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Randy Gregory on 2020: “I Got Robbed Of A Year”

The for the Dallas Cowboys was a forgetful one. However, there were a few positives to take from it, and one was the return of Randy Gregory. After missing the entire due to an indefinite , the former second-round pick reminded everyone of the talent that he possesses.

Gregory had one obstacle in his way last season though, and that was who was a prized addition. Smith came out guns blazing with four in the first three games, but only managed one sack for the rest of the year. Despite his production taking a dip, Smith was still given a lot more opportunities than Gregory, although the former Nebraska Cornhusker outperformed him. This led to a bit of resentment from Gregory towards the staff, as he detailed recently in a piece via The Athletic.

“I felt there was a little bit of favoritism going on … refusing to let me outshine their favorite,” Gregory said. “They knew I could do it, so they did what they could to keep me at bay. I had my times when I was angry. I used to talk to Peter (agent) about it, and the best thing I could do was just go out there on the field with the plays they give me and make those plays worth it. I did that, but I truly felt I got robbed of a year last year.”

The disparity in snaps between Smith and Gregory was mindblowing. The former played 73% (809) of the team's defensive snaps, while the latter logged just 25% (271) of the snaps. More specifically, Smith logged 211 more snaps than Gregory in the 10 games they both played in.

What makes it, even more, head-scratching is that Gregory produced 21 tackles, 3.5 sacks, three forced fumbles, and 12 hits over that span. Smith on the other hand registered just 19 tackles, a sack, two fumble recoveries, and six quarterback hits, which included three games where he didn't log a .

New Cowboys was brought in immediately after the 2020 season to turn around a that yielded a franchise-record 473 points and finished 31st against the run. The fact that Gregory didn't play more despite outperforming Smith left Quinn puzzled like it did many others.

“I was surprised he didn’t play more,” Quinn said. “I brought it up to Mike. He was at the top of the list for me as far as defining a role. His playing time is going to increase, for sure. I think he’s going to really take off.”

When given the opportunities, Gregory has produced. In 2018, when he played in 14 games and logged his only career start, Gregory registered 25 tackles, six sacks, two forced fumbles, a fumble recovery, and 15 quarterback hits. The impressive part is that he did so playing just 45% (457) of the team's defensive snaps.

The will be different for Gregory. Barring something unforeseen, he's set to start opposite at right defensive end. With his life off the field under control and an abundance of opportunities on the horizon, Gregory has the chance to show why he was so sought after before the 2015 .

There's plenty of storylines to watch for the Cowboys this season from the return of , looking to bounce back from his worst season in the NFL, and trying to improve on his rookie campaign where he showed flashes of greatness. However, with his of now behind him, and a regular starting role in the palm of his hand, seeing Gregory unleashed will be a focal point of in 2021.

What do you think?


Written by Matthew Lenix

I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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  1. So love this name calling. If one have a different opinion then others about the hypocrisy and whining by RG, you are labeled ignorant.

    The reality, RG was basically a NO SHOW since 2015, and now he whines he was “robbed” of playing time last year. It’s laughable. Has nothing to do with talent or his “mental health” excuses for not showing up. It’s about the hypocrisy.


  2. What does him missing a bunch of games have to do with our horrible coaching on defense last year? People are mad at RG when the coach last year refused to put the best version of the Dallas D on the field….Coaching 101– play the best players… Everyone wants to complain about the games he missed and then when he’s available we don’t utilize his talent…I’m more pissed at the coaching and Dallas fans should be as well.

  3. Mental health? BRUH f that s**t, who hasn’t gone through a lot especially since this last year or 2 ? Just cuz you have bad problems doesn’t mean you can go get DRUNK OR ROLL A JOINT.

    Even Charles Haley beefed with him, we know as old cowboys fans how high maintenance he was back in his day with us, and he couldn’t get along with the guy, how does that speak to his character ?

    He seems to me like he’s a spoiled rich kid, he doesn’t do a damn thing, but expects to be treated like he royalty

    STFU Gregory and you sympathizers

  4. Woah! I don’t want to be a hater or ignorant so let me make amends. First and foremost, I want to acknowledge the tremendous job Mr. Jones does, not only as a General Manager in collecting tallest and hiring coaches, but also as a humanitarian. Without Mr. Jones, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. Secondly, I hope RG gets a second contract equal to or greater than that of his bookend counterpart. Why not. He’s younger. He’s smarter. He has more natural ability than any other end on this team. He is a War Daddy! RG is clean and sober, he has his bipolar condition well under control and has proven within a very short time that he won’t be on a self destruct course anymore. We can all be assured he deserves a five or six year second contract. I’d say about $95,000,000 base with $60,000,000 guaranteed. With incentives, up to $112,000,000 if they get him under contract now. I’m good with you guys and you have shown me the errors of my ways. Only been a Cowboys fan 50+ years so here’s proof you can teach an old dog new tricks. I’m officially on the Randy Gregory train and have shed my hatin’ and ignorant skin once and for all. Go Cowboys! We have the talent (assembled by the GM Mr. Jones) and the coaches to win the Super Bowl this year!

