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TEN 28, DAL 14: Something’s Got To Change

Any glimmer of hope that the optimistic Cowboys fan could have had for their died on national television tonight, as Dallas lost to the 28-14. The loss drops them to 3-5, and they were unable to capitalize on Washington's week 9 defeat to pick up a game in the East.

The night started about as perfect as it could have for the Cowboys , forcing two fumbles and setting their up with short fields in the first quarter. But, despite three trips, the Cowboys only scored 7 points during that opening quarter.

The game really changed when threw an egregious interception in the end zone, trying to force the ball to in double coverage. Tennessee took the interception and went right down the field to tie the game, creating a 14 point swing which Dallas never really recovered from.

To be honest, no unit was good enough tonight. The offense line started hot, but once again did not live up to their billing. Dak Prescott had arguably his worst game of the season, and it honestly feels fair to put this loss on his shoulders.

And, although they are often complimented greatly, the Cowboys defense failed them tonight. Time and time again they allowed and the Titans to convert third downs and stay on the field.

This was once again a complete organizational loss, starting with the owner and trickling down through the staff and each position group.

Dallas will travel to Philly to take on the 4-4 Eagles on next week, in a game which suddenly feels much less important.

Other Notes

  • As mentioned, Dak Prescott was simply not good enough tonight. He threw for 243 yards and 2 touchdowns, but he missed for an easy touchdown early in the game, fumbled the ball away in their own territory, and threw a game changing red zone interception. He has to be better, but it's fair to question if he can be.
  • On what was likely the final meaningful play of the 2018 Cowboys season, Prescott held onto the ball too long while the receivers failed to get open. He then eluded some pressure, but threw the ball out of the end zone. That's their passing offense in a nut shell right now.
  • The Titans went 11 for 14 on third down tonight. 11 for 14.
  • The Cowboys finished the game 1-4 in the red zone, despite spending their fourth overall pick on a and trading a first rounder for a wide out last week.
  • On the bright side Amari Cooper looked really good tonight, as he scored his first touchdown as a Dallas Cowboy and created consistent separation from Titans' .
  • Something has to change with this team going forward. To be honest, I think it all might have to change. The , the play caller, and the . Maybe they'll turn it around, but it's hard to see a realistic path for them to do so.
  • Don't stop reading Inside , though. Those guys are good.
Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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Harold Ellerbee

Just about what I expected….if this was my team they would go for it on 4th down every time even if they were on their own 2 yard line…I would play the B team the rest of the year and let the A team sit and wonder why their not in the game.The Jones boys need to get a real coach…who does not call college plays..

Harold Ellerbee

I have a new name for the team “the Dallas fall boys”…oh by the way Jerry as long as your players have out side interests they won’t care about foot ball.


Dak sucks!!! What has to change is the sorry QB! I’m sick of his sorry ass ruining my team

Robert Strandberg Jr

There’s not a coach on the staff that didn’t get his ass handed to him tonight. The Cowboys were torched in every aspect of the game all night long, by a bad team. Due to the general manager’s inaction regarding much needed coaching changes, this team has become an embarrassment. And yes, I’m well aware of the identity of the general manager. He should resign!

Robert Strandberg Jr

Oh and by the way Jerry. Just in case there’s any question, you didn’t win the Superbowls of the nineties. Jimmy Johnson did!


The Major Change on the Offence Rooster that needs to happen is BENCHING DAK PRESCOTT (CHOKE THE CHICKEN). He has never and will never be able to the Future Quarterback for this team. We can not live our TEAM on Yesterday. Everyone continue to bring up Dak’s Rookie Year. So what it was great and he was under pressure by the GREAT TONY ROMO and he stole the job from TONY ROMO. Now he is paying the price for being a PATHETIC CROOKED THIEF. Now he will know what it feels to be REPLACED by a BETTER QUARTERBACK. I HOPE JERRY JONE HAS WOKEN UP AND BRING IN THE REPLACEMENT THAT IS NEEDED FOR QUARTERBACK.


i don’t think there is a player on this team that has developed into something good or great. players have come in here and regressed, each and every one of them. maybe 90 is the only one you could say that has improved. dak, zeke, the entire OL, LB’s, corners, safeties…..all of them regressing week to week and that is the coaching staff.

we don’t have any back up OL that can push for a starting position so the starters aren’t worried. we don’t have any RB’s that can push for starting spot, so zeke continues to trip and slip over his feet or the turf and why suddenly does he think he’s leveon bell, hit the frkn hole and go, quit with this studder step junk. there is no one to push the QB so he continues to make mistakes without fear of getting benched. just a horrible horrible job by this entire team and coaching staff.

get mike white ready

Hector Espindola

I won’t stop calling for a new QB Coach, cause even with a legit new WR1, Dak is stalled. With that quality of coaching staff does someone not named JJ still dreams with playoffs??? Seriously???

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