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Should the Cowboys Trade for Gardner Minshew to Solve Their Backup QB Dilemma?

As we sit about a month or so away from the start of the Dallas Official , the one position that has my attention heading into camp is Backup QB.

While the Cowboys are fortunate enough to have QB at the helm, it was just a couple of seasons ago when Prescott wasn’t in the lineup, and the Boys were going through a QB carousel

So why isn’t the club aggressively trying to upgrade the position to avoid that hiccup again?

While some may point out that addressing the position is the least of their worries when you have , , and , but are you confident this time around that any of them can win you games if something happened to Prescott again?

And that’s why I’m here asking if the Boys should for Eagles QB Gardner Minshew?

A former sixth-round pick by the in 2019, Minshew entered the league as a projected backup, but when QB went down with a clavicle in Week 1, Minshew earned the starting gig and took the NFL by storm.

His play would earn him the starting position into the , but would derail him, and the Jags would trade him to Philly for a sixth-round pick to make space for their current QB, Trevor Lawrence.

When saw the little draft capital that the Eagles had to give up to land a former-starting QB (given they already had QB as their starter), they were furious because he could have solved their backup QB position long-term. 

But with the Eagles Nevada QB Carson Strong as a UDFA in this year’s class, who reportedly has been making noise, why haven’t the Cowboys been aggressively calling the Eagles

Minshew would immediately elevate your Backup QB position, and you could move on from one or two of the QBs on the to make room for other needs. 

He has starter experience, is cheap (on the last year of his deal), and you can run a similar around him if Dak (Prescott) went down. 

While I don’t wish or hope Dak (Prescott) gets hurt, the front office needs to be aggressive in upgrading the position because you’re only wasting another year if you think any of the current QBs behind Prescott can win you games. 

So, please Jerry and Stephen (Jones), go after Minshew or any QB. It won’t hurt you.

What do you think?

Rocky Garza Jr

Written by Rocky Garza Jr

Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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  1. Not sure they need to go out and trade for someone just yet. I’d rather see one of these guys improve enough to mute these questions though (because it does have merit). I think the bigger issue with Rush, Grier, etc is that Moore far too much reduces the playbook when they are in the game … and this is results in them looking limited and/or subpar.

  2. Moot question as it will never happen.
    Agree with lonewolfz, time to draft a top QB EARLY next year. That horrible contract just set them back to get to a SB in numerous ways. Informed fans understand.

  3. What’s the backup QB dilemma, Rocky? Cooper Rush performed with remarkable poise and leadership in his first career start. It was exactly the kind of QB performance you need in a backup. It’s clear Jerry Jones believes in him and has said they can still run the whole playbook with Rush. What’s your problem with Jerry Jones’ judgment and hard-working, capable Cooper Rush?

  4. Trade for him? No.
    Sign him if they are dumb enough to cut him? Certainly.

    They really need to consider drafting a QB in the upper rounds next draft. Let him develop for a season or two behind Dak and let Dak walk in 2024 or 2025 (end of contract).

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