Should Jerry Jones Break his Silence About the Black Lives Matter Movement?

    As of yet, Owner/Gen. Manager has remained silent about the Black Lives Matter movement. For some his failure to address the issue publicly is some kind of admittance of lack of support, while others are patiently sitting back waiting to see what happens.

    I for one think it could be one of those “damned if you do, damned if you don't” situations, especially since the organization has already previously released a of support back in early June after the killing of George Floyd.

    I can't speak for others, but it certainly looks as if the Dallas Cowboys, as a team, seem to be committed to being part of the efforts of bringing positive change to the United States. I believe that's a step in the right direction whether or not Jerry Jones speaks on the topic publicly or not. Others certainly don't agree, but I really don't see any way Mr. Jones has anything to gain by breaking his silence.

    How times have we seen Jerry Jones speak publicly about something only to have his words misconstrued one way or another? Even if he were to have his Public Relations department write out a speech he can read verbatim it will be picked apart and judged as not being personal enough. And if he speaks from the heart or off the top of his head, who knows what he would say that could be misinterpreted.

    Despite all that though, there's an outcry of people wanting to know exactly what Jerry Jones thinks about the Black Lives Matter movement. It's completely understandable considering he's one of the most influential NFL owners in the league, which is why his silence is surprisingly making headlines. But what does Jones' silence mean to his players?

    What a few Cowboys players are saying about Jerry Jones…

    DT (June 18): “The Dallas Cowboys are the most recognized franchise in the world. They can get behind it, whether it’s the players or just being in the movement, period, and showing their support. It would be great to hear a statement from the Cowboys, great to hear a statement from Jerry Jones in support of everything that’s going on. Will that get me in trouble saying that? I don’t know, but the truth is it needs to be said. The problem is people are afraid to have the conversations.”

    DE (June 23): “I’m not going to sit here and take my time and basically shed light on Jerry Jones, that’s not my position. My position is to bring up the youth and give them more ways to find out what they want to become. Once you start asking me on a Black Lives Matter movement and Jerry Jones and the Cowboys — that ain’t none of my concern right now.”

    DT (July 6): “I hope he comes out and shows his support… You are an owner of an NFL team — you get what I’m saying? The majority of this team are these people that are being oppressed… So even if you are not going to be in the forefront, we need to know we have your support in that type of way.”

    I don't think it's all that surprising it's the Dallas Cowboys new additions who have been the most vocal about Jerry Jones breaking his silence in regards to the Black Lives Matter movement. Gerald McCoy and Dontari Poe's unfamiliarity with Jerry and what he may have said behind closed doors in the past makes them understandably curious about his stance. DeMarcus Lawrence on the other hand more than likely already knows what the Jones' and the Cowboys organization has or has not been doing about this issue for the past several years.

    In a normal I believe Jerry Jones would've already spoken publicly about the Black Lives Matter movement. Due to the / pandemic may have told NFL owners to hold off on addressing the social injustice issue to let the league handle it for now. After all, I don't recall any other NFL owners making public statements either and Jerry Jones certainly isn't shy about voicing his opinion about anything.

    I think in time we will hear from Jerry Jones, but when and where that time may come is unknown. Until then the Dallas Cowboys owner will certainly receive the majority of the flack for remaining silent. Sadly, that's one of the negative drawbacks of being the focal point of one of the most recognizable sports franchises in the entire world. Fair or not, it comes with the job.

    Should Jerry Jones break his silence about the Black Lives Matter movement?

    Brian Martin
    Brian Martin
    Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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    I generally agree with your summation. But I do think it could be beneficial if news “leaked” that the team has donated $$$ to an organization that is supportive of the overall cause(s).


    A FALSE NARRATIVE is being perpetrated on the American people by Black Lives Matter and other felonious entities, including Antifa. This false narrative, in a nutshell, is there is SYSTEMIC RACISM against Blacks in the Police Departments throughout our Country. This is UNTRUE and I will show the facts and statistics later in this post.

    There IS a form of racism happening right now, but it is racism is AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE. BLM, et al, are pushing the LIE that White people are evil and must be punished for the crime of being BORN WHITE. And the sad and pathetic thing is that many gullible, liberal White people, who have a guilt complex, actually believe this may be true. BLM is a group that openly hates WHITE People. Even their name is racist. Yes, Black lives matter, but NO MORE than Hispanic lives, Asian lives or dare I say White lives.

    Just imagine what the media and others would do if there were a group in our Country named WITE LIVES MATTER. It would go apoplectic with outrage, proclaiming RACISM!!!

