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Report: Jets’ Jamal Adams Requests a Trade; Names 7 Teams

The have been linked to All-Pro safeties each of the last three offseasons dating back to their flirtation with the and in the 2018 . The Cowboys were linked to the former Legion of Boom member until Thomas signed a deal with the in .

Even as the Cowboys have waded through two free agency periods and two drafts since Earl Thomas became a last offseason, they've consistently avoided making a splash for an elite . This offseason they added to take over for the departing , but that still hasn't stopped the rumors from swirling.

Well, the trade saga was given new life today when Rich Cimini, who covers the for , reported that the All-Pro safety has requested a trade from the Jets. Adams has consistently expressed his desire to stay in New York but has been seeking a long-term extension for the last year, to no avail.

As one of the top safeties in the NFL, Adams will likely get paid a market-setting contract when his time comes. The Dallas Cowboys showed interest in Adams before the 2019 , but the two sides couldn't agree. The Jets asked for a ludicrous amount in return for the All-Pro safety, and negotiations stalled.


Per Adam Schefter of ESPN, Jamal Adams has named seven teams that he would be interested in being traded to. As a Dallas native, Adams has always expressed an interest in playing for his hometown team, the Dallas Cowboys, however, he now has a list of places he would like to play.

While it's exciting that the Dallas Cowboys are on his list of teams that he'd like to be traded to, the difficulty now is that the Cowboys or any other organization interested in trading for Adams would likely have to enter a bidding war for his services.

In a twist, a source has told Calvin Watkins of the that Adams would be willing to play on the final year of his contract without an extension.

That's a new development as the assumption has been that any team that traded for Adams would have to work out a long-term contract extension as well. This opens up a whole new list of possibilities for the Dallas Cowboys, but also brings teams that don't have a ton of cap room into the mix as well.

The Dallas Cowboys are a team that will be in contention for the in 2020 and could use another playmaker on the defensive side of the ball. What Adams does around the line of scrimmage is about as good as it gets in the NFL. He led the Jets with six in 2020, as a safety. His play speaks for itself.

The question, as it always does with these things, is the price point. What would the New York Jets need to part ways with a player they drafted that has been good for them? Could the Dallas Cowboys get a deal done with simply a first-rounder? Or, would they need to include another pick or a package of players to get it done.

Get ready for a roller coaster ride of a summer on the Jamal Adams front. Until Adams gets what he wants, these rumors are going to continue to fly through the NFL world. The Dallas Cowboys are one of the teams in the that could make a significant run for a in 2020, and Jamal Adams is a player that can help them get there. With as hit or miss as the can be and if the Dallas Cowboys are as good as we think they'll be, trading a first-round pick for an All-Pro talent like Adams is a no-brainer.

Trading for Jamal Adams is a move the Dallas Cowboys should make. It makes them better on and provides another leader in the locker room. His ability to rush the passer would fit in well with 's pressure heavy scheme on defense. While positional value matters and teams need to be smart about how they allocate resources, Jamal Adams is just a great football player.

The Dallas Cowboys could always use another great football player simply because you can never have enough great players.

John Williams
John Williams
Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could. Make sure you check out the Inside The Cowboys Podcast featuring John Williams and other analysts following America's Team.

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Adam’s wants 20 million and no safety is worth over 10. Baltimore would love to dump Earl Thomas and his 15 a year.
The Boys let their #1 corner walk for less than Adam’s wants.
Cost for Adam’s: a first and a third, then at least 20 a year.
Forget it. Let some fool vastly overspend for a safety.


Siempre you are exactly right. Not to mention this front office just doesn’t value the safety position all that much anyways. Definitely not enough to go spend a king’s ransome on a Adam’s and then have to try and sign him AND Dak. Who is still unsigned. Can you imagine the backlash of they signed a safety to big money before Dak? Nope. This is nothing more than people who are desperate for sports news just trying to invent s@%t.

Jaime Padres

He is definitely not worth that kinda money.


Your are right almost everytime, but there are exceptions to the rule. players like Adams sway championships your way. Kind of like Dion did in the 90s he was 49er they beat dallas and won the superbowl the next year he did the same thing for Dallas. if winning a super bowl is your goal just do it

Carlos Ramos

How can the Jets build a contending team, if they spend a huge amount of their available cap space on a safety. They need to allocate some of their cap space to surround Sam Darnold with more offensive talent, and a pass rusher. They will also have to pay Darnold as well. Give him this money, and the Jets will continue to be a non contender. The PAIN of a life long Jets fan!!!!