  5. Again, more ignorance, and proves why people say what they say about this fan base. The man was battling mental health issues but you wanna sit on your high horse like you’re some perfect person. Telling a man who is dealing with being bipolar to shut his mouth is classless and shows your intelligence level….which isn’t much

  6. To Stephen Jones, yes Randy is talented, but that is not the issue here. Just imagine having a team full of Gregorys, we would not be able to field a team for years. He was a NO SHOW for years, and now he complains he didn’t get played enough last year. This has nothing to do with his talent, because if you if not ON the field, you can be Superman, it will not matter if you’re sitting on your couch “bending” your elbow, smoking weed. In the meantime “your team” is fighting THE GOOD FIGHT, ON THE FIELD. Its not about bashing or hating, it’s about the hypocrisy and the whining.


  7. Gregory will prove the so called Cowboys fan Gregory hater he is the better player! What Gregory said about Smith was true and that’s why Smitth is not with the Cowboys now. All he wanted was to be treated fairly on who was playing better between he and Smith period! I understand mental health and the impact it has on your life. I served 12 years in Afghanistan for my country! Gregory has my support 100 percent all day everyday.

  8. I agree with everything Ghost, Stephen Jones, and Cowboys fans said. A bunch of ignorance in these comments. Calling a player selfish and not a team because he battled mental heath issues is the definition of ignorance, and it’s actually why people who are like Gregory don’t come out and get the help they need because they fear they’ll be judged. Props to you three from being adults!

  9. I WAS rooting for Randy to get his act together early on, but now with this “victim mentality” act, that changes things.

    REALITY, he was lucky to have the DALLAS COWBOYS draft him to begin with, then them waiting numerous YEARS for him to get his shit together was beyond GENEROUS.

    Thousands of good players would be beyond thrilled and lucky to be a DALLAS COWBOY with the money and attention that brings. And this guy has the nerve to complain, they didn’t play him enough, when he was a NO SHOW for years.

    YOU OF ALL PEOPLE SHOULD KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN AND SHOUT OUR MOUTH AND FINALLY PLAY FOOTBALL, which you are getting paid handsomely to do. IT’S A BUSINESS, and you’re lucky they kept you around.

    Agree with Stephen G, this guy is the prime example of NOT A TEAM PLAYER.

  10. Randy is one of the most gifted edge rushers, that I have ever seen. He can bend and accelerate like no other. You bashers should be ashamed. Why don’t you just move on to another team, because you certainly are not true Cowboys fans. I’ve been with this team since 65, and have never waivered. Randy has turned his life around, and I’m really proud of him. He is going to show all you haters..

  11. I’ve read the article several times. Two words to describe RG and it’s not “team player”: Entitled Athlete. He thinks he should be out front and center when his pro career has been nothing but a disgrace. He hasn’t proven himself to be a dependable, reliable person. I don’t care what he brings to the table, I can’t wait until his name fades from being attached to the Cowboys.

    Jerry is a good man for trying to help him but he should have never picked him knowing he failed the test AT THE COMBINE of all places. 31 other teams took a pass on this circus called Randy Gregory.

  12. These are all the same people who eat everything put in front of them by their wives, and do nothing but leave dirty dishes. Then the one day she doesn’t cook, they complain. Haters gonna hate … and they’re always the loudest …

  13. You people are stupid!! Yes, Randy Gregory has had his problems, but he’s clean now, he deserves a chance to prove himself!! Apparently you people don’t know anything about mental health, or you wouldn’t be putting him down the way you are!! You people are just a bunch of a$$h%&#$!! The man has finally got his life together, why don’t you try rooting for him instead of trying to drag him down!! I for one hope he comes in this year and makes all of you haters look stupid…. Well more stupid than you already are!!

  14. This ass hat has the nerve to complain about missing a year? SMH. Cowboys fans have missed him almost his entire career. I truly hope the hostage crisis known as RG in a Cowboys uniform ends this year.

  15. For a man that can’t be depended on to stay sober look like you’d just be grateful to have a uniform. What about Jerry drafting you and h you haven’t played a full year due to you not staying sober? What about your teammates not being able to count on you to play and knowing that there’s a player waiting that could play and be dependable? Man you talk about selfish and ungrateful, Jerry should’ve cut you after your first relapse.

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