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The Cowboys can win it all IF they can overcome inconsistency

The improved to 9-3 after last night's win against the 54-19.

The Cowboys scored 54 points with a 33-point explosion in the 4th quarter.

The is 60 minutes for a reason, and the Cowboys did what they needed to do and took care of a bottom-end football team, but if they can fix the inconsistency, this team can beat anyone anywhere.

The and the looked good and bad in the first half of the game. As many thought the game was leaning in the Colts' favor, both sides of the ball made a play.

The interception by set up a 13-yard touchdown strike from Prescott to Gallup to go up 21-13 at the half.

They started the second half the same way.

A holding on stalled the first drive of the second half. Moore drew up a draw play and a throw underneath, resulting in a punt.

The defense then gave up a 90-yard touchdown drive that brought the Colts within 2. Indy would not score the rest of the game.

I can't pinpoint the cause of the inconsistency, but If this team can figure it out, I don't think anyone in football can beat them.

The Cowboys are now the 2022 leaders in point differential with +127. They have the No. 3 scoring offense in the NFL this season (27.8 PPG), yet we can all agree that it didn't look right at times. Yet here we are, winning football games by 30 plus after letting teams hang around.

The game yesterday shows what the Cowboys can do if they are clicking.

Regardless of the inconsistency, this team is dominating others when it matters the most. They played a complete game against the Vikings, the second seed in the . We have seen them do it for the entirety of the game and not one quarter.

The Cowboys have everything they need to make a run at the . They have the best backfield duo in football. and will rush for over 1,000 yards this season, and they are the PERFECT combo.

was fantastic last night; he scored twice and is starting to look like himself. is proving the doubters wrong, also. He is on pace for over 1,300 yards this season, and OBJ could be on the way!

, since returning, has the No. 1 offense in football. Yes, you read that correctly. He threw one pick last night on a questionable non-call against Gallup. He plays at a high level and is not afraid to take chances.

That might be the key for and his playcalling. Let's see some more shot plays down the field, with close to returning, and if we see an OBJ signing, this team will become even more fun.

I don't care who they are playing or where. This team has the right pieces in every spot to turn a game upside down from start to finish, and it boils down to being able to do it at least 90% of the time.

Of course, at times, drives are going to stall, and the defense will give up big plays, but we have seen enough time and time again from this team to show why they can win it all.

You can't tell me at times you thought, “here we go again,” after the Colts kept it close. It has been a few years since I felt a team could make game-changing plays on both sides of the ball, and it just needs to happen consistently.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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