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The Dallas Cowboys Needed A No. 1 Wide Receiver After All

The for was an aggressive move for a team looking to win a relatively weak East this season, and also an admittance of failure in their plan to do just that. A task that would be far less difficult if not for early season losses at Carolina, Seattle, Houston, and most recently Washington, the Cowboys are hopeful that the addition of a true number one can bring consistency to their .

The Cowboys are averaging 187.6 passing yards per game in their three wins, and 179.8 in four losses – good for 29th in the league with their season average of 183.

This team's offseason talk of not needing a top receiver can now be traced back through  their coaches and players; all with varying levels of job security moving forward after the Cowboys .

has said the right things all along, instilling confidence in receivers that he's done the best he can with. His budding connection with rookie Wide Receiver is promising for the addition of Cooper into this offense.

remains one of the best slot weapons in the NFL, and a go-to guy for Prescott on nearly every drop back. Excuses run thin for the third year QB when considering the viability of Cooper, Gallup, and Beasley as his top three receivers with in the backfield.

, who pulled the trigger on the Cowboys sending away a pick for Cooper, was also quoted earlier this offseason saying Prescott does not need a number one receiver. Now, it's Jones that will have a big say in if Prescott needs a second contract as the Cowboys quarterback, set to hit after a minimum of 25 games with Cooper in this offense.

The Cowboys wasted little time handing Prescott the keys to this team in 2016, and have certainly changed more than just the interior of the garage since then. Having to move on from Dak would send waves throughout the organization, but could prove necessary albeit difficult.

To ensure this team is simply going in the right direction, a player with the talent of Cooper almost had to be added to this roster as soon as possible.

remains the play caller for an offense with less excuses by the week for anemic performances and senseless mistakes. Linehan sure feels like the Cowboys coach on the hottest seat here. With first year coaches below him at wide receiver, , , and quarterback, Linehan's offense continues to look stagnant and fails to put players in the best position to succeed.

If this is the case for Cooper in Linehan's offense, their investment into the 24-year old WR allows for much more of a future with him in a new-look offense than it does for Linehan having a future in Dallas.

Alternating wins and losses through seven weeks this season, the Cowboys return to action at home against the Titans in week nine. Their next two games feel like must-wins, for different reasons. After coming off the bye to play on  against the Texans, the Cowboys will still be searching for their first win on the road this season as they travel to Philadelphia.

Like the Cowboys, the Eagles are 3-4, with a game in London this Sunday against the Jaguars. In a three team race with the 4-2 Redskins for the division, the Cowboys must prove they belong in any playoff conversation before taking advantage of all four division teams stumbling out of the gate.

The Cowboys slow start is easier to move past when considering the way they addressed their biggest issue. Yes, the Cowboys made their trade for Cooper as a desperate team fresh off a brutal loss in Washington. Acquiring an equally desperate receiver in need of a scenery change, the Cowboys found the receiver they didn't know they needed at the perfect time.

Be it for this year's playoff push, next year's realignment of the staff should the remain a distant dream, or their looming evaluation of Dak Prescott. Such is the significance of the arrival of Amari Cooper, who will remain in Dallas to workout through the bye week with his new quarterback.

Sean Martin
Sean Martin
Born January 28th, 1996- Cowboys Super Bowl XXX. Point Boro Panther, Montclair State Red Hawk, and most importantly a proud member of Cowboys Nation! I host "Upon Further Review" on 90.3 WMSC FM and every Friday from 1-4 PM ET. Twitter: @SeanMartinNFL.

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Alon Costin

It’s not the receivers, they get open, just watch the tape!! It’s not wholly Dak either. Look at our O-line play from 2016 and compare it to today. Sure, the loss of Frederick hurts but it doesn’t make Smith and Collins regress to subpar players. This new power block scheme, that didn’t work in Cincinnati either, has ruined this offense. Zeke doesn’t get the holes he’s used to and Dak is pummeled into happy feet to the point where he’s making throws with his arm, not his core! Dak, plant your feet and anticipate. He’s done it before. Please Jerra and Stephen get Paul Alexander the FUCK out of Dallas.
Go Boy’s!


Funny…….since the puppet took over he does nothing but constantly make the same mistakes over and over again yet everyone wants to blame ANYONE but him. He owns the ultimate responsibility for ALL his coaches……. just like the typical thing the problems start at the top…..

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