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The Dallas Cowboys 2nd round options

As the 2nd round of the is set to be later today, many prospects that were favored to be picked in the 1st round are still on the board.

Players such as University of Kentucky Will Levis, University of Penn State , and University of Notre Dame , are all still available.

The ' next pick comes during the 2nd round with them owning the 58th pick in the .

With six more picks in this year's draft coming by way of the later rounds, could we possibly see the Cowboys pair some picks to up?

After all, they were heavily linked to Mayer.

Since he's still available, the Cowboys could snag him in the 2nd round.

The Cowboys' top three positions of need are , and tight end.

Looking at linebacker first, there are a couple of options that the Cowboys could take in the 2nd round with their pick.

One of the names that pop up for the linebacker position is .

Simpson is a 6-foot-2-inch linebacker from the University of Clemson. Simpson's greatest strength is his ability to line up against opposing running backs as well as tight ends in man coverage.

He's also a natural pass rusher, a position the Cowboys bolstered by selecting with their first-round pick.

— linebacker from the University of Arkansas — is another name to look out for.

The 6-foot-4-inch linebacker is someone who can play all over the field. The versatile linebacker can play off the ball as well as rush the .

Sanders can handle his own when matching against running backs in coverage.

Looking at the tight end position there's a handful of names the Cowboys might call on with their pick in the 2nd round. One that is an obvious choice would be Michael Mayer.

The 6-foot-5-inch tight end from Notre Dame would be a complementary fit to the Cowboys' .

With the loss of Tight End , Mayer would help make up for the loss of production. Mayer is a ballhawk as he has an amazing ability to create separation. He's an excellent route runner, who has a good ability to win contested catches.

University of Georgia's TE is a name many would like to see be called.

The 6-foot-7-inch Washington is a physical unit. His ability to rip the ball out of defenders' hands as well as make flashy plays would bode well in this offense.

Aside from his offensive prowess, Washington is one of the better blocking tight ends available in the draft.

With the Cowboys' top two choices at running back being snagged before the 15th pick, they look to the next best available.

The speedy elusive Running Back by way of the University of California Los Angeles is a name we can hear being selected.

Charbonnet's ability to gain yards after contact makes him a highly coveted player.

, the RB from the University of Texas Christian, could also be drafted by the Cowboys.

Light on his feet, Miller has the ability to make defenders miss. His ability to weave in and out of traffic without losing a step is a crucial skill to have in today's game.

With many good options available it's interesting to see what and Co. decide.

We all know there's three holes to fill position-wise, however, the Cowboys are notorious for selecting the best available player.

Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez
Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys Fan from birth. Based in Los Angeles.

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