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REPORT: Cowboys, Dak Prescott Having “Very Positive” Talks on Contract

We could all use some good news right now, and we got some today in the form of a Dak Prescott contract update. Word is that Prescott and the Cowboys have continued contract talks over the last few weeks and the conversation have been “very positive.”

Dallas placed their 2020 exclusive franchise tag on Dak shortly before the start of free agency. No other team is allowed to negotiate with Prescott directly, and the Cowboys will owe him about $33 million this season if he plays on the one year deal.

But hopefully, as David Moore of the Dallas Morning News reports, the two sides are going to be able to work out a long-term contract.

David Moore on Twitter

Contract update: It remains to be seen if Dak Prescott takes part in today’s start to the Cowboys virtual offseason program. But the two sides have spoken in the last 2 weeks & a source described that session as “very positive.

As Moore mentioned, the Cowboys are set to begin offseason work today. This will be done virtually with web conferences and other online content, allowing players to begin preparing mentally while also following COVID-19 protocols.

This is especially crucial for Dallas given the massive overhaul in the coaching staff this offseason.

Todd Archer on Twitter

The Cowboys’ offseason program begins today and Mike McCarthy will be able to have his first team meeting “virtually,” since being named coach. The Cowboys do not have any players with offseason workout bonuses, but they do have a number of players with…

Ideally, Dak Prescott would be among the players beginning these virtual lessons today. He is a team leader and the key cog in the offense.

It remains to be seen how Dak will handle his involvement in team activities while still negotiating his contract. He has until July 15th to sign his franchise tender and, as some franchised players in the past, could stay away from the organization entirely until that point.

As of a week ago, at least one source was reporting that Prescott would not be joining in the virtual program without a new deal.

What Dak Prescott chooses to do today will finally give us a real gauge of where he’s at with the Cowboys and not just speculation. Hopefully, these recent positive talks will push him to stay connected and join his teammates in preparing for the 2020 season.

What do you think?

Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!


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    • Fuck Dak. I’m a lifelong Cowboys fan from outside of Philly, Dak is being selfish, like he really did something. He wouldn’t be shit on another team if you ask most people

      • Dak has made $4 million TOTAL (that’s 1 million per year) over his first 4 seasons. FYI, that means 69 QBs have made more money than him since he’s been in the league. If he signs for 33M/yr (what Dallas is offering) he’s an idiot. The franchise tag pays that. Plus, in 4 more years, 33M/year wouldn’t even put him in the top half of QB salaries.

  1. Question about the rules. . .since Dak has not signed his tag offer, does the NFL allow him in the meetings? I’ve read they do not. . . .which let’s him off the hook.

    If they do allow him in the meetings, draft Jalen Hurts or Jordan Love if he falls to Dallas, let him play behind Dak for a year then let Dak go. Sorry, if he’s showing he cares more about $$$$$ than winning titles.

    PS, I’d have taken Oakland’s rumored offer for Zeke a year ago too . .. .the Bama RB is a freaking stud and another 1st round pick? We’d have the safety of the future instead of sniffing around Adams who is a great player but the price tag is too high.

    • Time to get him signed, he has the best passing grade in tight window throws since 2016, Dallas WR’S rank 32nd in separation, Dallas WR’S had the most drops in the league, Dallas WR’S had the most catchable passes in the league that went for drops and 8 of 11 picks where on Dallas WR’S. Without Dak we would trash.

  2. We all cowboy nation and live and die by dem boyz. We all prayed for a QB for years, this man came out, 2nd round, everyone forgot him, his first pass I’ve been his biggest fan. Fate shined on him, in first years he has shown growth, and no pay. He earned it. Pay him! let’s get defense and play callers. Americas teams fans are biting at the bit for our long awaited RING!

    • Dam Prescott will be injured before game 6 and the back up will come in and lead a strong run into the Playoffs .. The absolute WORSE thing that can happen is for Dallas to give this overrated QB a big contract .. he is worth maybe 1.5 m a year .. He cannot manage one molecule of consistency for two games in a row .

  3. Work out a deal to give the Bengals Dak, our first round pick, and something else for the Bengals number 1 pick.Take Burrows then turn around and sign Cam Newton for two years so Burrows can learn from him. If Newton can pass a physical, he is better than Dak and will cost you a lot less for two years.

