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REPORT: Dak Prescott’s had No Infections Following Ankle Surgery

's immediate recovery from ankle surgery is going as well he and the could have asked for. The initial procedure went “very well” and now he appears to have made it through the post-surgical phase without developing any infections.

This is notable after the recent situation Washington QB faced. He suffered a similar compound ankle fracture in 2018 and then did battle infections. The issue was so severe that at one point Smith was threatened with losing his leg.

Thankfully it didn't come to that, but Alex did lose the entire and only just made his return to an field last Sunday. It was quite the coincidence that it Smith's comeback occured the same day that Prescott went down.

Dak's continued progress from this will be a major topic for all Cowboys followers. The current timetable should allow him to return for the start of the , but any major setbacks could put that into question.

Before we ever get to that point, though, Prescott and the Cowboys still have to figure out his contract. Dak was playing on the this year and is currently set to become an unrestricted next .

This injury may be a game-changer for the negotiation process. Will Dallas want to make a long-term commitment until they see how Prescott resume football activity? Could they prefer the one-year solution with a second franchise tag, even if it comes at significant cost?

Even if the Cowboys want to do another franchise tag will they be financially able to under a potentially decreased ? And at that point, will Dak play ball or could he hold out after what he just experienced?

At the very least, the latest update is a positive one for all involved. It gives increased confidence that Dak Prescott will be able to return to football in 2021 and that the Cowboys should be able to rely on him as their starting .

As always, we wish Dak all the best for his continued success in recovery.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
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