Aaron rodgers

It’s funny how he thinks he gets to choose where he will go.. and also cowboys are not a 2020 playoff contender they have a shit pass first coach who hardly runs the ball. And when he does it’s up the middle that’s it. And they dont even know who there QB is. That tells me they are not in playoff contention but in a rebuild and will go 7 and 9 at best again. Especially with Zeke getting the rona and dak wanting 45 mill a year and now he possibly has the rona from his dumbass running back and him throwing parties. No thanks. Fuck the cowboys and go pack go!!!!

Cowboys fan

It sounds like you have no idea what your talking about!! First off, our QB is Dak Prescott!! 2nd, we haven’t went 7-9 in so long I can’t even remember…. So how can we do it again if we haven’t done it lately!? And 3rd, Zeke did get the Coronavirus, but it’s not something that somebody will have for the rest of their lives, it’ll be gone before the season even starts!! And another thing is Adams can choose where he wants to go if the jets have any respect for him, anybody that knows football knows that!! And lastly…. It sounds like your butt hurt cause your ex coach is now coaching for another….. Better team!! Anyways…. Learn how football works before you try coming on here talking trash, you just make yourself sound ignorant!! But then again I guess we can’t expect much more than that from a Packers fan!!


Trade Amari and we have cap to sign Adams. Gallup and lamb are ready to step in to 1 and 2. Sign dez to play the slot.


All right let’s sign Jamal Adams and trade whatever they want. Draft picks Jordan Lewis give it to them. Sign Everson Griffen and Jadeveon Clowney. There ways of manipulating the cap. Anyone remember San Francisco of the 90s. But that model will implode the team. You must have role-players to fill gaps between Stars. And injuries are just as prone to stars as anyone else.
All of those players would be great to have but you would have such low level backups because of cap the stars ate up. You could not really field much of a team. Don’t get me wrong I would give up our first and the third all day long for Jamal Adams. Maybe a first a fifth and Jordan Lewis and a 6th or 7th the following year. That would make a good package. Are you listening Cowboys? But I digress.
He is going to want north of 17 million a year. Probably more like 18 to 20. There is not enough slices of pie to go around. And keep a team viable.
Don’t get me wrong it would be great. But to be only able to keep a player like that for one year and lose that draft capital. It’s just not worth it in the end. Plus there is not enough cap room.
Keep dreamin more pie in the sky to write about Johnny boy. Lame article. Email me and i can share some teally good ideas for articles about the Cowboy. Really.


“Leader in the locker room””? Here is what the “leader” said after Drew Brees apologized for saying, in part, he respected our Flag and the people who fought for it: “Save the bullshit ass apologies. The truth just came out, and you two aren’t the only ones”. Apparently in Adam’s locker room, Brees and his opinion would be canceled, because it doesn’t fall in line with a certain narrative.

Plus, we already have one problem with Prescott and his contract, do we need another in the near future?


Followed this kid in high school (daughter same age attended and cheered Hebron with him) play against Kyler Murray’s Allen teams. Adams and Murray were the next “big things” to come thru Texas high school football. Murray just seems to lead in a manner I prefer. I don’t view Adams as a leader of men or a leader whom men will unequivocally follow. He’s a “me” guy more than a “team” guy. Some really nice safety’s have won Super Bowls, but aside from Ed Reed and Ronnie Lott (maybe Paulamo), none of them were really leaders of their defense. A Safety is not required to win a Super Bowl and to think this kid would impact a defense in the same manner as acquiring Deion did is fool-hearty!

Adams is a really nice player and would indeed make the defense better. And making this defense better, whether that’s a CB, a pass rushing RE, etc should be Priority-One. Adams can do that simply by putting on the helmet. But looking beyond this year and what his contract and cost would do to the team, I don’t believe it can be considered prudent. But hey, if it gets you just one Super Bowl … that’s what its all about, right? But do you really believe the Adams will do that this year? Again, he’s not a Deion Sanders or Charles Haley type of difference maker … IMO.

Tony Dorsey

To the guy that said fuck the cowboys, FUCK YOU & those joke ass Packers.. GO COWBOYS AMERICA’S TEAM !!!!

Jerome Bell

Jake sounds good

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