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RUMOR: Cowboys Showing Trade Interest in Cardinals WR/PR Christian Kirk

With the 2020 on the horizon, an interesting hit the mill yesterday regarding ' receiver and . The were one of the teams listed as being interested in trading for Kirk.

Christian was a 2nd-round pick in 2018 by Arizona. He was their #2 receiver last season, amassing 68 catches for 709 yards and three touchdowns despite only playing in 13 games.

Kirk also served as an occasional punt returner last year. He held the job full time as a rookie but that shifted in 2019 as his offensive role increased.

The Cardinals made a big this for . With still around and last year's 2nd-round pick looking for more work, it would make sense that Arizona might be shopping Kirk around.

Granted, this isn't coming from Rapoport or Schefter. And the Cowboys are often thrown into just about every trade or rumor because it helps draw more eyes.

That being said, there is some sound logic here as to why Dallas might be intrigued by trading for Christian Kirk.

The Cowboys have yet to make a move to fill 's #3 spot on the WR . Kirk would not only be a big upgrade over the current options but could also give Dallas a punt returner, which they also need after losing Cobb and not re- .

Also, we did a little digging, and a much more credible source linked the Cowboys to Kirk back before the 2018 Draft.

While is no longer the Special Teams Coordinator, he is still with the Cowboys in the department.

So is this a potential draft do-over for Dallas? In 2018, Kirk was taken by Arizona just three slots before the Cowboys drafted . Would they have taken the receiver if he'd fallen to them?

Again, the cited source on this rumor may not be trustworthy. But clearly, Christian Kirk makes a lot of sense for the Cowboys given his youth and the team's current needs.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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I think Kirk would be a solid #3 receiver and then have Pollard & Wilson as #1 punt and kickoff return guys and as a backup plan maybe draft one with your 5th or 7th pick

Cowboys fan

I’d be happy with kirk as our number 3 receiver as long as we didn’t have to give up too much to get him!!

Nathaniel Bowen

Give them 2020 7th rounder and 2021 6th rounder for him.


What would we have to give up? He is a recent 2nd round pick.

Carl Bostic

If can replace him cece

Jeremy Clark

Off topic but I’m interested in seeing if we can get a first round pick for Dak. I rather sign Cam for 8-10 million less than what Dak is seeking. If there is a drop-off its not much. The extra first round maybe get J. Adams and money saved could sign him. 17th pick X. McKinney. Defense solid hoping Aldon and Gregory work. 2 round KJ Hamler and I think we are a top team in the league…Your thoughts!!!

John Dixon

Cam is over rated and has been washed up for 3 years now. If they went the route of letting Dak go they should be Winston in a the cheaper side and draft a future guy that the new coaching staff picks.

Jeremy Clark

Hard for me to believe Cam is overrated. The personnel that he would have around him in Dallas is better than what he had in Carolina. Again maybe Dak is better but is he 10 million a year better. Cam could have given us an 8-8 season. Teams don’t win after they pay their QB outrages money. When was the last time that happened? They win with building talent. Jimmy G is no better than Cam. So with Cam we could build talent like SF has.

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