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Report: Cowboys Send New Contract Offer to Dak Prescott

Things are heating up in Big D. The Dallas Cowboys reportedly offered Dak Prescott a contract worth 33 million annually with 105 million in guarantees as was reported by Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News last Friday. However, it wasn’t enough to get anything long-term finalized.

Now, as the franchise tag deadline of March 12 approaches, the organization has turned up the heat in negotiations. According to ESPN’s Todd Archer, the Cowboys have sent a new contract proposal to Prescott, increasing their previous offer.

Todd Archer on Twitter

With the franchise tag deadline coming Thursday, the Cowboys have sent a new proposal to the agent of Dak Prescott in hopes of kick-starting talks on a multi-year deal, according to a source. Russell Wilson ($35 million) and Ben Roethlisberger ($34…

Russell Wilson has the highest average salary at 35 million per season with Ben Roethlisberger just behind him at 34 million. Aaron Rodgers and Jared Goff are next at 33.5 million so this new offer to Prescott you would assume is set at that floor, if not higher.

Deadlines make deals and the contractual dance between the Cowboys and Prescott is headed towards it’s the grand finale. More details to come.

What do you think?

Matthew Lenix

Written by Matthew Lenix

I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.


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  1. Cowboys front office screwed themselves to some degree by NOT having a good, functional BACKUP QB, to possibly compete with Dak. So now GREEDY Dak has the upper hand in these negotiations. Of course Dak is not the only greedy player. These people are making more in one year than the vast majority of Americans can make in 700 YEARS.


    The greed is OUT OF CONTROL! Anyone else getting turned off?

    • You got that right these players are way to greedy the ones that are getting screwed is the fans because who do you think will be paying for all this when ticket prices go up and all the other things that go with it fans should be telling the NFL either the price that we pay for your over priced games comes down or we will not buy anymore of of your garbage to me the fans have all the control not the owners or players but the fans because without us they have nothing.

  2. I could care less if Dak stays or goes. I just don’t want the Cowboys overpaying for an average at best QB who has done nothing but put up stats. In my book you don’t get the kind of money he is wanting until you start winning championships. Overpaying for Dak is guaranteeing that you don’t have money to invest in players to put around him. Lets be clear….Dak is not Tom Brady….he is not putting this team on his shoulders and taking them to the promised land. Last time I checked Belicheck is not coaching up the rest of the team either. No knock on McCarthy. It remains to be seen what he can do in regards to making the most of the talent on the squad. I am not high on the idea of rolling with Dak if he doesn’t have a fully loaded offense around him.

  3. Man stop it! No one gets paid based on championship anymore it all about stats and position. If you ask me the QBs are the only ones who when In the CBA. It the only position were mediocrity is rewarded. No that Dak is mediocre but the pay scale based on the CBA Calls for him to be the highest paid

  4. Dak has had 4 years of opportunity to at least make some noise in the playoffs and he has not taken this team anywhere. There is so much more to the QB position than just stats. Knowing when to audible, making the “right” play adjustment, etc. He is very good much of the time taking us from the 20 yd line to their 40 yd line….then we just self destruct. The Aaron Rodgers’, Tom Brady’s, Mahomes’, Drew Brees’, all know how to punch it in when given the opportunity. He just is not a closer…. he is not worth anywhere near the same pay range as these other QBs. Move on please. The rest of us have to prove ourselves or we don’t get the $$$. He certainly is not on the same league….at least at this point in his career as the elite QBs.

    • I totally agree. I also think we did not see all that Dak has to offer last year. Whether it was a coaching decision or Dak making a business decision once he realized he was not getting paid last year…he seemed far more reluctant to run the ball than he has in the past.

  5. Dak has never had a losing season with the Dallas Cowboys. I give Dak a ton of credit for betting on himself and basically working for 1 million a year as a 4th rd compensatory pick. We now say Dak is comparable to Goff and Wentz who went 1 & 2 in the same Draft.

