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Quick Reaction: Cowboys take OL Tyler Smith with 24th Pick

The have taken Tulsa OL with the 24th overall pick. It’s a pick some of us saw coming but never wanted to believe.

With better prospects on the board, including Jermaine Johnson and , I’m not sure why Dallas went this route. The was a position of need in this draft, but Smith is a second-round talent picked in the . He’s an aggressive blocker, especially in the run game, but this seems like too high of a reach.

Smith’s technique isn’t quite there yet, he’s prone to and he’ll need more development to become a bonafide starter in the NFL. He’s got some potential, but guys like Linderbaum don’t need as much development as him.

Smith could be a great offensive lineman. However, given where he was taken, this is not a great pick.

Grade: D-

Most and commentators are split on the pick. Here’s how some of them reacted to it:

Nick Coppola
Nick Coppola
Student at the University of Oklahoma. Reporter for OU Daily. Junior Writer for Inside The Star. Contributor for Guns Up Nation.

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This pick has jerry and his retarded son Stephen written all over it! This pick left the sportscasters speechless ! Nothing


Smith was fagged 16 times (12 for holding) in 12 games. On the surface, picked too early, with better prospects, ESPECIALLY DE J Johnson, still on the board. Surprised the hell out of me.
But hopefully Cowboy coaches can “clean up” his somewhat troubling, now well documented negatives, as he appears to have some very good positives to his game. Low floor, high ceiling = quintessential BOOM or BUST. Time will tell.

Now they have to work extra hard the rest of the draft, as the other NFC East teams appear to have gotten better first round results.


Ok everyone chill. He is the best run blocker at guard bye far. He played at left tackle most of the year and he is projected to play left guard. Absolute mauler and mean as hell his penalties were those of aggression. We can either get a grip and realize that we will NOT win in the playoffs if we can not RUN the ball or stop the RUN. Or we can complain about not getting the sexy pick. Philly is the biggest threat in our division and they just picked up the monster Jordan Davis. No way in hell do we run against them with another light in the ass free agent guard.

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