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Projected 2021 Compensatory Draft Picks for Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys should be getting some extra ammo for the 2021 NFL Draft in the form of compensatory picks. While not officially announced yet by the NFL, one reliable source has projected the expected picks that Dallas should be awarded.

Yesterday, Over The Cap released their full projections for 2021 compensatory picks. These are based on a formula which compares a team’s free agent departures against its acquisitions the previous season.

In 2020 the Dallas Cowboys saw some of their talent sign lucrative deals with new teams such as CB Byron Jones and DE Robert Quinn. By not being big spenders themselves, the Cowboys now stand to get an impressive allotment of compensatory picks.

  • 3rd-round pick (CB Byron Jones)
  • 4th-round pick (DE Robert Quinn)
  • 5th-round pick (WR Randall Cobb)
  • 6th-round pick (S Jeff Heath)

These projections look at the contracts that these players signed and compares them to the contracts signed by new players the Cowboys brought in. For Jones, Quinn, and Cobb, none of the free agents added by Dallas last year had contracts which matched against these.

Some losses and additions cancel each other out.  For example, Dallas signed DT Gerald McCoy for close to the same money that Maliek Collins got from the Raiders.  The same happened with Jason Witten’s Oakland deal and the contract that Dallas gave Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.

Over The Cap also noted that their projection for Robert Quinn was on the bubble between a 3rd or 4th-round pick, so the Cowboys could wind up seeing that pick coming in higher.

OTC’s projections are nearly identical to what our own Brian Martin suggested a couple weeks ago. Brian also included a full summary of the Cowboys’ other 2021 picks and how some previous trades would impact the upcoming draft.

With many issues to account for after their 6-10 season the Dallas Cowboys need all the resources they can get. Thankfully, they should be getting some valuable assets in the form of these 2021 compensatory picks to increase their leverage in the next NFL Draft.

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Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!


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  1. The Cowboys need as many top 100 picks as possible, if we trade down out of the 10 spot tha. We could hv multiple picks in 4 rounds! With those picks we can retool our defense immediately.

  2. I’m on board with trading down a Little bit. But if you trade down too much u miss out on real blue chip players. I agree quantity is important but the cowboys have enuf average players.

    If we miss out on Surtain and Farley I would be open to trading down to 15-20 to get an extra pick, then take Barmore or Horn.

  3. Gary b- That’s kinda how I see it. I actually lean towards just staying out and taking BPA, hopefully Farley or Surtain, but as much as it’s nice to have extra picks, we already have several and they’ve not been the best at drafting defense and the bust rate goes up when drafting later, so I hope they just stay put. This is a HUGE draft and they can’t get cute and miss on these early picks.

  4. Gary b: I agree, except I don’t believe Surtain is worth a top 10 pick since he lacks elite speed, especially for a CB. Farley is the one I hope falls to the Cowboys at #10. This is why I wished the Cowboys would have tanked throughout December because we knew they were finished after their Thanksgiving loss/season record. They could have secured a top 3 – 5 draft slot and better used that to either use or trade down a few spots in the 1st round to pick up more picks later on. But nooooo, everyone’s pride and ego was too important. Well, where was that pride and ego for the first 3/4 of the season? Fools don’t know how to win during the regular season and they certainly don’t know how to best position themselves to win for the draft. Unbelievable.

  5. Your joking. Are you that ignorant or are you just seriously selfish. There were probably 15 players fighting to show other teams they can play. These men are fighting for employment to take care of their families. But no, let them play like fools for you.

  6. I think a trade down is still possible if a team offers us good compensation. Maybe a team that wants QB T Lance. The thing is we need to hit big on that 1st round pick. He needs to have high future all pro potential. We had ZERO all pros this year. Talent base needs to go up.

    MAG- yea though Surtain seems to have the requisite skills, I have heard his long speed is good not great. I think he’s a bit more polished than Farley, but Farley appears to have a bit more upside.

    Like I said we really need some playmakers. As Bill said we already have 10 picks in the draft, so unless we are within close reach of a coveted player, I would stay put. (2) picks in the 3rd- (2) picks in the 4th- (2) picks in the 5th. With the possibility of one of those 4rd rd comp picks moving up to a 3rd (Robert Quinn). That’s more draft capital than we have had in a while. Gives us alot of options come draft time.

  7. I do believe we did pickup some quality players in last year’s draft , Cee Dee Lamb is a definite star in this league. Also Diggs will improve so I think staying put and taking BPA is the way to go.

  8. IMO I think just stay put at 10th pick if you trade down then you risk not getting the guys you want in the first place , if you want Surtain/Farley and think they got ELITE potential then take them there , we don’t want to get cute here with 1st pick in draft and screw around and not get the guys we’re wanting in the first place, and i mean 4th round picks ??? VERY UNLIKELY WE’LL GET ANYONE RELEVANT THERE THAT COULD FIX OUR D AT THAT POINT

    MAG- I get where you coming from on that they should’ve tanked but as I’ve come to learn , players don’t EVER tank , it just goes against their DNA , the front office might want it cough Eagles cough but the players don’t tank , though it’s pretty funny to think about where all that effort was at the first half of the season XD

  9. I agree u don’t often find stars in the 4th round on, but they have two 4th rounders and two 5th rounders. With that quantity we have a much better chance to hit on a good player or two. I’m also hearing that one of our 4th rd comp picks could be bumped up to a 3rd. That would give us three 3rd rounders

    • The draft is a crapshoot in every round, so I agree that the more shots you get the better for finding success. Just look at the Tapper and Prescott picks in 2016 for a great example of how that works out for you.

  10. I agree the more picks you have the more chances they’ll turn out BUT the chance of those picks turning out to be good in the 4th round or later is like winning the lottery, very unlikely but if you buy enough tickets then it might be possible

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