    In my view, there is a lot more wrong with the Dallas Cowboys than Dak.
    1) Coaching – I suppose we think Garrett and Linehan were superior coaches. For that matter, Marinelli and Richard had their holes. Think LA Rams running all over us in the playoffs. Definitely Dak’s fault.
    2) In those 4 years of Dak, we seem to forget the great moves of our Front Office. Example: WR by committee. Draft Taco Charlton and Trysten Hill. How many of you bought into that? That’s Dak’s fault.
    3) Speaking of getting run over, where was our defense last year? Dak’s fault. He did that too.
    4) Special Teams was ranked worst in the NFL. It was Dak’s fault that we held on to Maher forever.
    5) That blocked punt in New England, that sealed the game. Dak’s fault.
    6) Dallas had the 2nd most dropped passes by the WR corps in the NFL. Dak should have caught those passes.

    I’m not homering on Dak:
    Was Dak inaccurate? Yes.
    Should Dak have run more at times? Yes.

    On the other side:
    Did Dak improve on the deep ball and his accuracy? Yes

    My point is that there is enough blame to go around and if you only blame Dak then your head is stuck up somewhere.
    The best part is none of the fanbase has anything to do with negotiations or contracts but some of the fanbase thinks they are the GM.
    They’re not!
    I hope Dak gets 35 or 36 million per year with 110 million guaranteed for 4 years.
    That way all the GM fans’ heads will explode for the next season.
    Come next year, Dak will be surpassed by the contracts of DeShaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes.
    When Watson passes Dak and hasn’t won a championship, what will be said?

  6. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Leave Tom Brady our of ANY talk of QB greats!!!! NO CHEATER SHOULD GET ANY CREDIT OR COACH LIKE LIKE THE PATS COACH…. Dak is a hard working Player who without cheating has done well… There are some Good QBs out there but Dak is in the running …. Championships are won By Great Coaches and To My Knowledge the Pats are the only team who have been proven cheaters multiple times!!! We need to get cheating out of the Game on the scale the Pats did and then We would see more teams in the Super Bowl !! For instance once the Bangles and Browns came out and straight up accused the Pats and showed proof the Pats were finished… look I’m just a Fan and Love Football and I Went to watching college cause of all the drama in the NFL and no matter how great Brady would have been We can not allow a Cheater into the Hall Of Fame cause at that point what is it saying about the game!! I know I know I’m hard on The Pats but I Hate Cheaters and Tom along with BelaCheat are simply not willing to allow their talents to speak but make sure there was a cushion in case!! Now back to Dak and as Well Romo were there some calls that kept their forward momentum go like what happened to the Last few years should be apparent around the league with no calls or bad calls that even after being reviewed were wrongfully made!!! That is a travesty right? But when a Team cheats OutRight people seem to not care cause it’s Tom Brady!! What if it was Big Ben or Patty or Wilson that cheated like that and laughed about it and denied it even tho the evidence was clear??? They would have been shunned no doubt!!! Dak would be a better player overall and went further if the game was called right and so would So many other QBs !!! Talent and Stats show Dak is upwards the top in the NFL and I like that fact that mistakes and all He won’t cheat to get ahead and that My Friends is the Value You want In A QB cause When they Win it all there will be no doubt like the Pats have!!! In the end Quality and Hard-work should be rewarded so long as the player is doing well and staying out of trouble and making the game a priority which Dak has done!!! He might not be some people cup of tea cause that crap if Your Not cheating You’re Not Trying Crap but is there a true victory when one cheats and go personal “ If You got cheated from a Victory that could change Your Life would You laugh and go on Or be pissed like all the Teams the Pats have cheated over the years and everyone knows but nothing is done about it????? Look bad calls are one thing, and mistakes are another but Cheating is neither!!! Clean Up the game and let Talent be the reason !!!! I don’t hate all the Pats players I hate cheating in any form and over the last ten years I have to go with what’s been reported and In the news and that is Only the Pats have been called out and proven over and over as well fined and suspended for cheating more than any other team In history!!!

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