    The only time BLM shows up is when there is a VERY RARE incident when a Black person is shot and killed by a White Police Officer. In fact, the real problem is the innumerous Black on Black killings, including babies, in are major cities that don’t get the attention from BLM because it DOES NOT PROMOTE THEIR NARRATIVE. The same goes with the LIBERAL MSM.

    How any unarmed Blacks were shot and killed by Police last year? 9. How any unarmed Whites were shot and killed by Police last year? 19. Studies actually show that Police are less likely to shoot Blacks. One study was done by Roland G. Fryer, a young Black professor at Harvard University. His study showed that in the most lethal form of force – Police shootings – there was NO RACIAL BIAS. “It is the most surprising result of my career”, he proclaimed. The odds of a unarmed Black person being shot and killed by Police is about the same as a Black person being struck by lightening. But the MSM and TV and Movies and opinions of many Black athletes, and Hollywood nitwits continue to push the FALSE NARRATIVE that it is open season on Blacks by Police.

    Jerry Jones does not have to speak on this because its not THE REAL PROBLEM. If he or others want to really help the Black situation, they should listen to a Larry Elder or Walter Williams or Thomas Sowell, and get educated. All Black men who speak with FACTS and WISDOM.


    We all want to and expect to be treated with respect. Is that too much to ask? If there is any judging going on the judging should be based on the content of our character. (MLK)

    Cowboy Fan Ed

    I just wish we all would get along and pull together as Americans , this BLM movement is just pushing people apart! I have to agree with Vam because he has quoted factual Stats!! I listen to a guy on the radio by the name of Alexander Hamilton the third, he is an X Marine and a Harvard educated lawyer he also is an AMERICAN from African dissent. This guy is one of the smartest people I have ever listen to on the subject of police reform , black lives matter and what it means to be an American !! As far as Jerry speaking out on this movement it’s a no win situation for him on this issue!

    Elouit Paige

    VAM, YOU MUST BE WHITE. You have no idea what a black man had to endure in America. People like you don’t value ignorance enough. You need to educate yourself on black history Before you go public with your uneducated opinion


    Your very first statement is racist and you speak of ignorance? Lol. “you have no idea what a black man had to endure in America.” you talking about the black millionaire athletes, lawyers, doctors, judges, governors, mayors, police chiefs, ceo’s, congressmen and women…. Etc?
    Please give the oppression excuse a rest.


    Elouit Paige writes, “You have no idea what a black man had to endure in America”.

    The KEY WORD in that sentence is “HAD”. Yes, no question, in the past many wrongs were inflicted on Black people. But clearly, this is NO LONGER the case now, in 2020. If people want to continue to play the victim card, fine, have at it. I do not think Black people TODAY are victims.

    Elouit, if want to debate the facts I laid out, great. However, I don’t think you have much success, but I’m game. But attacking me personally does not help your case.

    Again, I recommend reading or listening to Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams or Larry Elder. Wise Black men who rely on FACTS, as well as their intellect and experience. And FACTS ARE STUBBORN THINGS.

    Annette Scott

    For those of you that think racism is dead spend a day as a person of color and them come back and share your thoughts.

    Dennis Gooding

    I’ve never consider myself prejudice have worked with blacks and Mexicans all my life. Never gave it any thought but the sham balm movement is changing my mind. I believe I am prejudice. Against radical uninformed people that spew lies maskaraded as truth and hate me and mine for simply being born white. I would love to hear jerry Jones.renounce all hatred. Lisa and the BLM

    Victoria Crosswhite

    Jerry Jones doesn’t own anything to anyone. If he doesn’t want to comment leave him alone. NFL really doesn’t need to speak on this at all. Can we please leave all this out of sports. If players want to go live about on there own time that’s cool. You are being paid to play football for my viewing pleasure, can you just stick to that.

    Mr. Black

    If the Dallas HOME season opener has any…and I mean ANY mention of BLM, or support of that racist flag-burning terrorist organization, myself and probably 80% if the fan base for “America’s Team” will disappear.
    Annette Scott, every single one of my black coworkers and black friends whole-heartedly told me they don’t know wtf you’re talking about, but then again they don’t play the “race card”. Ever. Elouit Paige, black history is being shoved down America’s throat right now, and most of us white people already are fully aware of the hard times your ancestors went through…YOUR ANCESTORS. They would probably HATE what BLM is doing to our country right now, especially considering we had a black president for 8 years. Give it a rest.
    Lastly, thank you VAM for the facts. Sadly, people like Annette and Elouit are too blinded by CNN to see facts, and that’s a shame.