  4. Man let Wak Prescott walk. We can get a rookie or a journeyman to go 8-8. Bro can’t beat a team with a winning record and couldn’t beat a depleted Eagles team for the division. Stop letting this dude hold us hostage. He sucks and Jerry know it. #cowboys4life

  5. Trade Dak Prescott to the Miami Dolphins for 1st and 2nd round pick. Dallas can then draft Tua with the 5th overall pick. With the 17th they can go edge or corner. Lastly with the 2 second round picks they can pick up a nice slot reciever and address the corner or edge position they missed in the 1st round. This saves cap space and addresses all needs. Dak is not a top 10 QB, why should he be paid like it. He’s middle of the pack.

  6. Just like the last quarterback they gave a big contract to. A stats quarterback that could not be counted on for wins against tough teams to get to the championship games. Has not proven to be a guy to demand a top five contract. Cowboys stand firm buyer beware.

  7. I’ve been a Dallas Cowboys fan since 1974. Randy White rookie season. So with that being said, Dandy Dan, Roger the Dodger, Danny White, Ice water in his veins Troy Aikman, so Prescott is in a prestigious place, he should respect being a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and stop being money hungry especially when he has a losing record against the better teams.

  8. Dak has his detractors. They’re loud, mouthy and apparently they’re pro scouts who’ve taken the measure of Dak’s skillset. Obviously they’re also minimum wage earners with nothing better to do than whine about Dak doing what’s right for him…

  9. Been Cowboy fan for almost 50 years and I have watched all the greats over the years… all of them. Namath Montana Staubach Marino Farve… all of them. Everyone of them had the capability of putting the team on their back with their God given ability and win! Dak is average at best and I would have loved to see how many teams would have thrown 30 million + at him…. I say none! JJ is desperately trying to prove Dak was diamond in ruff like Brady and coal can’t always be made into a diamond. We desperately need to bring in legitimate QB competition. Guaranteed no Lombardi with Dak. Let Mccarthy get a look for himself.. he’s been associated with 3 HOFers. Please keep tag for this year and let him make the call. Draft Hurts or team deal with Cam so Dak doesn’t think he is king.

  10. Yea you sound like a great fan maybe stop being jealous of every football player that wants to get paid market value! You sound like your just mad cause you think you should be paid more….maybe you should have went to school or been a top NFL QB if that’s your deal!!

  11. Let Dak try free agency he will be glad to sign a 33 mil deal with cowboys on half the teams out there he would be a back up.
    Let him walk or trade him he had a good team last year and couldnt win the division you will never see a superbowl with him at quarterback.

  12. I’m a life long Cowboys fan I’m sickined by some of our fan base showing blatant disrespect for our QB if he. If he went elsewhere we’d be sorry he’d make us pay. He is a stand up guy, in a year we went 8 and 8 he led number one passing game in the league. He was only bright spot for us these pple probably same ones who begged Jones to extend Zeke his play didn’t earn that contract Daks play did. Sorry had to get that off my chest

  13. As a lifelong Cowboy fan, I pray they trade Dak a d draft a QB. Look, Dak got paid what a 4th Round QB gets paid. That is what he earned coming into the league. So, people need to stop acting like the Cowboys underpaid him. That is a stupid argument. Now, he wants to get paid what he hasn’t earned. He wants to break the team by seeking to be the top paid QB. I have been a HUGE Dak fan, but he has lost me forever by showing his true colors. He wants to “get his” and the team can just suck and be in salary cap Hell. Honestly, I will be heartbroken if they screw us fans and the rest of the team by way over paying him. I don’t know if I can cheer for him ever again, the team yes, but not him.

  14. Throws in 2019 resulted in too many in front, behind and over the receiver’s reach. Several times the “drops” attributed to the receivers were actually off-target throws that receivers tried hard to pull in. From an outstanding rookie season, when there was no film for opponents to study, he steadily morphed into his true identity as an 8-8 QB as he competed against prior top-level collegiate players. He flashes when superior receivers pull his bacon out of the fire. He is well qualified to be a backup QB, but nothing more. Don’t squander top notch supporting player’s best productive years. A QB is no better than what he achieved in his most recent season. Let Coach McCarthy make the decision of whether to draft or trade for a QB with abilities to produce when it counts — meaning games, not practice or pre-season. $31 million or more for an 8-8 QB per year for 4 or 5 years? Wake up. With no change, 2020 will see the Cowboys with a 9-7 or 8-8 record and the playing field painted with greenbacks, not turf.

  15. We should have put the non exclusive tag on Dak, if a team wants to sign him for $40 per year, be my guest and we’ll take your 2 first rounders. Then sign Cam to a short deal and groom the QB if the future.

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