy Dalton or any of these other retread QBs that other teams have given up on. If you have an avg QB u better have a great team around them.

The cowboys are lacking at several positions and are far far away from being a great team so u better have a top ten QB that can put points on the board to give u a fighting chance.


Baker Mayfield made the playoffs , right ? Do you think Baker is better than Dak ? I’m gonna assume no cuz i don’t think he is either , and yet he made playoffs at 11-5 , which in most divisions and especially in our division that would win you the division , they by far in a much tougher division , and yet they better than us , even though we have better QB , don’t tell me we can’t win without Dak , if you aren’t paying a QB top QB money then you can spend that on best of the best free agents , you can keep guys like Gallup and D Wilson cuz if they keep up with their play , they both gonna want to get paid along with other guys , which we probably can’t afford if we sign Dak to what he wants

THE RAMS GAVE 2 1sts and a 3 as well as Goff for Stafford WHO’S DEFINITELY NOT TOP 10 , IF DAK IS TOP 10 THEN WHAT WOULD TEAM’S GIVE FOR DAK ? And don’t use the contract angle either as Stafford reportedly wants one last HUGE extension as well , Dak is younger and better than Stafford , so what’s his value ? IT CAN’T BE LESS THAN 2 1STS AT LEAST

And who would give that , again the Colts will do that IN A HEART BEAT , the Bears and the 49ers WILL DO THAT , as well as apparently ALL these other teams cuz they were wiling to go get Stafford , Dak is younger and better , so WHY WOULDN’T THEY BE INTERESTED and once again you can’t use the fact that we don’t want him as a reason why they wouldn’t take him , THE LIONS DIDN’T WANT STAFFORD , DID THAT DETER TEAMS FROM WANTING TO TRADE FOR HIM ? If reports are right then HELL NO , TEAMS THAT ARE IN WIN NOW MODE ARE WILLING TO GO AND TRADE WHATEVER THEY NEED IN ORDER TO GET A QB

SO EXPLAIN GARY b WHY THEY WON’T BE AS INTERESTED AS THEY WERE IN STAFFORD ? And don’t say Cap Space cuz the Colts have enough space


And that’s the problem Gary b that you just brought out in your comment , WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO TO FILL THESE OTHER POSITIONS IF DAK IS TAKING THAT INSANE AMOUNT OF MONEY ? The Cowboys are lacking in several positions and thus we ain’t winning with Dak , cuz Dak IMO has proven that he can’t win with the team on his back like D Watson can , like A-Rod , like Mahomes , and yet i’m suppose to pay him the kind of money these guys are getting ? LOOK AT THE TEXANS , DO YOU THINK THEY’LL GET BETTER , uh no , they in salary cap hell rn and that’s why D Watson wants out , IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE TO OVERPAY A PLAYER SO THAT IT’LL FIX YOUR SALARY CAP PROBLEMS ,

I’M READY TO BLOW THIS MOTHER (you know what) UP RN CUZ WE AIN’T GONNA WIN WITH DAK PERIOD. So what makes Dak so much better than a rookie QB ?


If you told me we can win a Super Bowl with Dak than yes , I’d go with Dak , but with a monster contract , holes on the team which we won’t be able to fill if we pay Dak what he’s wanting , and him showing me he lacks the ability to put the team on his back , WE WILL NOT WIN WITH DAK

Jasper J

Why is this written as if it is a trade scenario? Dak Prescott is a free agent. There would be no incentive for him to do a sign and trade so his future team loses assets. If the Cowboys do not sign him to what he asks then the only thing they get in return is potentially a future compensatory pick.

Gary b

Don’t know what to tell him you throwupthex88. The likelihood that Jerry signs him to a long term contract is about 90% So that’s about the only thing that matters at this point wouldn’t you say? It doesn’t really matter what people would like to see happen. It’s an exercise in futility. Why get all worked up about it and throw out all these scenarios that are unlikely to happen. It is what it is.

Might wanna resign urself to that fact and think in terms of what we can we do to build the best team we can around Dak. I just don’t wanna see u drive urself crazy over something out of ur control. U seem like a knowledgeable fan, maybe channel ur expertise towards that reality.


Ppl are so stupid funny at the same time you guys want Dallas to win a ring now but want a rookie qb lol Dallas seen what happen when dak went dwn even b4 he went dwn he still scored 35+points on every team that spells a chance to win but is ok with a bck up qb that struggled lol ppl wanna blame dak should be blaming jj for not signing him 2yrs ago for like 27-29 mil want him to take a hometown discount he took a discount 4yrs if it wasn’t for endorsement he’ll would’ve been broke But who cares rite so why should dak care bout the cap its jj job to worry about that its dak job to just play ppl wanna save money to fix the defense they had 4yrs to do that wen they only was paying dak like 2mil so stop it lol they wasn’t wrry about the defense when they pay zek with 2yrs left or dlaw for only 5 sacks or even jaylon smith so stop it bottom line everybody wanna say what dak should do but not want dak already done so yes I love dak and I do think they should trade dak however not for the same reason yahll do I want him traded so he can go 2 a team that wants him and he will have a chance to when a ring like alot of alot of players from Dallas did hmm


Trade Dak to the Jets for their current QB and Their 1st round pick.

