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Should The Cowboys Trade For Deebo Samuel?

On Wednesday, 49ers requested a from the team, leading to speculation on where he will play next season.

Samuel, one of the best wide receivers in the NFL last season, flourished in his new /wide receiver hybrid role. He gained 1,770 all-purpose yards last season and scored 14 total touchdowns, earning First-team All-Pro honors. Eight of those touchdowns were rushing, setting an NFL season record for a wide receiver.

Samuel has become one of the best wide receivers in the league and now wants out of San Francisco. Could the be a potential destination for the Pro Bowler?

Reportedly, Dallas made a recent trade offer for Samuel. The terms of the offer, if it even happened at all, are unknown. However, there appears to be interest from the Cowboys’ end. Samuel also seems interested, liking a picture on Twitter of him in a Cowboys jersey.

Several wide receivers have departed Dallas this . was traded to the , while and Malik Turner parted in to the and the 49ers, respectively. With potentially out for the start of the , wide receiver is a hole the Cowboys desperately need to fill.

With Samuel, the Cowboys would get someone better than Cooper who can bring many skills to the table. Every Dallas fan saw what Samuel could do when San Francisco came to town for the , specifically on the ground. He gained 110 total yards, 72 of them rushing, and scored a third-quarter touchdown to put the 49ers up two scores.

I don’t think much needs to be said on whether Samuel fits in Dallas. Thanks to his diverse skill set, he definitely would. Samuel would be a massive boost to an that needs more playmakers. His tape shows the impact he can have on a game. However, would the Cowboys deploy him as a “wide-back”? Does Samuel even want to be in that role anymore?

Recent reports would say he doesn’t. Samuel’s main sticking point with the 49ers isn’t money or a but his usage. Despite thriving in his new wide-back role, Samuel no longer wants to be a wide-back, with ’s Ian Rapoport saying he doesn’t like “taking a lot of hits” when deployed as a running back. This is understandable, given that running backs who take a lot of hits tend not to last long in the league.

But if he wants to be a wide-back or not, would it matter? It’s not like Samuel is incapable of being a true wide receiver. In 2019, his only full season before 2021, Samuel caught 57 passes for 802 yards and three touchdowns. Last season, he gained 1,405 receiving yards, averaging 18.2 yards per catch. gave him a receiving grade of 87.8 last season, which was higher than his 85.3 rushing grade.

The Cowboys have one of the best running back duos in football with and . They don’t need someone who can play running back. If Samuel wants to be a full-time wide receiver again, it shouldn’t be a problem for Dallas. Wide receiver is a position of need, and Samuel could fill that hole without playing running back. With and Gallup beside him, he doesn’t even have to put up top-tier numbers. He just has to be a contributor, which he can be.

How can the Cowboys acquire Samuel?

So, we’ve established how Samuel fits with Dallas on the field. Now, let’s talk about how the Cowboys can get him on the team. Samuel and Lamb have the same agent, so there’s some connection there. But that’s not what’s going to bring him to Dallas. What will is draft capital, which the Cowboys have. But does Dallas want to utilize it?

The got a first-rounder, a second-rounder, two fourth-rounders and a sixth-rounder from Miami for Tyreek Hill. San Francisco is going to want a similar package for Samuel. Would giving up many draft picks be worth it to acquire Samuel? A question like that can only be answered in hindsight after Samuel plays games for the Cowboys.

However, the man who has to bring him to Dallas is CEO . After a disaster of a , there’s not much confidence that he’s going to make an effort to acquire top-end talent. All offseason, Jones hasn’t shown the desire to bring in that talent. There’s no reason to suspect he’ll gain that desire soon.

Samuel would transform the Cowboys’ offense and add another layer to what was a lethal unit last season. The chances of him arriving in Dallas are anyone’s guess. This isn’t the first time the Cowboys have been linked to elite talent. Given they’re America’s team, it definitely won’t be the last.

Dallas could absolutely acquire Samuel. The question is: does Dallas want to acquire him? Given Jones’ track record this offseason, the answer is probably no. Like ’s supposed interest in Dallas, this might just be another two-week story that fades once the Cowboys predictably do nothing.

Nick Coppola
Nick Coppola
Student at the University of Oklahoma. Reporter for OU Daily. Junior Writer for Inside The Star. Contributor for Guns Up Nation.

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James Vargas

If Dallas could not afford Amari Cooper, there is abolutely no way they will acquire Deebo Samuel. He is using the Cowboys as leverage in his negotiations.


Bargaining as long as the NFL has been in existence.

Stephen Gregory Abel

Nick, how on earth do you report with a straight face that the Cowboys “Have one of the best running back duos in the NFL in Ezekial Elliot and Tony Pillard”? You have watched EE the last two years, right? In 2020, he ran like he had lead weights in his shoes. Slow, no burst, no breakaway speed at all. 2021 he ran like he had two broken legs which we later find out that it is as an issue with one knee. The only reason he got 1,000 yards was that the league added a game to the season. EE has only been a great player for two seasons, his first and second. He’s been on a downhill slide some since getting paid. So, Pollard is electrifying and rock solid but this “one of the best duos in the NFL” is about as believable as CNN peddling the Russia hoax 24/7.

Now, on to Samuel. If you couldn’t afford Cooper, you darn sure can’t afford Deebo. How about this, take some of that Deebo cash and sign a big, gnarly, aggressive interior defensive lineman and STOP THE FREAKING RUN! Signing Deebo so you won’t have him run it down your throats in the next Wildcard game doesn’t solve the problem. Commit resources to STOP THE RUN!

I know some don’t but I really liked Cooper and hated to see him go. Even at his price tag, he was IMHO a solid player and class act. Absolute absurdity to say his production didn’t meet his salary while, at the same time, you’re offering Randy Gregory $70,000,000. The dude only missed 50 games in his time in Dallas mostly due to suspensions but you have a come undone because Cooper misses two games for contracting a disease in a pandemic which now has been proven that the vaccines did little to stop (I’m a RN and my wife is a Physician Assistant and we have studied this ad nauseam). Cooper misses two games and he has to go. RG misses about his entire career up to this point and let’s throw $70,000,000 at him. This whole thing started with EE. If he didn’t get that ridiculous contract, the Cowboys could probably have afforded to keep EE, Cooper and Gregory.

OK…I’ve got to go eat some oatmeal because I’ve worn myself out typing.

Cowboy Fan Ed

Hey SGA I have to agree with you on all your points! I would like to have a new Ford F 250 and probably could have one but I like to go out to eat and watch TV and have electricity in my house along with playing a little golf every once in a while! So needless to say I can have a lot more things I need instead of putting all my resources in one Item!


“Russia Hoax”? What a moron!!!! trump sucks.


If it costs anywhere near what the Hill deal did then no way! There are plenty of talented wide outs in the draft. This team needs to continue to build through the draft and develop their own players.


Samuel is turning into a diva receiver .He wants to dictate how he will be used but still wants 25 million.
Move on. Life is too short to deal with divas.

Vito Monaco

It seems almost every big-name FA get linked to the Cowboys. And then when it doesn’t happen, some fans get a little bummed. HIGHLY doubt this happens and agree with Todd, would not give up a stupid amount of draft capital.


It would be absurd for them to make a deal for him similar to the Hill deal. Dallas has always gravitated towards stars and I’m glad they are finally being smart and going for depth rather than giving up all their draft capital for big names. Build a deep team and start investing in defense !!

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