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Should fans be concerned with close call to the Texans?

A terrifying game occurred on Sunday for Dallas when their team entered the 4th quarter down by six points to the . While being a 17.5-point favorite, the Cowboys were about to lose to arguably the worst team in the NFL.

Luckily for the Cowboys, they remembered that the 4th quarter is when they are the strongest. It's beginning to act as a special perk for the Cowboys this season during the fourth quarters of games. Of course, the Cowboys prevailed right at the end of the game scoring 10 points in the 4th and rallying late to grab their 10th win of the year.

Something fans may be worried about is that this sort of “shaky” behavior with the Cowboys will carry into the postseason. So should Dallas fans be worried about what occurred on Sunday?

A couple of things to go over here, but first, let's look at the . The defense had some struggles this game, letting up 23 points. However, I personally don't blame the defense for the points that were allowed. On one of the Texans' touchdowns, the main play that resulted in it was , KaVonae Turpin fumbling the fair catch on a punt.

There were also two interceptions thrown by that helped put the Texans in good field position. These all are mistakes by the , however, that doesn't mean there weren't questions of the defense.

For the first time ever, I'm gonna say it. The Cowboys' linebackers and Linemen did not look great. The defense barely ever got in the backfield the whole game. My worry is that other teams will study how the Texans managed to keep the Cowboys' defenders away from their quarterback.

Now to jump over to the offense. I was rather impressed with how the offense performed in the 4th quarter (as always) but again, throughout the game, we were barely holding on. Fans shouldn't have to be worried in games like these, yet people were biting their nails worried that their team would be made fun of for losing to the Texans.

The offense needs to get going earlier than the 4th quarter. It's always fun to see your team make a comeback of course, but it's also good to see that your team is a solid one and one that can stay consistent throughout the whole 60 minutes.

As my old man would say “I'm not mad… I'm just disappointed.” This quote is how I felt after this game. I was expecting more and yet, this is what fans and myself received. These mistakes can not be made against a good NFL team.

So, should fans be worried about what happened? I would say maybe a little. Dak needs a bit of work to do over the week so those interceptions don't happen again, and the defense needs to find new ways to get to the QB without letting the other team stop them.

One good takeaway is that this was probably the worst game the Cowboys have played all season (besides the Tampa Bay game). Yet, the fact that with this many mistakes and errors they still came up with a victory, is honestly a good sign. The Cowboys are good, but consistency is the key to everything.

Tony Stahl
Tony Stahl
Hey there! My name is Tony Stahl. I have two passions, writing and football, when you put those two together you have where I am now, Inside the Star! I am 18 and live in Fort Worth and am a huge Cowboys fan. Football is my most favorite topic and I could talk your head off all day about it.

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The Boys team has lost huge talent in the last three weeks to injuries. That is real but media ignores that.
Gallup is about 70% and actually fading due to his injury. Parsons is limping and being platooned to protect his leg injury, plus loss of two corners, their best lineman in Steele, and their new starting run stop 1 technique leaves the team far weaker than three weeks ago.
The Boys are now a middle team with big holes.
Dak and Lawrence saved last week but it will be hard to go far with all the injuries.


Well said! This team has proven to be quite resilient this season but these late season injuries have me most concerned. In a relatively weak nfc a real path to the super bowl thru Philly exists, but there are only so many injuries a team can overcome. You can’t keep counting on great stand-in, step up performances from guys like DaRon Bland and Damone Clark.Esp. when you have to rely on players like Joseph.


Kelvin Joseph is a true STINKER! SLOPPY, CAN’T COVER A SENIOR CITIZEN, DOESN’T BELONG IN THE NFL!!! The Cowboys don’t miss often on their draft picks bit this guy has been and most likely will continue to be an EMPTY SHIRT!!!! Maybe the best for all concerned is to cut Joseph at season’s end. Having him on the team does nothing but tie up a spot a better player could have. He thinks he’s a rapper. Maybe he is, but one thing is certain, he’s not a Cornerback. No need to allow him to finish his rookie contract. We’ve seen enough!!!!


Sure they should be concerned. At home playing the worst team in the league as a big favorite AND behind at the end of the 4th quarter.
Ask far as the injuries, agree, that’s obviously not good, but they did pick up Hilton and Washington and Tyron are back and Peters should be at least serviceable. Corners may be a bit more concerning. BTW, they signed a big DT, Anthony Rush, to PS. for what it’s worth. Hopefully Parsons can get back to his old self sooner than later.


VAM, I think the main problems on this team is having Kellen Moore as your OC and having not parted ways with Kelvin Joseph yet. Both of these guys HINDER THE COWBOYS MORE THAN THEY HELP!!!! It’s true, I don’t like Kellen Moore and I feel like Joseph is an EMPTY SHIRT! Curious as to how you view these two.


Agree about Joseph, OFFSIDE/holding penalties, coverage, dumb mistakes, etc. He may cost them in a close game, but hard to cut a second rounder, and my guess is they think he may improve somehow. But so far IMO, he has definitely been a semi-bust. Maybe they should have cut him when he was in that car that was shooting and killed a man. But now with two corners down w/injuries, he will probably see more time. If they start him, don’t be surprised this weekend if T Lawrence throws a lot his way. Bottomline, he is a liability.

As far as Moore, I don’t like some of those slow developing double reverse trick type plays that usually result in a loss, and the run/pass percentages at times could be better. But overall and with the ten wins so far (4 coming with QB2 under center), he has done a pretty decent job, IMO.


Hello Tony! Yes I think Cowboys Fans should be concerned with this team right now. On Offense Kellen Moore is the MAIN CONCERN! On Defense, Kelvin Joseph is the MAIN CONCERN!!!! This kid is a absolute BUM! Has no business being in the National Football League PERIOD!!! The sooner the team can get MacKenzie Alexander on the field and Joseph off the field, the better. He’s a target for every quarterback in the league and why not. If a team has a STINKER on the field you damn well should light him up! I’ve been calling for Kellen Moore’s head for a very long time. He’s in over his head in Dallas. Too much talent for an IDIOT to manage. FIRE MOORE AND CUT JOSEPH IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

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