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The Brady Report: They Just Aren’t Good Enough

It's pretty amazing this is where the 2019 Cowboys season has gone. After a 3-0 start in which Dallas looked like one the elite teams in the league, the Cowboys have completely fallen off a cliff.

Now, after what can be called one of the single worst losses in the last 20 years of football, this team is 7-8 and just about done. The era is coming to a close, and what better way for him to go out than with an 8-8 season?

Let's get into my from this 17-9 loss to Philadelphia before I throw up on the keyboard.

  • Let's start with the . has been mostly awesome this season, but against the Eagles Sunday he was not. Prescott had arguably his worst game of the year on the season's biggest stage, throwing for just 265 yards and failing to lead this to a single touchdown. Considering how banged up and bad the Eagles is, this was an inexcusable letdown from the Cowboys passing offense. When Prescott was good, his receivers often let him down. Dallas had a few costly drops on third downs, and didn't help out their struggling quarterback whatsoever. And it was everyone. failed, failed, and the entire offense was just not good enough. Where ' rag-tag bunch rose to the occasion, Prescott's arsenal of heralded weapons came up short time and time again.
  • This was a weird game for the Cowboys . For starters, they only gave up 17 points and kept their own struggling offense in the game for all four quarters. But it's not like they were very good either. They allowed Carson Wentz to pretty much dice them up throughout the night, throwing for over 300 yards and the game's first touchdown. They did make a handful of big stops, such as their fourth and one stand when Philadelphia was threatening to go up three scores in the first half, but their slow start ultimately handcuffed the entire team. Dallas' defense was fine, but did not show up in the fashion the team ended up needing.
  • On what might end up the final meaningful play of the , the Cowboys deployed two tight ends and no Amari Cooper. According to Jason Garrett, they wanted to get both Cooper and a breather after such a fast-paced two minute drive. But this was fourth and season. This was the biggest play of the game where you are trying to save your playoff lives. And instead of going to the you traded a pick for last season, you left him on the bench to watch the play unfold.
  • Is a professional starting ? Awuzie has struggled mightily at times during his young career, but those struggles reached their apex on Sunday. ended up benching the former pick in favor of , and it honestly felt like a move which should've made a while ago. We thought this Cowboys cornerback room was one of the deepest in all of football, but it's turning out to be a massive need this .
  • I do want to give one player a positive shoutout, and that's . Back in his old role as the eraser, Jones did an excellent job when matched up with on Sunday. Jones held Ertz in check during each of their battles, as he has tended to do during his time in Dallas. Jones is this team's best cornerback, and a player the Cowboys can ill-afford to lose this Spring. Unfortunately, I'd be shocked to see him extended.
Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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Mr. Cowboys 1966

The Cowboys are a sad organization. Every spring and summer Jerry Poppins raise its ugly head to deceive the media and the Cowboys Nation, by spewing out optimism. Jerry Poppins hyping up an overrated roster into a Super Bowl contender, and building up Coach Clapper and his coaching staff as the edge in bringing home the Lombardi Trophy. Then when the regular season starts and reality sets in, the media and the Cowboys Nation are baffled because once again Jerry Poppins has sold pretty poison of mediocrity in disaster and disappointment. This madness has been consistent since 1996, and unfortunately will continue regardless of who is the head coach of the Cowboys, of this once proud organization that was built on the backs of Murchinson, Schramn, Landry and Brandt, is now a shell of what it once represented. The Landry course continue…..

Johnny Sanchez

I totally agree with you. Long time fan since the mid 70s and Unfortunately as long as he is alive and the Jones’ own the Cowboys , they will never see a Lombardi Trophy again and my last jersey that I purchased was Dak because all the other players aren’t worth a dam. Fans need to stop drinking his kool aide . Since Ive been blocked by all of the writers for the team because they don’t want to see the truth. Once people smarten up they will no longer follow this team and hurt JOnes’ in the pocket ! Karma bites hard!!! Robbing people of there hard earned money. They are Thieves!


I agree with your opening statement concerning the Cowboys being a SAD organization. This STARTS at the TOP, jp, lmao, is the LEADER in this Circus that HE calls a FRANCHISE! He HAS to FIRE HIMSELF for this PROUD FRANCHISE to Lift the CURSE of Jerry, NO owner FIRES a coach who WON a BOWL the PREVIOUS year. Keep that in the FOR front of your BRAIN when WE start SPREADING BLAME!!

Skip Burton

With all the talent Dallas has it should be a superbowl contender. Failing to even come close has to be the fault of the coach or the owner and in this case I think it’s both. I have been a fan since the 60’s and it has become increasingly difficult to stomach the way the Cowboys have fallen from grace since Jerry Jones arrived. In the beginning he was afforded the luxury of inheriting a good franchise but once he depleted what Schram and Landry created and became the face of the franchise it has all been downhill. It is not likely he will sell the franchise so the only way for this team to return to its glory days is to find a strong enough coach and GM who will lead this organization and make Jones just an owner again.


Ertz hardly played. Had cracked rib. The other tight end named DALLAS, tore it up and down the field.


All year, sports commentators have been say the Cowboys have NOT BEATEN a winning team. How can any observant Cowboy fan say ANY aspect of the Cowboys have played well this season. Only against the Rams game did almost all step up. I really think a shake up this off season may be needed. Prescott won’t be going anywhere but he’s our team leader and he needs to start playing like a top notch QB because he has clearly not been even close to showing he deserves top money! He needs to stop under throwing, stop throwing behind receivers, see the field and receivers quicker and MUCH BETTER and get rid of the ball sooner so he can make a difference in games!!!

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