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Report: Cowboys Waiting Until After Season for Amari Cooper Contract Talks

The have turned their season around with a change of direction on , spurred by the acquisition of . The Cowboys traded away a pick for the former fourth overall selection, instantly seeing results from the ex-Raider as his connection with has blossomed.

Prescott and Cooper connected twice on touchdown plays of 40 and 90 yards in the Cowboys most recent win on over the Redskins. With the victory, the Cowboys reclaimed first place in the East, improving to 4-1 since the Cooper . Of these four wins, two have come on the road, where the Cowboys were previously 0-4 prior to coming out of Philadelphia and Atlanta victorious.

All signs point to the 24-year old Cooper being part of the Cowboys long-term future, though the Cowboys have every reason to be focused solely on the present with Amari under contract through 2019.

The Raiders picked up the fifth year option on Cooper's rookie contract prior to trading him, giving the Cowboys the gift of time when it comes to evaluating their overnight success at the top of the WR .

According to a from 's Adam Schefter, the Cowboys have not discussed any for Cooper at this time. The team's current plan is to wait until after the season for these discussions.

Just how long this roller coaster of a Cowboys season has to go on for to determine Cooper's value is a fascinating inquiry. For a team that spent the puffing their chests over their ability to play offense without a number one receiver, only to lose ground in a weak division early, the Cowboys deserve credit for correcting their mistakes on the fly.

Trading for Cooper is not the only move that's worked wonders for Dallas, as the transition from to as has elevated the play of the Cowboys line – as well as .

Elliott snapped off 121 yards on 26 carries with three backup offensive linemen starting for the Cowboys against the Redskins. It was his third straight game with at least 100 rushing yards, as Elliott's yards per attempt have increased from 4.69 to 5.35 since Cooper arrived.

Report: Cowboys Waiting Until After Season for Amari Cooper Contract Talks
Dallas Cowboys WR Amari Cooper

It is hard to understate how difficult life was for the Cowboys offense without a player like Cooper on the roster, and how equally impressive it is that he's performed so well this quickly.

With all but confirming a Dak Prescott contract extension every chance he's given, and the Cowboys returning to their roots of running the football well in three straight wins, it's logical that Cooper is becoming just as important a cog in this Cowboys offense.

He's be the key to the Cowboys leading the league in third down conversions since his first game in week nine. For an offense that prides itself on staying on the field in order to punish defenses with physicality, this is surely a stat Cooper's agent has bookmarked for any contract discussion.

None of this is to say that nor will remain with the team through 2019. Clearly pleased with the return they're receiving on Cooper, the Cowboys brass should expect this team to sustain their current level of play and contend in the should they make it.

Anything short of this could shake up the Cowboys staff significantly prior to Cooper's final contract year, leaving a new voice to influence the Alabama product's future impact on the offense.

The Cowboys were criticized heavily for overpaying for Cooper originally, now being lauded for their overall resilience at 6-5 with everything to play for in the NFC playoff picture. Paying receiver that's made this possible will cost them even more, yet should be understandable as Cooper becomes the latest player out of Oakland to thrive away from the Raiders.

The Cowboys philosophy to roster building has focused heavily on retaining proven players already on the team. Though the way they acquired Cooper was unconventional for them, the Cowboys welcomed him with open arms, and will prepare to embrace Cooper as a cornerstone to the offense at the right time.

Sean Martin
Sean Martin
Born January 28th, 1996- Cowboys Super Bowl XXX. Point Boro Panther, Montclair State Red Hawk, and most importantly a proud member of Cowboys Nation! I host "Upon Further Review" on 90.3 WMSC FM and every Friday from 1-4 PM ET. Twitter: @SeanMartinNFL.

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Another excellent article, Sean. The one thing I will say is that since Cooper is signed through 2019, the first player who needs to be taken care of is Jerry’s “War Daddy”, Demarcus Lawrence. He has been extremely loyal (& smart) in the way he’s handled being tagged. He never complained and has been patiently waiting for his turn for the big bucks. He has proven that he IS the real deal so he needs to be taken care of first. And besides Coop, I think you nailed it when you talked about making Columbo the OL coach. I have no idea what in the world Jerry and Stephen were thinking when they decided to hire a new coach who wanted to change our blocking scheme when we had one of the best OLs in the League. Columbo has proven to be a great choice. He coaches and teaches like he played: TOUGH! I am so happy that Joe Looney has played as well as he has since we don’t have any idea when or even if Travis will be back. Can you tell me what the prognosis is on Tyron Smith though? I’m afraid we won’t get far w/o him. I’m not even sure who’s been playing his spot, to be honest.

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