Chris Drago

How about resign Dalton he is more than capable to lead this team then and use draft picks to fill in our other needs

Chris D

Jayhood unfortunately dak won’t win a ring anywhere he goes he is a good QB not a great one last year they were 8 and 8. his 8 wins were against teams under 500 his 8 losses against teams above 500. He can’t beat the good teams .

Chris D

This could be the next Herschel walker trade. Make the deal. Let’s get our next ring


I say get rid of Dak. He and his agent act like he’s the greatest to come along and is a total team player, but that isn’t the case. If he was then he wouldn’t want to take so much money that the team is unable to continue to build around you. The money he was offered wasn’t nothing to just dismiss. Kick his ?&&$ to the curb.

Jason Reed

I love all the comments here about how the soon to be rookie qbs are all great quarterbacks . Where is the logic here ? Name the last qb to come from Ohio state that did anything ? Clemson? North Dakota State? Give me a break. The only one with potential is Lawrence and that will all be thrown away by the talentless team that picks him in the draft. If you don’t want Dak because he is pricey then be dumb. But I see one person bat an eye for the contracts of jaylon smith, Zeke, or the injury prone o-line that got contracts. All of those are failing.


Idiots. Jerry has 3 options. Sign him to a lucrative deal. Do a sign and trade, which why would Dak accept, as he could just become an unrestricted free agent? And has his choice of where to go, with the Boys getting a compensation pic. Or, they place the franchise tag on him and he walks the year after that. I might want to mention, save for Aikman, we haven’t been able to draft an elite QB, forever. We lucked into Romo and Dak. I get the hate. But, can you trust the front office to deliver the goods? I don’t. You might want to remember the years that passed, between Aikman and Romo. Not good. Oh, and we had a dominate D. Sux when you can’t score 17points to get the win. Just saying. This isn’t a blatant endorsement. Yet, given everyone in the locker room, loves him and you haven’t been able to draft a QB since 89’? Hedging bets. At best. Again, I don’t think he’s an elite QB. But, he’s paid the market right. Now, I don’t think a sign in trade is going to happen,as it doesn’t benefit him. He’ll get tagged and he’ll move on. Not a great way to get compensation, for a good (not elite) QB, but the acowboys have squandered this deal, fully. This is on the front office, period.


I’m annoyed at the fact that Dak is holding the team hostage and fighting for every last drop he can possibly get out of the Cowboys , even though he’s being HEAVILY compensated with endorsements cuz of the fact that he’s a good (not great) Dallas Cowboys QB . Dak will get signed and we’ll just suck for another 4-6 years ;(

You’re right Max as well as Gary b on this being Jerry’s fault , in the end , WE AIN’T WINNING WITH DAK , BUT WE DAMN SURE AIN’T WINNING WITH JERRY AT THE HELM , he’s a owner who’s trying to play GM even though he has NO CLUE how to go about being a GM , and til that changes we aren’t gonna win a Super Bowl , so i guess i better find a AFC team to go root for till things change ;(

James A. Howerton II

I’ve been a huge Dak fan since his Miss. St. days. I was SUPER PUMPED when we got him because I was 99% sure we had gotten a 1st Round QB in the 4th Round. I figured a year or 2 behind Romo and Moore would serve him well. Of course I never even expected he’d be as good a rookie as he was.
So I have ALWAYS been for resigning him.
But since this Stafford trade, 2 First Rounders, a starting QB (although he wouldn’t be MY starter for long but he’d do until we got a young stud) and a few other picks thrown in……imagine what we can get for Dak!
Maybe we can talk Jax into a deal where they get Dak and we get Lawrence. Or, more realistically trade with #2 and amass a sh*t load of high picks, plus Wilson as a rookie QB.

Winters Wind

Don’t have much to say about Dak. At least he’s not a bum like that trash Matt Stafford. He’s the white people’s hero a freaking failure. Now he might be a nice guy but in my fifty years of watching football I’ve never seen a more overrated QB. He can’t play football. All the excuses and apologist for him are disgusting. No way Goff should have been traded for that bum. The Mahomes vs. Goff shoot out was the best game I’ve watched in 30 years! Stafford is a case of white privilege. Yet, folks don’t want Dak to get paid but would gladly welcome a flop like Stafford. Stop bellyaching and pay the man.

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